What Tools You Should Use To Create Design For Your Custom Clothes

What Tools You Should Use To Create Design For Your Custom Clothes

With all the technology available, it’s easier than ever to create designs with digital tools. Technology makes everything easier and faster. 

With the use of different applications, designing does not require so much work. We can start it, and the app will finish it. For example, the app will color or reshape it while we are away from the computer. 

Some apps will provide templates, and we can slightly change them so we do not have to spend time creating everything from scratch. Options with templates can be seen on  Printful. The variety of apps we can use for designing is wide, and we can use a combination of them to get the best results. Below is a list of the most common designing apps that you might consider using.

Adobe Photoshop

The most common app used for designing is Adobe Photoshop. This app has been popular for years because of its quality and constant improvements. It provides many options, from 2D modeling to 3D. The 2D modeling will help with prints we want to create for clothes. The 3D modeling will help create the actual clothes, not just the pattern we want to be printed on them. 

Photoshop is compatible with many operating systems and devices, making it easy and convenient to use. If we are traveling and inspiration hits us, we can take our phone and tablet and easily save our designs which we can later print on clothes. 


A good app for designing clothes is another Adobe product, Illustrator, which is more suitable for logos. It offers a lot of help creating logos for anyone who wants logos or symbols on their custom-designed clothes. 

It uses vector technology which gives a sharp look at our creation no matter the changes we make. We will not lose quality while resizing or moving different parts of the design. 

3D Effects Done With Astute Phantasm

Different from Photoshop’s 3D modeling is the plug-in Astute Phantasm. There is a difference because, in Photoshop, we use the 3D option to create the whole pattern for clothes, their size, how they will look on people, and even see how it reacts to movement. 

With this plug-in, we can create 3D prints and customize our clothes. Adding gradient effects or the most used feature, the halftone, is easy. Having custom 3D effects will make our clothes unique. We can create endless possibilities, and there is almost no chance for someone else to have the same clothes as us. 

Recommended Apps

When we want to create our designs for clothing, many printing website and shops provide their apps to help us. Using one of the apps they suggest is recommended because the interface is simple, and we do not have to spend much time learning it. Usually, apps specialized for design need practice and knowledge. 

With apps provided by printing websites, everything will be smoother. Indeed, they do not offer as many options as the apps mentioned above, but they still have many templates which can be adjusted. If our design can’t be created with their app’s help, they usually accept our ideas and will try to make the design based on our indication manually. 


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