550 + Axolotl Names: Creative Naming Ideas

550 + Axolotl Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your pet axolotl? That’s where we come in with our comprehensive guide on axolotl names.

If you’re lucky enough to have an axolotl as a pet, then you know they’re pretty amazing creatures. 

Not only are they cute and fun to watch, but they also have some incredible abilities, like regenerating their limbs!

Naming your pet can be a fun and exciting experience, but finding just the right name that fits their unique personality can also be challenging.

Our guide offers a variety of options to inspire you, including creative, mythical, unique, and cute names. 

Ideas For Axolotl Names Girl 

Looking for a cute or unique name for your female axolotl? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best axolotl names for girls. From classic names to more unusual options, you will surely find the perfect name for your pet.

  1. Skye – a name inspired by the sky and nature.
  2. Vienna – named after the beautiful European city.
  3. Samantha – a classic name meaning listener.
  4. Tilly – a cute and playful name for a pet.
  5. Sissy – a diminutive name meaning sister.
  6. Scarlett – named after the vibrant red color.
  7. Tammy – a shortened version of the name Tamara.
  8. Taffy – named after the sweet candy.
  9. Sadie – a name meaning princess.
  10. Shirly – a unique spelling of the name Shirley.
  11. Zara – a name of Arabic origin meaning princess.
  12. Winter – named after the season.
  13. Ursula – a name meaning little bear.
  14. Zephyr – named after the gentle breeze.
  15. Trinity – a name meaning threefold.
  16. Wednesday – named after the day of the week.
  17. Yvette – a French name meaning yew wood.
  18. Tiffany – a name meaning the appearance of God.
  19. Abby – a name meaning my father is joyful.
  20. Xanthe – a name of Greek origin meaning yellow.

Other Girl Axolotl Names

21. Willow41. Crystal61. Rusalka81. Eliana
22. Willow42. Savannah62. Selena82. Eliana
23. Zora43. Trinity63. Athena83. Xandra
24. Valeria44. Anya64. Addie84. Victoria
25. Xenia45. Corina65. Roxanne85. Victoria
26. Waverly46. Zuri66. Cherise86. Vanessa
27. Vega47. Zuri67. Cherise87. Simone
28. Yasmin48. Scarlett68. Daisy88. Cherokee
29. Alice49. Zena69. Doris89. Trinity
30. Simone50. Abigail70. Dee90. Wilma
31. Simone51. Venus71. Skyla91. Whimsy
32. BijouBijou52. Nova72. Vesper92. Whimsy
33. Thalia53. Tasha73. Taylor93. Tulip
34. Thalia54. Valentina74. Bonnie94. Roxanne
35. Darla55. Valentina75. Thalia95. Dixie
36. Skyla56. Lily76. Thalia96. Bijou
37. Amethyst57. Amy77. Paris97. Bijou
38. Vita58. Daphne78. Willow98. Billie
39. Winifred59. Zenith79. Scout 99. Vienna
40. Zinnia60. Shirley80. Wren100. Zenith.

Inspirations For Axolotl Names Boy

Whether you’re looking for a strong and masculine name or something more playful, we have plenty of great axolotl names for boys. Check out our list for inspiration and find the perfect name for your male axolotl.

  1. Captain – In charge, leader.
  2. Benji – Short for Benjamin, meaning son of the right hand.
  3. Sparky – Energetic and lively.
  4. Kane – Celtic origin, meaning warrior.
  5. Stone – Strong and solid.
  6. Woozle – Whimsical and playful.
  7. Popper – Upbeat and cheerful.
  8. Paco – Spanish origin, meaning free
  9. Mr. Evil – Ironic and playful.
  10. Klaus – German origin, meaning victorious people
  11. Simco – Creative and unique.
  12. Quinn – Irish origin, meaning-wise.
  13. Longzy – Catchy and fun.
  14. Lilo – Short and sweet.
  15. Libby – Short for Elizabeth, meaning pledged to God.
  16. Jaym – Unconventional and memorable.
  17. Micah – Hebrew origin, meaning who is like God?
  18. Mars – Roman god of war, associated with strength and courage.
  19. Jerry – Short for Gerald, meaning “ruler with the spear.”
  20. Razzo – Energetic and adventurous.

Other Axolotl Boy Names

21. Karl61. Ruchus
22. Charlie62. Ruchus
23. Wagner63. Rufus
24. Arthur64. Salvador
26. Hugo65. Sam
27. Jason66. Ariel
28. Freddy67. Fenton
29. Austin68. Finn
30. Nova69. Marvin
31. Oreo70. Maximus
32. Logan71. Mickey
33. Georgie72. Micheal
34. Ruben73. Sebastian
35. Woody74. Midas
36. Woody75. Axor
36. Simba76. Franky
37. Simba77. Fred
38. Archie78. Barney
39. Angus79. Barney
40. Angus80. Bart
41. Chester81. Mister
42. Winston82. Mitch
43. Winston83. Mitch
44. Bentley84. Snoopy
45. Duke85. Solomon
46. Tucker86. Solomon
47. Scout87. Gilbert
48. Teddy88. Tanner
49. Dexter89. Stuart
50. Rylie90. Murphy
51. Monty91. Gringo
52. Alpha92. Gus
53. Proton93. Nachos
54. Elvis94. Nero
55. Luigi95. Billy Bob
56. Rory96. Tito
57. Elwood97. Timmy
58. Aragorn98. Timmy
59. Macho99. Tuco
60. Rover100. Tupac

Good Names For Axolotls Pets

If you’re looking for a name that fits and is fun for your axolotl, check out this section. We’ve compiled a list of the best axolotl names around, so you can choose the perfect name that suits your pet’s personality.

  1. Spyro – Inspired by video game characters, fiery and bold.
  2. Polly – Sweet and classic, like a cute parrot.
  3. Sprint – Energetic and fast-moving.
  4. Sailor – Nautical and adventurous.
  5. Fozzie – Playful and whimsical, inspired by a Muppet character.
  6. Spike – Edgy and fierce.
  7. Cinder – Dark and mysterious, like a smoldering ember.
  8. Marigold – Bright and sunny, named after a flower.
  9. Daisy – Cute and cheerful, also named after a flower.
  10. Dotdot – Unique and quirky, with a fun repeating name.
  11. Simco – Short and snappy, with a modern feel.
  12. Snowflake – Delicate and wintery.
  13. Toots – Playful and cute, like a little whistle.
  14. Bibbles – Adorable and cuddly, like a baby bib.
  15. Sandy – Earthy and grounded, like a desert.
  16. Topaz – Sparkly and elegant, like a gemstone.
  17. Nova – Bright and explosive, like a starburst.
  18. Axel – Cool and edgy, like a rock star.
  19. Woody – Classic and charming, like a wooden toy.
  20. Butter – Soft and smooth, like a creamy spread

Other Good Axolotl Names

21. Fizz41. Pollyanna61. Luna81. Stich
22. Penny42. Pollyanna62. Spider82. Simba
23. Goldie43. Puddles63. Flippy83. Pluto
24. Saturn44. Muppy64. Daisy Mae84. Ginny
25. Ginny45. Daisy Duke65. Merlin85. Peaches
26. Stormy46. Rocky66. Magoose86. Shelby
27. Burrito47. Mew67. Swimmer87. Daisy
28. Koty48. Gizmo68. Popper88. Peach
29. Koty49. Gizmo69. Bibi89. Daisy Jane
30. Boo boo50. Laney70. Jasper90. Ozzy
31. Merlin51. Folly71. Nitro91. Daisy Bell
32. Taz52. Kodiak72. Sandy92. Rocky
33. Swagger53. Stuffer73. Goosie93. Stripe
34. Fluffy54. Buddy74. Tantra94. Tally
35. Pluto55. Tuna75. Firy95. Dotdot
36. Pepper56. Pebbles76. Skipper96. Taz
37. Brownie57. Cinnamon77. Charlie97. Dot
38. Woofie58. Oz78. Daisy Lou98. Pebbles
39. Chivas59. Moose79. Duffy99. Daisy
40. Butterball60. Stripe80. Laney100. Gizmo

Cute Axolotl Names For Your Adorable Pet

Axolotls are undeniably adorable, and they deserve a cute and fitting name as well. Our list of cute axolotl names features plenty of options that will melt your heart or anyone who hears it. 

  1. Speckles – spotted and adorable
  2. Sugar – sweet and lovable
  3. Aragorn – noble and fierce
  4. Percy – charming and friendly
  5. Sophie – delicate and graceful
  6. Jello – colorful and playful
  7. Toni – cute and cuddly
  8. Toby – playful and mischievous
  9. Hydra – unique and fascinating
  10. Flair – stylish and confident
  11. Kabuto – strong and powerful
  12. Chief – confident and commanding
  13. Nico – cool and charismatic
  14. Otis – quirky and lovable
  15. Babbles – cute and talkative
  16. Baby-doll – sweet and innocent
  17. Babykins – adorable and small
  18. Bambi – gentle and graceful
  19. Banana – quirky and fun
  20. Beanie – cozy and cute

Other Cute Axolotl Names

  1. Berry
  2. Biscuit
  3. Brownie
  4. Butterscotch
  5. Button
  6. Buttons
  7. Candy
  8. Cashew
  9. Cassis
  10. Cheddar
  11. Cherry
  12. Chocolate
  13. Cinnamon
  14. Cocoa
  15. Coconut
  16. Cookie
  17. Cotton
  18. Crackers
  19. Cupcake
  20. Cutie
  21. Cutie-pie
  22. Dolly
  23. Duchess
  24. Faith
  25. Fancy
  26. Frangipane
  27. Hershey
  28. Honey-Bear
  29. Honeydew
  30. Itsy
  31. Itsy-bitsy
  32. Jelly
  33. Jelly-bean
  34. Jewel
  35. Jewels
  36. Kibbles
  37. Kirby
  38. Kiwi
  39. Ladybug
  40. Lays
  41. Latte
  42. Lotus
  43. Mermaid
  44. Milkshake
  45. Mimi
  46. Miss Priss
  47. Missie
  48. Missy
  49. Mouse
  50. Muffin
  51. Muffy
  52. Munchkin
  53. Nibby
  54. Noodle
  55. Noodles
  56. Nugget
  57. Nutmeg
  58. Oreo
  59. Pepper
  60. Peppy
  61. Pineapple
  62. Pippin
  63. Pippy
  64. Popcorn
  65. Pretzel
  66. Pumpkin
  67. Punkin
  68. Puppy
  69. Sheenut
  70. Skittles
  71. Smidge
  72. Snuggles
  73. Strawberry
  74. Sugar-baby
  75. Sweetie
  76. Sweetie-pie
  77. Truffles
  78. Tuna
  79. Murph
  80. Falcon

Funny Axolotl Names For Your Dear Pet

If you’re looking for a name that will make you and your friends laugh every time you hear it, our list of funny axolotl names has got you covered. We’ve got puns, jokes, and plenty of creative options.

  1. Monkey – A silly name for a cute aquatic pet.
  2. Nibbler – A name for an axolotl that likes to nibble on things.
  3. Lucky – A playful name for a fortunate pet.
  4. Flopsy – A humorous name for an axolotl with a floppy walk.
  5. Aristotle – A grand name for a small, quirky pet.
  6. Fritter – A silly name for a tasty treat.
  7. Beans – A fun name for a little pet with a lot of energy.
  8. Dory – A nod to the forgetful fish from “Finding Nemo.”
  9. Anastasia – A regal name for a charming axolotl.
  10. Achilles – A strong name for a pet with a determined spirit.
  11. Ajax – A fun name for a powerful pet.
  12. Finley – A name for a pet that loves to swim and explore.
  13. Speedo – A humorous name for a pet that’s always on the move.
  14. Alladin – A name for a magical and adventurous pet.
  15. Ann Chovy – A play on words for a fishy pet.
  16. Banjo – A fun name for a pet that loves music.
  17. Salem – A name for a mischievous and mysterious pet.
  18. Peanut – A cute name for a small, adorable pet.
  19. Tixie – A fun name for a mischievous pet.
  20. Rainbow – A playful name for a colorful and unique pet.

Other Funny Axolotl Names

  1. Aquarius
  2. Fish Face
  3. Sneakers
  4. Matey
  5. Nemo
  6. Lancelot
  7. Jeppers
  8. Covid
  9. Garbo
  10. Tequila
  11. Porkchop
  12. Gillian
  13. Alexander the Great
  14. Magoose
  15. Snoop
  16. Squidward
  17. Old Glory
  18. Hooch
  19. Gummy
  20. Banana split
  21. Drago
  22. Aragorn
  23. Happy Gillmore
  24. Smiley
  25. Bug
  26. Monster
  27. Tramp
  28. T-bone
  29. Floppy
  30. Snickers
  31. Gill
  32. Poseiden
  33. Bubbles
  34. Furball
  35. Speedy
  36. Pepsi
  37. Mcduff
  38. Squiggy
  39. Peanuts
  40. Doodles
  41. Aquaman
  42. Little rascal
  43. Jackpot
  44. Poncho
  45. Onion
  46. Pickles
  47. Kipper
  48. Cheeseball
  49. Bugsey
  50. Jaxalotl
  51. Spud
  52. Corny
  53. Bam-bam
  54. Flipper
  55. Floppy
  56. Spanky
  57. Kid
  58. Teabag
  59. Slinky
  60. Bits
  61. Hoover
  62. Snuffles
  63. Banana
  64. Little Foot
  65. Anastasia
  66. Pep-squeak
  67. Buggy
  68. Gilligan
  69. Jeepers
  70. Aristotle
  71. Dusty
  72. Met-Morpheus
  73. Little-rascal
  74. Gaga
  75. Bingo
  76. Poseidon
  77. Gulb girl
  78. Bandit
  79. Furball
  80. Sheep Head

Pink Axolotl Names Sure To Invoke A Smile

Pink axolotls are unique and beautiful and deserve a name that reflects their one-of-a-kind look. Check out our list of the best axolotl names for pink and find the perfect name for your adorable pet.

  1. Dahlia – Delicate and beautiful pink flower.
  2. Lavender – Pale purple-pink color and fragrant plant.
  3. Poppy – Bright pink flower with a black center.
  4. Giggles – Fun and playful name.
  5. Cherry – Pinkish-red fruit.
  6. Blossom – Symbolizes growth and beauty.
  7. Lotus – Sacred flower symbolizing purity and rebirth.
  8. Flamingo – A bright pink bird known for its elegant posture.
  9. Lollypop – Sweet and playful name.
  10. Primrose – Delicate pink and yellow flowers that bloom in early spring.
  11. Rosita – Spanish for “little rose.”
  12. Coral – Pinkish-orange underwater structure.
  13. Twinkletoes – Cute and playful name.
  14. Petonia – A type of pink flower.
  15. Bubble – Light and airy name that reflects playfulness.
  16. Cotton – Soft and fluffy material that can be a pale pink color.
  17. Fiona – Meaning “fair,” with Scottish and Irish origins.
  18. Raspberry – Pinkish-red fruit with a sweet-tart taste.
  19. Iris – Greek for “rainbow” and a pink flower’s name.
  20. Vanilla – Light pinkish-beige color and sweet flavor often associated with ice cream.

Other Pink Axolotl Names

Other Pink Axolotl Names.

Yellow Axolotl Names For Your Pet

Our list of the best names for yellow axolotl features a variety of options that are sure to make your axolotl stand out. These include;

  1. Lemon – Citrusy and bright
  2. Goldfinch – Bright yellow bird, joyful
  3. Citrine – Yellow gemstone, sunny and bright
  4. Sugar – Sweet and delightful
  5. Banana – Yellow fruit, playful and fun
  6. Sunflower – Big and bright, sunny and cheerful
  7. Honeydew – Light and refreshing, sweet and tasty
  8. Sandy – Beachy and warm, like the color of sand
  9. Bumblebee – Buzzing and cute, like the black and yellow insect
  10. Mimosa – Fizzy and refreshing, like the cocktail
  11. Sunburst – Bursting with sunshine and energy
  12. Canola – Yellow flowering plant, earthy and natural
  13. Curry – Spicy and flavorful, like the yellow spice mix
  14. Starburst – Bold and bursting with flavor
  15. Sulu – Bright and tropical, like a yellow flower in the sun
  16. Chickpea – Round and yellow, like the legume
  17. Papaya – Tropical and fruity, juicy and refreshing
  18. Butter – Smooth and creamy, like the color of butter
  19. Saffron – Expensive and exotic, like the yellow spice
  20. Goldenrod – Bright and bold, like the yellow flower.

Other Axolotls Names

  1. Biscuit
  2. Honey
  3. Lime
  4. Mango
  5. Corn
  6. Sunburst
  7. Squash
  8. Goldie
  9. Butterbean
  10. Dandelion
  11. Caramel
  12. Sunny
  13. Cookie
  14. Biscuit
  15. Banjo

Blue Axolotl Names For Your Aquatic Animal

Blue axolotls are calming, soothing, and beautiful and deserve a name that reflects their serene nature. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

  1. Cyan – A bright blue-green color
  2. Ice – Reflects the cool, icy hue of blue
  3. Twilight – Resembles the blue shade of a dusky sky
  4. Sapphire – A precious gemstone with deep blue hues
  5. Frost – Blue shade of icy crystals
  6. Sky – Resembles the blue color of the daytime sky
  7. Teal – A blue-green shade like the color of a duck’s feathers
  8. Wave – Resembles the blue color of ocean waves
  9. Aqua – A blue-green shade that resembles tropical waters
  10. Denim – A classic blue fabric color
  11. Bluejay – A bluebird species with bright blue feathers
  12. Splash – Resembles the blue color of splashing water
  13. Blueberry – A fruit with a deep blue hue
  14. Zephyr – Resembles the cool, blue color of a light breeze
  15. Turquoise – A blue-green mineral with a distinctive hue.

Other Blue Axolotl Names

  1. Slate
  2. Peacock
  3. Indigo
  4. Neptune
  5. Bluebell
  6. Navy
  7. Beryl
  8. Ocean
  9. Azure
  10. Steel

Creative And Unique Brown Axolotl Names

Brown axolotls may not be as flashy as some brightly colored counterparts, but they’re full of character and personality. Here are some name ideas that could reflect and highlight their unique coloring.

  1. Tawny – A sweet name for a warm and affectionate axolotl.
  2. Maroon – A sophisticated name for a unique and stylish axolotl.
  3. Truffle – A cute and playful name for a chocolatey-colored axolotl.
  4. Brownie – A deliciously adorable name for a cute and cuddly axolotl.
  5. Auburn – A fiery name for an energetic and lively axolotl.
  6. Sorrel – A name that brings to mind a gentle and serene axolotl.
  7. Mocha – A tasty and charming name for a coffee-colored axolotl.
  8. Sepia – A mysterious and intriguing name for an elegant axolotl.
  9. Toffee – A sweet and sugary name for a delightful axolotl.
  10. Umber – A deep and earthy name for a grounded and stable axolotl.
  11. Copper – A shiny and bright name for a vibrant and lively axolotl.
  12. Russet – A warm and inviting name for a friendly and lovable axolotl.
  13. Chestnut – A classic and timeless name for a strong and reliable axolotl.
  14. Nutmeg – A spicy and sweet name for a playful and fun axolotl.
  15. Fudge – A sweet and delicious name for a cute and cuddly axolotl.

Other Brown Axolotl Names

  1. Henna
  2. Sable
  3. Mahogany
  4. Pecan
  5. Sienna
  6. Bistre
  7. Carob
  8. Burnt Sienna
  9. Hazelnut
  10. Driftwood
  11. Cognac
  12. Khaki
  13. Sienna Brown
  14. Walnut
  15. Brick

What Makes Axolotl Unique And Lovable?

Axolotls are fascinating creatures that possess many unique and lovable features. Their ability to regenerate, which means they can regrow lost limbs, is one of their most remarkable traits, and they are among the few animals that can do so.

In addition to their regenerative abilities, axolotls have an adorable appearance with big eyes and a cute, permanent smile.

They come in various colors, including pink, black, and white, adding to their visual appeal. Their gentle and easy-to-care-for nature makes them excellent pets for people of all ages.

Choosing The Right Name For Your Axolotl

If you have recently become the owner of an axolotl, you may be thinking about giving your pet a name.

Naming your axolotl is a crucial decision as it helps you connect with your new pet on a personal level.

However, choosing the right name can be a bit difficult, especially if you’re unsure where to begin.

That’s why we’ve prepared this section to discuss various methods and suggestions to help you find the perfect name for your axolotl that accurately reflects its personality and traits.

Consider your axolotl’s appearance – Each axolotl is unique and may possess distinctive characteristics that distinguish them from others. This could be due to various reasons, such as an accident or a genetic abnormality.

You might want to give them a name highlighting their distinctiveness or opt for a more general name, such as Gummy, referring to their small, blunt teeth.

Consider your favorite characters – You can find inspiration for your pet’s name from characters in books, movies, or TV shows you love.

It’s a playful and imaginative way to customize your pet’s name and can even be a conversation starter with other fans.

For example, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you could name your axolotl after one of the characters like Luna or Neville.

Choose a name that you love – When naming your axolotl, the most significant aspect to consider is to select a name that you adore and represents your pet’s individuality and traits. It is essential to keep in mind that you’ll be calling your pet by this name for a long time.


With our list of 500+ axolotl names, you can find the perfect name that suits your pet’s unique personality and characteristics. Naming your axolotl is an exciting task requiring creativity and a little fun.

Remembering that your axolotl’s name is more than just a label is important. It’s a reflection of your pet’s identity and a way to express your love and affection for them. 

That’s why it’s important to take the time to consider different options and choose a name that you will love.

We hope our list of creative axolotl names has inspired you to find the perfect name for your new pet.


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