Has NYC Discovered A Hazardous Problem In Your Building?

Has NYC Discovered A Hazardous Problem In Your Building

Inspectors from the housing department of the city are diligently inspecting rental apartments across the five boroughs on a daily basis, encountering issues like rats, roaches, and water leaks. 

These dedicated inspectors assess the conditions of the apartments and promptly issue violations when they come across poor living conditions. The results of these inspections are made public and categorized into three main groups. 

The most severe category, Class C, is reserved for immediate hazards such as peeling lead paint, rodent infestations, and lack of heat or hot water. 

Landlords are then mandated to rectify these issues within a specific timeframe, typically 24 hours for Class C violations and up to 21 days for less urgent matters. 

In the interim, the city maintains records that enable New Yorkers to identify buildings that have been flagged for hazardous conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions when planning their next apartment move.

Source: Patch.com


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