Can I Use Regular Lotion in A Tanning Bed? A Tiny Guide

Can I Use Regular Lotion in A Tanning Bed

You may feel you do not need to use tanning lotion because you are out in a tanning bed. However, you do need it to have an even glowing tan on your skin. If you do not make use of this lotion, you will have a splotchy and dry skin that is never attractive enough. It is not difficult to get lotion applied for a tanning bed. It’s all about care and preparation of your skin.

Can I Use Regular Lotion in A Tanning Bed?

The answer to this is no, you should not try using regular tanning lotions for your tanning sessions. The reason for this is very simple; the regular tanning lotions are composed of ingredients that can lead to the damage of the tanning beds. These ingredients with time build upon the bed surface and soon start deteriorating it. This is why the majority of salon owners will not permit you to use the regular lotion during the sessions.

However, if you intend to have glowing golden skin, you should make use of indoor tanning lotions. These lotions are made from ingredients that will get your skin nourished and thus make the tan last longer. If you are wondering which lotion to use for this session, we will guide you through.

Tips For Choosing The Right Lotion

The tanning lotion process starts a long time before you pay a tanning visit. You should always take care of buying your tanning lotion.

You do not need to depend on the salon having the lotion that will suit your skin. They are bound to have preferences, however, that may be due to the needs of most of their clients-not your own. You should know that tanning lotions have diverse properties when compared with outdoor tanning lotions. For instance, they do not have the same level of SPF factor, hence you should be able to differentiate tanning bed lotions from the outdoor lotions.

Tanning begs lotions range from moisturizing creams to bronzing lotions. You may even find sprays that you can use in a tanning bed.  For suntan lotion, the ultraviolet rays are impeded while lotions are used to improve rays inside the tanning bed. The process is quite different; hence, it should not be surprising that they are different.

Why Should You Take A Shower Before A Tanning Bed Session Visit?

Before you think of applying the lotion, you have to get your skin prepared for the entire process. Although this may appear like a difficult proposition, it is quite an easy task and should be part of your routine.

Hence, make sure you shower and exfoliate before you pay a visit to the salon. This should help you remove lotions and other products on your skin that could impede the tanning process. While you are showering, you may want to shave.

One secret to tanning is that the area you want to tan should be without hair. The reasons for this are that if you don’t, the lotion could remain on the hair follicles thus making your tanning bronzing and uneven.

Tanning Bed Tips You Should Know

Here are a few tips you should know to get the best out of your tanning experience:

Get enlightened

This is the first and most important step you should be mindful of. There are several things you should be mindful of such as your skin type and the needs of your skin.

Exfoliate and shower your skin

UV rays function by entering your skin and triggering a reaction in your body to produce melanin that makes your skin look darker. Keeping your skin fresh is the best way to ensure you are evenly tanned.

Stay away from oil Based products and fragrances

Be mindful of the fact that extra products other than your tanning lotion can lead to issues if you are tanning.

What to bring

There are a few things you should come along with such as a towel, water, lip protection, protective cover, and other necessities.

How Do You Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion?

You should carry along the lotion with you so that you can apply it before you climb unto the tanning bed. Also, you should bring along clothing that you do not mind seeing ruined by lotion after your session.

Majority of lotions come with bronzers which get activated by the tanning bed light. This could damage your cloth when you are dressing up after the session. You should also come along with elastic for your hair and also a glove for applying the tanning lotion.

You should also come along with a towel so that you can wipe your hands and places where you do not want to tan such as the middle of your toes or the bottom of your feet. Take note that dry skin may not absorb the light of the tanning bed evenly. Begin with your feet and apply more lotion from your hands up.

Take care to properly rub in the lotion so that it does not appear like a layer of white covering on your body. The lighter parts of your body should be able to receive more lotion, however, make sure the process is even. You will also require some lotion on your face, back and neck. You may ask the technician or a friend to help out with the back.

What About Me That Tans At The Gym?

If you are tanning at the gym, you may want to get a lotion applicator for your back. It is important that you get an even tan reflecting on your back and that may not occur if you do not evenly apply the lotion.

What Should You Do After The Session?

Chances are high that you will be visiting the tanning bed more than one time. As you begin tanning, you will begin to observe areas of your body that require less or more lotion. You should look at the outcome every time you are in the tanning bed.  Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Wait for about 3 days after each visit to the tanning bed. This should help give your skin some time to heal while also giving you time to exfoliate and use moisturizer for your body.
  • Tanning helps in sapping moisture from the skin, and that may be the reason why your tan fades after just 2 days. Tans ought to last longer, however, this will only happen if you are taking proper care of your body.
  • Ensure to exfoliate before you make your first appointment, hence you can minimize it during your visit to the salon. You may want to carry out some light scrubbing while showering. However, always apply a good moisturizer the moment you are out of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make use of regular lotion when tanning?

Yes you can if the lotion has sunscreen in it

Can you use bronzing lotion in tanning beds while under the sun

Yes, you should be able to use bronzing lotion for your tanning beds under the rays of the sun. it may, however, be helpful if you can go on to purchase tanning or bronzing oil which you will normally make use of for outdoor tanning

Is it possible to use tanning lotion under the sun?

No! if you do, it will cause great damage to your skin. Tanning lotion is specifically made for tanning beds, however, some products are made for sun tanning and have lower levels of SPF hence you need to be careful not to get skin cancer

Can you use the regular tanning lotion while in a stand-up tanning booth?

Yes! However, you have to be sure that it is the indoor tanning variant

What type of lotion causes harm to your tanning bed?

Only use special tanning lotions that have been before and is customized for tanning beds using special gears

Can one use normal suntan lotion in a tanning bed?

The consequence of regular suntan lotion on  a tanning bed is quite dangerous

How exactly does tanning lotion work?

Tanning lotion is designed to help you prevent sun tanning. Tanning is as a result of excessive exposure to the sun rays. The anti-tan lotion assists in lowering the melanin on your skin

Will the tanning beds cause your inner thighs to be itchy?

We strongly believe that tanning beds cant lead to itchy thighs if you use it the right way.

Are tanning lotions strictly made for tanning beds?

No! Tanning lotions function by being activated by UV rays, hence if you are tanning indoor or outdoor, you can still use tanning lotions.

What should individuals that use tanning beds do constantly?

They should not use tanning beds too much. If they do, they suffer as much risk of getting sun cancer as tanning in the daylight.


Can I use regular lotion in a tanning bed? This is one question that we hope must have been answered in this write-up. However, be mindful of the fact that applying tanning lotion for your tanning session is not difficult. It, however, requires some preparation and time for a complete process. It is also ideal that you have a good grasp of the tanning process.

Ensure you exfoliate and evenly apply the lotion to your skin as evenly as possible. However, avoid applying too much lotion in your face region where it could get dark especially in a situation where you are making use of a bronzer.

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