Who Will Be Secretary Of State For Trump? The Coming Cabinet

Who Will Be Secretary Of State For Trump.

The coming 2024 Presidential elections have everyone t the edge of their seats wondering, who will be Secretary of State for Trump? 

Trump has made clear his intentions to run for the Presidency, and Americans are curious to see who he will select for his cabinet should he win.

The Secretary of State is the enforcer of the Presidential international policy, so this is an important choice that will shape the future of the United States. Read on to get a better understanding of the Secretary’s role and the potential future candidates;

Who Will Be Secretary Of State For Trump?

Trump has not declared his next Secretary of State, and he will probably do it after he has been sworn into office along with the rest of his cabinet. 

It will likely be a former Republican senator or government official with some international operations experience. 

There is still a chance that Trump will not be allowed to run following the insurrection, so there are many moving parts to the choice.

What Are The Roles and Responsibilities of The Secretary Of State?

There is a lot of focus on selecting the Secretary of State, but many people don’t understand the Secretary’s role and why they are so important. The position was created by Congress in 1789 when the Department of State was established.

The Secretary is nominated by the Head of State and confirmed by the Senate, making them the highest-ranked cabinet official. Here are some of the duties he serves in the United States;

  1. The Secretary of State is the president’s most crucial advisor on international relations and foreign policy matters. He advises the president on the new allies to seek out and how to carry out agreements with the existing ones to benefit the United States.
  1. Through the State Department, the Secretary gives passports to Americans and exequaturs to outside consuls in the US. This ensures proper documentation and legal transit of people to and from the US.
  1. As the foreign affairs leader, the Secretary guides the president in choosing ministers, ambassadors, consuls, and other diplomatic officials. It is the Secretary’s job to make sure the right people for the job are selected for better relations with other countries. 
  1. It falls on the Secretary of State to run negotiations with other countries regarding United State interests. The Secretary must have profound legal, financial, and diplomatic experience.
  1. The  Secretary also observes the performance of foreign US representatives and guides the PresidentPresident on their acceptance, termination, or recall. 
  1. The Secretary of State ensures all peace summits and international conferences have a US representative. Most of the time, the Secretary of State will be there in person or have a ranking representative take his place.
  1. The Secretary plays an essential law in drafting immigration laws in the United States. They also supervise the administration of these laws in foreign nations and across American borders.
  1. It falls on the Secretary of State to Update Congress, The President, and Americans on the progress of international relations. This includes allies’ conduct and new attempts to make more global connections. 
  1. The Secretary is the head of the Department of State, and through it offers security for Americans and their property abroad. They also ensure that the financial interests of the United States are looked out for in international contexts.

Who Was The Previous Secretary Of State For Trump?

Looking into the past is one of the best ways to know what the future holds, and the same applies to Trump’s Secretary of State selections. 

By looking at his previous Secretaries and their policies, we can tell what kind of person to expect should he win in 2024.

The last Secretary of State for Trump was Michael Pompeo, who served until the end of Trump’s term. Pompeo was a former Military man, and in 1986, he graduated 1st from his class in the United States Military Academy.

He went into military service for five years and came back to the United States when the Berlin Wall came down. Upon returning, Pompeo decided to pursue a career in law and went to Harvard Law School and afterwards started a career as an attorney.

He remained in this career until late 1998 before shifting into entrepreneurship. He founded an aerospace company, Thayer Aerospace, for which he was CEO for over ten years. He later became President of Sentry International.

This company was responsible for distributing, manufacturing, and servicing oilfield equipment. After winning the 2016 Presidential election, Trump appointed Mike Pompeo Director of the CIA, a post he held for a year before becoming Secretary of State.

During his tenure as Secretary of State, Pompeo heavily criticized the Chinese Communist Party. He was against their policies about the oppression of Hong Kong, Uyghurs, Taiwan, and their presence in the South China Sea.

Pompeo pushed to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and succeeded. He also wanted to enforce nuclear control and advocated for the US to pull out of the 2015 nuclear agreement they had with Iran.

Pompeo also wanted the United States’ human rights policy to emphasize property rights and religious freedom for America and her allies. 

He went a long way in helping more people get freedom of worship, and their freedoms brought them further relations with the US.

One of the most significant accomplishments for Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State was the signing of the Abraham Accords between the US, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. The Accords facilitated more streamlined diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE. 

Pompeo was always one of Trump’s most loyal followers and went out of his way to us his agendas. One of the most recent displays was the active ole Pompeo played in trying to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential victory.

How Is The Secretary Of State Selected?

The Secretary of State determines how well the United States will deal with foreign nations and immigration policies. 

Many people are therefore curious to know how the Secretary is selected and whether their goals align with the PresidentPresident.

There aren’t any official criteria for selecting a Secretary of State, provided they are American Citizens. The PresidentPresident will choose a Secretary of State and propose them to the Senate, who will scrutinize the choice and vote to allow the candidate to take the position.

The president is not restricted in his choice, so most leaders will choose a secretary of State who shares their belief system. A Republican will select a republican secretary, which will apply to the Democrats.

This ensures that the Secretary and PresidentPresident have almost identical agendas regarding international policy. 

This allows the US government to have a more United Front from an outsider’s perspective, making for more successful negotiations.

The State Department has many departments and responsibilities, so some policies might have holdouts. Despite this, the State Department will, in most cases, do the president’s bidding and treat international matters from his point of view.

What Are The Qualifications For Becoming Secretary Of State?

The Secretary of State is a job that needs a lot of intellect, planning, and people skills to pull off, and so many people are curious about the academic achievements required. You will be surprised to learn that there aren’t any educational requirements for the job.

The Secretary of State is the 4th highest-ranked cabinet officer, and the Senate has to confirm them. They are the first members of the cabinet in line for Presidential succession, and these subtle elements then require an education. 

The title doesn’t outline the degrees you need to have, but the job demands intimate knowledge of many things. 

The Secretary must be well-versed in international politics, finance, peace agreements, and legal proceedings.

This will allow them to learn about and understand other nations, making creating healthy relationships between the US and these countries easier. 

For this reason, most Secretaries have degrees in law, political science, public service, and other related fields.

The Senate would not allow someone without the proper informational background to take office, so there hasn’t been a secretary without a degree in over seven decades. Most Secretaries also have experience running in other public offices.

Most have been Senators or Secretaries in State governments, which has given them a good base from which they can work internationally. 

The complex nature of international relations today demands dedication, shrewdness and talent in negotiation. 


Who will be Secretary of State for Trump? At the moment, we are not sure who might take up that position, but we are sure to find out if he wins the election.

Trump’s role in the January 6th insurrection put him in a lot of legal trouble that might make him illegible to run for president, but the matter is still in court. 

If he manages the victory, he will likely select another Republican as his Secretary of State or even return to Pompeo. As of now, everything is unclear, and Americans eagerly await the confirmation of his running and announcement of the cabinet.


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