Is Movado A Good Watch? Famous Watch Brand

Is Movado A Good Watch

Movado is a famous watch brand with a rich and long history. In years the brand has been developing various innovations and striking designs. 

The brand is American and known for the 12 o’clock signature metallic dot and minimalistic style. The “Movado” name always means moving in the Esperanto language.

 People love the watch because of its top, not quality, and artistic features. However, to others, it’s high priced for a wristwatch. 

The price range is almost similar to popular luxury watches with Horus straps for watches, making people question its worthiness. The article looks at Movado watch quality and will answer the question. 

Is Movado a Good Watch? 

Yes, Movado is simply a good watch. However, Movado is not a luxury brand like Tag Heuer, Breitling, or Rolex but some watch enthusiasts prefer it. 

They are popular because of their unique design and top-notch quality—all these rank Movado among the most collectible watches globally. 

There are ways in which Movado doesn’t share some aspects with other popular brands such as Bolivia, Tisson, and Hamilton. The brands mentioned are common in their market appearance and are almost similar in the price range. 

Additional Information

Overall if you need a classy and business-like watch, Movado is your perfect timepiece. It will be an excellent investment. As much as the brand and quality are essential, it would be best to consider fashion and style. 

Everything in Movado watches, from its hand to strap, offer style. As mentioned, they have a one-classy dot design and also its signature look. 

However, the signature look makes it difficult for some people to read. Plus, it lacks the minutes and hours markers; therefore, approximating the time is difficult. 

According to several objective assessments, the Movado brand rating is similar to its Swiss competitors like Tissot, Hamilton, etc. The mentioned Swiss companies also produce high-quality watches at the same price range. 

Like Movado, its Swiss competitors, Tissot and Hamilton, offer automatic watches. But Movado carries the day and can compete with a brand like Bulova and Victorinox when it comes to fashion. 

Still, it’s better than Skagen, Fossil, Nordgreen, and Invicta on style. 

History Of Movado Brand

Movado is an Esperanto word that means “always in motion.” Like its name, the brand is constantly developing better designs. 

Movado makes both men’s and women’s watches. Since its inception, it has made several significant moves. Leopold Achille Isidore Ditesheim did found the company in 1881. 

It later became Movado and made the production of fantastic master timepieces for 78 years. North America Watch Corp purchased the company in 1983, and its headquarter moved to USA, Paramus, New Jersey.  

Comparison With Other Brands 

There have been arguments that Movado has been a luxury brand for years. However, most watch enthusiasts choose the Rolex luxury brand over other models. 

It’s because Rolex has held dominance in the watch industry for decades. The reason being it has a classic watch design and incredible craftsmanship. 

Plus, the Rolex design is so beautiful. The section has a comparison between Movado and other famous watch brands. 

Rolex Submariner

The model is a classic timepiece from 1953. Since its inception, there have been continuous modifications to it, and it now features the latest technologies. 

The new features, including the latest technology, make it relevant. Rolex Submariner is an incredible invention and a fantastic dive watch. 

One thing that makes it so popular is its stylish and classic design. Plus, its flexibility and versatility make it a highly regarded model. Its steel casing is a 40mm stainless steel with a beautiful oyster design. 

The stainless steel bracelets give the watch a bold look, and it offers a comfortable fitting. Another thing that makes it valuable is the scratch-resistant crystal. 

It has a water-resistant feature, and you can use it up to 300-meter underwater. It has excellent 3130 Swiss movements that improve its performance level and precision. The blue luminescence makes it great for professional divers. 


In appearance, Bulova offers traditional type aesthetics. Therefore it’s the perfect dress type watch and has all the essential features that people need in a dress watch. 

It features a sleek 42mm case, silver stainless-steel case strap, and pitch-black dial. The digits and silver hand are others that add to its overall appearance. 

The American clipper is the best model when it comes to classic appearance. American clipper is also sophisticated, reliable, and elegant. 

However, most timepiece enthusiasts do not love it because it lacks unique features in almost all luxury watches. 

Is Movado A Luxury Watch?

The company and watch enthusiasts portray the watch as an expensive brand. Movado’s brand focuses on manufacturing luxury watches. 

Amazingly it also has fashion watches, and each has a distinctive image and quality. Plus, you will find something in almost all price categories.

How Long Do Movado Brand Watches Last? 

With proper maintenance, these watches can last for years. The Movado quartz watches have a 1.55-volt silver-oxide battery. 

The battery will effectively power your watch for about 18 to 16 months if you use it under normal conditions. 

It also has a fantastic end-of-life feature that tells when the battery is almost entirely running out. Therefore you’ll have to look for a replacement. 

Why Are Movado Models Expensive?

Movado’s price range is between $300 and $2000, which is pretty expensive than other brands. People criticize the brand and feel that Movado’s watch quality does not match the prices. 

Movado has a fine reputation for quality and style. Let’s find out some of the reasons why its pricing is high. 

1. Movado reputation 

In the ’80s, 90′ Movado was among the luxury watch brands. It has a mind-blowing museum classic with fantastic quality and design. 

The museum classic was a matchmaker and among the market leaders. In the 2000s, Movado expanded its target market and started making watches for youth, the middle class, and low earners. 

The expansion made the brand lose its once prestigious reputation. Today most watch enthusiasts rank it a fashion-oriented Swiss watchmaker rather than a luxury brand. 

The transformation was a part of Movado’s development strategy. However, today their watches are not highly-priced like other luxury brands like Rado and Rolex. 

All in all, the company still has a decent reputation because of its iconic designs. Movado watch models are ideal for both informal and formal occasions. 

Plus, they make high-quality watches that will serve the wearer for years. In recent years the brand has got many fans and collectors globally. 

2. Unique designs 

Today there are many watch brands and models in the market. However, Movado still maintains its appealing luxury and durable watch design. 

The iconic and elegant model, the museum classic, is among the most popular watches globally. It has a unique bracelet, a well-crafted single dot dial, and a perfect round allure. 

All Movado models have the 12 o’clock dot, and it’s their trademark. The dot style differentiates the watch brand from other famous brand products. In addition, the watch does replicate its famous luxury museum classic style. 

It develops and implements new watch ideas to attract customers. Museum classic style is the simple face, bold and clean looking. Movado also has watches for the youth, with modern designs. 

Plus there are sports wearables, such as series 800 watches. They offer luminescent hour markers that make them visible in dim light. Overall, the Movado brans have more than 200 international awards on its name. 

It’s because of the stunningly time technologies and unique watch designs. Plus, the brand has had many innovations and improvements over the years.

3. Watch quality

The company has both classic and bold production with slight differences. However, both models have excellent quality. Movado bold and classic models have Ronda quartz movements. 

They aren’t pretty but are durable, reliable, and have fantastic quality. Movado watches lines have a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 

Inspection of the products is strictly in Switzerland; therefore, all their watches adhere to strict standards. You should note that the timepieces rarely disappoint their customers. 

However, you should note that the assembly of Movado Bold products is in China at a lower cost. Many companies and corporations establish manufacturing companies in china. 

Regardless of the workers’ expertise, the Swiss inspection process is top-notch and on another level. Plus, bold models use cheaper materials such as K1 and thus have poor quality than classic ones. 

According to professionals’ evaluation, the Movado watches have excellent quality. In addition, they are more affordable plus the bold model offers some quality. 

For example, they come with high-quality batteries that you’ll have to replace after 2 or 3 years. The Ronda quartz movement also improves time accuracy. 

It has stainless steel cases, and KI mineral is better than standard glass in scratch endurance. 


Movado is a famous brand with a focus on luxury watches. It also portrays itself as a luxury watch brand. 

Movado watches are generally lower than other luxury brands; however, they have excellent quality and material. 

Overall you will find everything you expect from popular luxury watches in Movado models. It also has affordable fashion watches with excellent quality and precision for all ages. 


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