Trip To Berlin: Your Vacation This Year

Trip To Berlin

When you wake up one morning in the magical city of Berlin, you will realise how contrasting this city is. It is a place where grandiose and tragic events have taken place. The city has a magical ability to carry you through different eras, which are left in the lines of the city’s architecture and various key places.

The city has both classical architecture and an ancient castle that carries echoes of the reign of kings. Any key place will not fit into a story in a few lines, so it is best to touch them and personally see the greatness of these places. And this little guide will help you with this, it will give you light notes of these places to make you interested and visit them, it will be like an annotation to a book that you will read with delight and will certainly want to read again in time.

Prior to your trip, always do your study on how to get from Berlin Airport to the town centre, how long it will take you to get there, etc. Brandenburg State’s Willy Brandt Berlin Airport is located near the Berlin boundary, 28 kilometres from the city centre. The fastest way to get from the airport to central Berlin is by AtoB taxi in Berlin airport. If you are going with a child, in a large party, or with a lot of luggage, it will be much easier if you book your AtoB Berlin airport transfer beforehand on a specialised website before your arrival. The airport taxi driver will then gather you up from the departures area, drive you to your airport transfer, and send you off where you need to be.

Spandau Citadel

During the reign of Joachim in the 17th century, the fortress was built on the outskirts of Berlin. In the 20th century, the fortress was used as a munitions factory. During the rule of the Nazi Party, the fortress was used as a secret facility for the production and testing of chemical weapons.  It was one of many secret facilities of the Nazi regime. Today, you can easily take an airport taxi and go on a tour here. The site itself became legally open to tourists only in 1992.

Köpenick Palace

In ancient times, there was a fortress on the site where the palace is now. According to legend, this fortress was built by the Slavs. The history of the palace began as a small hunting fortress, as a location for noble lords to meet and rest while hunting. Over time, the building was made larger and the territory was expanded to create a park. Various festivals are held on this territory, especially in front of the palace. Now you can come here by Berlin airport taxi to these halls of this incredible building which are home to the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts.

Checkpoint Charlie

The biggest symbol which has an echo of the Cold War is the so-called Checkpoint Charlie. This is the spot where completely different worldviews clash. It was the place where the US and Soviet militaries met after Germany was divided by the Berlin Wall. It divided not only the country, but also families, civilisation, and the unity of the people. The most terrible moment of this place is the confrontation of tanks on both sides, which could have led to the so-called red button being pressed by either country and plunging the world into nuclear war.  

This place has a certain energy, especially when you think about how human genius can destroy life in a second. Stop your AtoB airport taxi by and experience it. Because by creating nuclear weapons, man has created some of the most horrific objects to destroy life. Therefore, this sight is worth visiting by travellers to sometimes re-evaluate how different things have or do not have value when the world may be on the edge of its existence.

Berlin Wall

It looks like an ordinary concrete wall, but there were so many emotional shifts in society around it. After Germany lost the Second World War, NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries decided to divide Berlin into two zones of influence: the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR. This artificial chimaera was the point that stopped the normal existence of families in one country. The wall itself was designed as a real border with guard towers, guards with weapons and service dogs, and people had to pass through a system of checkpoints.

The bizarre “creature” lived its unshakable life for 28 years until the US-USSR relations began to soften. Only in 1990 did the official dismantling begin. During its demolition, some people could not hold back tears of happiness that they would finally be able to see their loved ones freely. Whenever possible, some people took pieces of the wall as a reminder of this era. The German authorities decided to leave part of the wall as an architectural monument. Reserve a Berlin airport taxi and visit this place as one of the most recognisable symbols of the Cold War.

Zoological Garden

During his reign, King Wilhelm IV issued a decree ordering the construction of a park. It was this park that later turned into the place that is now known as the Berlin Zoo. At the beginning of its existence, only those close to King Wilhelm were allowed to visit it. As time went on, permission was granted for anyone to visit the park. Today, if you book an AtoB airport transfer and go here, you will see 1650 species of animals. Since the twentieth century, the park has been considered one of the most advanced in its organisation.


How can you visit Berlin and not stop your airport transfer near one of the most romantic buildings in its history? We’re talking about Litzenburg or, as everyone knows it now, Charlottenburg. This is the love story of King Frederick I and his wife Sophia Charlotte of Hanover. Loving his wife infinitely, the king decided to express his feelings in such a way that his wife would understand the greatness of his feelings.

Therefore, at the end of the XVII century, by order of the king, this palace was built with a magnificent park located in front of the palace. The park itself was inspired by the styles of the English and French schools of landscape design of the time. Why is the palace called Charlottenburg? Some time after the king presented it to his wife, she died and the king ordered the palace to be renamed in her honour.


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