What Goes With Navy Blue Shorts? Clothe Color Matches

What Goes With Navy Blue Shorts

Fashion is a complex matter, and in most cases, it is subjective; you wear whatever you feel comfortable with, and people have different clothes. Despite the design you wear, you have to consider the color matches at some point. 

Numerous color combinations work great together, but some will not agree, and you will look ridiculous using them. 

Let us get into the details of fashion and help you figure out how to match your colors for the perfect outcome;

What Goes With Navy Blue Shorts? 

A traditional option for navy blue shorts is a white button-down shirt, and you can roll up the sleeves to make them look hotter. 

You can also use softer shades of yellow, and on special occasions, a combination of a red shirt and navy blue shorts will be a classic combination. You can also go for a chambray shirt or a black shirt if you are feeling bold.

How To Match Cloth Colors

Most people believe that a person’s representation of themselves on the outside reflects how they feel about themselves on the inside.

Matching your navy blue shorts with the right color can be just what you need to feel good about yourself. This will result in a confident self-image that will positively affect how people perceive you.

So it would help if you put your outfits together, so you look sharp and polished to get the proper attention. Let us see how to do this; 

First, you have to understand that primary colors exist naturally, and when you mix them, you get secondary colors. 

The third type of color is complementary colors, which are opposite each other, for instance, purple and yellow. 

Such combinations can make amazing outfits for most occasions since they match their contrast. A common variety with this concept is white and black, one of the simplest yet most fashionable cloth combinations you could go for. 

You also have the option for earthy tones; these include purple, green, and brown in different shades. 

They are often subtle, but they will go great together if you match the shades correctly between your shoes, trousers, and shirt.

You can use monochromatic colors, the same color but different shades next to each other in the color wheel. It would be best to balance flashy, bright, and dull ones like light blue. 

If you aren’t ready to combine many different colors at once, you can start with two simple colors you are okay with and add one splash of color to give a little flavor. You can use neutral colors like brown, white, or black for such a combination.

If you have issues getting the right colors, you should start with neutral colors and build from there. 

A neutral color can make a good combination, or you could use just one and go all black or white, and you will look amazing.


Navy blue shorts can go with several options depending on how bold your sense of fashion is. You can wear a white shirt or go yellow if you want a bright color. Style is subjective, and it’s up to you to get what you want and find a way to make it work.


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