Why Do Birds Fly In Front Of Cars? Things You Must Know

Why Do Birds Fly In Front Of Cars

Why do birds fly in front of cars? Each year, millions of birds die as a result of moving cars. Why is it that they never get out of the way of the car? There are lots of questions that are bound to pop-up in this regard. It would interest you to note that a bird hitting the screen of your car is a bad omen; however, the bad omen is not for you but the bird.

Why do birds fly in front of cars?

Birds have been equipped by evolution with an instinctive understanding of predators; this, however, does not extend to cars.  Another angle to this is that some birds jump in front of moving cars to distract them from where their nests are. It is a defense mechanism that always never goes right. Also, some birds are simply unlucky when they attempt picking up prey from the ground. While on the ground, they find it difficult to lift themselves to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

Tips On What You Can Do To Assist Your Birds

You can do more to ensure that the environment is as safe as possible for birds using the following tips:

Ensure that cats are kept indoors

Pet cats do not need to be outside for a hunt before they can live a good life. You may feel hanging a bell on the neck of your cat will help warn birds of impending danger but it is mostly ineffective. You should keep your cat indoors as often as possible.

Avoid Picture Window Collisions

Most of the time, a large pane of glass can reflect outdoors just like a mirror. Birds usually may not be able to tell if a glass is on the way and they fly right into it. If there is a glass window or a big window that birds seem to always crash into, you may break up such reflections by covering up the outside using decals or better still hang a sun-catcher. Whatever you choose to use, ensure that it is close together on the total surface of the glass for it to work.

Have them fed on your balcony or Yard

In regions of the country where winter is quite cold, birds are known to sometimes struggle in their quest to get enough food when the ground is covered by the cold. If possible, you could place a suet feeder on the ground. You could also provide peanut butter pinecone: just put natural peanut butter on a pinecone after which you are to get it rolled in peanuts or unsalted sunflower seeds.

Ensure to discard Plastic Bags

Birds that scavenge inside dumps and landfills such as gulls stand the risk of being injured when they get their heads caught up inside the plastic loops that help hold soda cans. Therefore, before you throw away plastic or recycle them, ensure you make use of a pair of scissors and ensure every loop is snipped open. You should consider tying knots in the plastic bags just before you have them discarded so that the birds do not get trapped within.

Say no to chemical pesticides

Insects will always be an important requirement for the survival of the birds. Therefore, do not apply chemical foggers in your environment. You can instead use nontoxic natural pest control methods or pest control for flowers and garden plants. You should also start supporting farmers that use non-toxic chemicals for growing food by patronizing them.

Why Do Birds Hit Windows And How Best Can You Prevent?

Windows are worse than invisible for birds. The fact that they reflect the sky or foliage makes them a rather inviting prospect to fly into. Also, because the number of windows is so much, the bird death toll seems to be on the rise. About a million birds die in America each year from crashing into windows.

However, the good news is that you can lower the risk that your windows present danger for the birds. The bad news about birds that hit windows is that they often die even when they fly away eventually. Some of them die as a result of internal bleeding in the brain.

There are two main widow collision types namely: nighttime and daytime. For the daytime, birds crash into the windows mainly because they see vegetation reflections or even see via the glass to potted plants or vegetation on the other part. During the night, certain nocturnal migrants such as songbirds crash because they fly into windows that are lighted.

Some of the nighttime collisions occur by chance; however, most of the deaths are as a result of lights.

How Can You Secure Your Windows For Birds?

You should begin by identifying windows that are dangerous such as large picture windows and windows with feeders outside. You may have to take a walk outside to have a birds view of your window. If you spot branches reflected, then that is probably what the bird will see via your glass.

To discourage small birds, the vertical markings on your window ought to be spaced at about 4 inches from each other while the horizontal markings should not be more than 2 inches from the total window size.

Soap or Tempera paint

You should use tempera paint or soap to mark outside the window. You can adopt a grid pattern that is not more than four inches by 2 inches. You may also get creative by painting artworks or patterns on the window.


You may consider placing stickers, decals, mylar strips, masking tapes and others outside your window. They are however very effective when they are closely spaced. Take note that placing just a few papers may not be effective on a larger window, meaning that you should cover the entire window.


Consider installing mosquito screens on your window as it is effective. This is as long as you place them outside of the window and cover the whole surface.

One-way transparent film

Certain products help people who are on the inside see the outside. They should also be able to reduce the light that finds its way into the window.


You should also cover the glass that is outside using at least 3 inches from such a glass, it should be taut enough to repel birds once they hit it.

How Can You Help A Victim Of Collision?

If you find a bird that is a victim of a collision, ensure that you closely examine it for signs of injury. If the wings of the bird are helped properly together, and the eyes appear normal, check if it can perch on a branch if it is not assisted. If it can perch on its own, you can leave it to recover naturally.

If the bird, however, has a noticeable wound, you should take it to a wildlife rehabilitator very quickly. Broken bones most time require close attention within a few minutes for them to properly heal without the need for surgery.

On the other hand, you can have it placed inside a dark container like a shoebox and leave it in a quiet place away from predators for fifteen minutes. If you observe that the weather is cold, you may have to keep it inside, however, make sure it is not too warm. Avoid the temptation of giving the bird water and food while also ensuring that you do not handle it. The darkness should help keep the bird calm while recovering. This process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes else the bird is badly injured.

Try taking the bird out every 20 minutes and open the box; if it flies away, it has recovered. However, if it does not, it simply means that you need to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do birds deliberately fly in front of a car?

Birds usually jump in front of a moving car as a way of escape. In a situation where it is scared, then it is bound to strike the deck as it may e dangerous for predators to attempt catching its prey at lower levels

Why do birds hit the window of my house?

Birds do not deliberately strike your window. Most times they jump right into it because they believe the reflections they see in it are the real thing. This is why you should take measures to reduce the reflections.

What do I do when I discover an injured bird on the highway?

An accident occurs one way or the other. When they happen with birds, you may consider checking to see if they are alive and if so, you should take them to the closest animal care center

Should I feed an injured bird?

You should not handle nor feed an injured bird as you may be doing more harm than good to it. On this note, take the bird to a caregiver.


Why do birds fly in front of cars? By now you should know the answer. However, beyond that is the fact that you have a role to play in ensuring that such accidents don’t occur. However, if they occur, you should know what to do to ensure that the effects of such incidents are mitigated. This also applies to birds that crash into your windows, you must be mindful of the steps you take to ensure their safety.

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