Understanding The Benefits Of Air Conditioner Warranty Protection

Understanding The Benefits Of Air Conditioner Warranty Protection

Air conditioning seems to have transitioned from a luxury to a necessity over the last several decades. Just 50 years ago, fewer than half the homes in America were equipped with it. Today, that number has surged to more than 90 percent. Because of that, an ever-growing number of people are realizing not only the benefits of air conditioning but the cost of keeping it up and running. With that being the case, more homeowners are seeing the value of having their AC systems covered by a home warranty.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Home Warranty Protection For An Air Conditioning System?

Different types of home warranties are available, and each one offers its own level of protection for homeowners. Those that provide warranty protection for your air conditioner can bring you numerous benefits. Consider the following advantages of covering your HVAC system with a home warranty.


One of the advantages of AC warranty protection is flexibility. As mentioned, different types of home warranties are available. Some cover the entire air conditioning system while others only cover certain parts of it. Certain warranties cover the cost of parts, maintenance, repairs, and replacements whereas others cover a portion of those expenses. You can choose the level of coverage you want for your air conditioning system. Though the more comprehensive plans are recommended, this flexibility gives you control over the cost of your warranty and the cost of ownership for the air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Effectiveness and Efficiency

Experts recommend having air conditioner maintenance performed once a year. This helps keep these systems operating at peak efficiency. They generally lose about ten percent of their efficiency each year without maintenance, but routine upkeep can prevent that from happening. At the same time, AC tuneups allow technicians to catch problems early and resolve them before they have a chance to take a major toll on the system. Maintenance also minimizes normal wear and tear on the system to an extent. 

Many homeowners avoid having routine AC maintenance performed because that’s yet another expense on their shoulders. Some also put off minor repairs until they lead to major malfunctions for the same reasons. If they know at least a portion of maintenance and repair costs are covered by a home warranty, though, they’re less likely to ignore those aspects. That, in turn, helps to keep their air conditioning systems operating effectively and efficiently. It may make them last longer as well.

Trustworthy AC Services

Another advantage of air conditioner warranty protection is constant access to trustworthy repair technicians and top-notch services. Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or a complete system replacement, you’ll have licensed, certified, and insured repair technicians in your corner. All you have to do is contact your warranty company and let them know what you need. They’ll take over from there, contacting qualified, pre-screened technicians in their network and sending them to your home. 

Long-Term Savings

One of the most important benefits of an air conditioner home warranty is the money you’ll save over the long term. As noted earlier, you can save a great deal on maintenance, repairs, and replacements alone. With ongoing maintenance and prompt repairs, you’ll most likely save money on parts. You may not need to replace your AC system as frequently, either. On top of all that, keeping your air conditioner in optimal condition and operating at peak efficiency will reduce your cooling costs. All those are ways you can save money with a home warranty that covers your air conditioning system.

Reaping The Rewards Of Air Conditioner Home Warranty Protection

Home warranty coverage for your air conditioning system protects your AC and your wallet. It can lead to significant savings over time while keeping your air conditioner up and running and maintaining its efficiency. With various warranty plans available, you can control the cost of coverage and the amount of money you’ll pay for AC services. Though owning a home comes with numerous expenses, a home warranty can make some of them more manageable.


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