Why Does My Car Turn Off When I Stop? Car Performance

Why Does My Car Turn Off When I Stop

Cars have made a big difference in most people’s lives, and it might be hard if you don’t take good care of your vehicle. 

The engine, in particular, needs constant maintenance, lest it will develop issues that will require a lot of money to fix.

One of the most significant issues you could experience with your car is the ignition. Sometimes your car could turn off when you need it to be idle, which can be challenging. 

For instance, you could stop at a red light then the car goes off; let’s see how you can fix this issue to be safer on the road;

Why Does My Car Turn Off When I Stop? 

If your car shuts off, it’s because it is too sensitive at idle. Many things can cause this situation in your engine, but usually, it is because of an issue with the fuel mixture that makes the engine idle lower than it can stay on, so it goes off. 

Reasons Why Your Car Stalls

Cars stalling can be annoying and dangerous depending on where they stall. You need to know your car and why it stalls to know how you can fix it, so let us get into the details;

1. A bad battery

Many people think that the battery is only necessary for starting the engine; nobody thinks about the engine stalling. 

A bad battery means that the alternator has to work harder to pull current through the system, and the additional stress goes to your engine.

If the stress is enough, it can cause a deficiency of power in the engine, which will cause it to stall.

2. A bad fuel pump

The fuel pump pushes fuel from your tank to the engine, and a bad fuel pump will not feed the engine enough fuel. If your engine can’t get enough fuel, it can’t continue running, and it will shut down.

If you have a stalling engine, you should check the fuel pump after the battery since it’s impossible for the engine to work without fuel. If you don’t correct it, the problem will worsen, and the engine might not work.

3. Low fuel pressure

You will know this is the issue with your car if it works fine on relatively flat surfaces, but it stalls when you drive uphill or downhill. 

You can test it by driving in different terrains, and it is easy to diagnose before going to the mechanic.

The distributor cap sends voltage to your spark plug, so you can have an issue with it that will cause your car to stall since it will cause the cylinders to misfire. This will make your engine shaky, and eventually, it will stall or shut down.


If your car turns off when the engine is idle, you need to take it to a mechanic to get it fixed as soon as possible. There are many reasons behind it, and ignoring it will only make it worse, and it might put your life in danger. 


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