Is Tory Burch A Luxury Brand? Mid-Tier Brands

Is Tory Burch A Luxury Brand

Tory Burch produces top-tier fashion accessories for its global market. Its product catalog has frequented the New York Fashion Week for many seasons. 

However, the price tags on its products may scare off thrifty spenders. They cost several hundred dollars. These premium prices beg the question of whether Tory Burch is a luxury brand.

In this post, you’ll learn about Tory Burch’s products, reputation, and how to protect yourself from counterfeits. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Tory Burch A Luxury Brand?

No, Tory Burch is not a luxury brand. It is a mid-tier label offering high-quality products at a slightly higher price. The prices are slightly exaggerated compared to that of Kate Spade or Coach.

Although Tory Burch’s prices are high, they are not enough to place it in the luxury segment. Furthermore, it has competitive prices, which make its products accessible to many people.

Popular Bags By Tory Burch

Since its inception in the fashion world, Tory Burch has produced products of striking designs and materials. It distributes the finished products through its hundreds of stores globally.

The brand produces footwear and relishable women’s outfits. Ergonomic bags highly amplify their popularity. Some of the spruce bags for fashionistas by this brand include:

1. T Monogram Jacquard Bag

The T Monogram Jacquard bag debuted in January of 2021. It is a stylish leather bag bearing Tory Burch’s logo pattern whose pretty design adapts the classical Penn Dutch quilt.

It features drawstrings whose closure bears the brand’s unique logo. It is artistically pieced in a particular fabric, giving it the Jacquard loom. 

It has interior and exterior pockets where tiny stuff is stored. These pockets rest carefully, and you won’t have any problem accessing items inside them.

How do you wear this bag? You can wear the T morgan variety in three different styles to suit any occasion. Its long straps allow you to wear it over the shoulder. 

The straps are also adjustable; thus, you’ll be the one to decide how you want it on the crossbody. Alternatively, it has a top handle for anyone who wants to keep it classic. 

The range of noble colors enhances its versatility to match with various outfits. The goldfinch color gives this bag a reflective look. Tory navy is the other color option.

It is a small bucket-shaped handbag whose dimensions are 212112. You can visit Amazon to learn more about this T monogram bag. 

2. Lee Radziwill Petite Bag

It derives its name from the brand’s style socialite, Caroline Lee Radziwill. It sells rapidly, and the reason seems trivial. The iconic model surely has something to do with the sales.

This flawless crafting of the bag is on Italian leather. It might be small, but its distinct style comes from a classy European nation. Moreover, it is lovely, and its application knows no boundaries.

Its closure is magnetic, thus simplifying the opening and closing actions. It has a handle at the top for classic style wearing. Its other handle is detachable and rests on its side. The Lee Radziwill Petite Bag will make you rock in any apparel.

The interior has soft leather that creates an array of pockets. Any purse-size item – phone and credit cards – can fit in these compartments.

Its base assumes a triangular prism shape. This shape provides the bag with stability when placed on a surface. You won’t have to hang this bag every other time you’re not wearing it.

This petite bag’s refined, adorable style comes in various unique colors. You should also note that you can wear this elegant bag in any form of gathering.

3. Lee Radziwill Double Bag

Tory Burch has two bags named after its iconic fashion model. This one has a unique shape crafted with nimble leather and a large suede gloss with dimensions of 3031.515.5.

It is large enough with plenty of pockets to organize your items. The space is ample to carry a whole makeup kit and leave some for other accessories. 

It has a zipped center pocket which is the primary compartment. Four more open pockets flank the center pocket. Besides, this double bag has side pockets for carrying smaller items.

It is plain and only bears Tory Burch’s trademark logo. Snap stud magnetic closure to protect contents inside. Furthermore, the bag has a buckle strap that reinforces its security.

You can carry this bag along using any of its two handles. It has a handle atop the bag and a long detachable strap. 

It is versatile in that you can wear it, whether open or closed, without posing many risks to your items. The Lee Radziwill Double bag will come in handy, whether casual or formal.

4. Eleanor Mini-Crossbody Bag

Like most Tory Burch’s products, the mini crossbody bag design is Italian leather. The stunning look complements its brass finish and the renowned brand’s symbol.

It has little space enough to store a few tiny things. The internal zip pocket is its main compartment. It also features a slip pocket that provides extra storage room.

Even though the size is small in this bag, its glamor makes it stand out. Its straps are either golden or silver and provide an attractive edge. It is one of those bags that complement a stylish look for divas. 

The trendy chain straps let you wear this bag across your body. Alternatively, you can roll up the chain to carry the bag by hand or over the elbow. You can fit it in your hand if you choose to do without the straps. 

It is beautiful and comes in a range of distinctive colors. Tory Burch also includes Eleanor Mini’s bag variants for different use cases.

Can I Purchase Tory Burch’s Products On Discount?

You might be wondering if it is possible to acquire Tory Burch’s merchandise at a discount. Does this brand offer any deals? 

Like many other apparel labels, Tory Burch comes up with deals for its customers. The best time to check out the discounted prices is during the Black Friday season. You’ll find slashed prices aside from other deals.

Since Tory Burch is a big brand, it has stores in operation all through the year. It is from these stores that flash sales happen. It would be best to follow the brand’s official communication channel to avoid missing out in case of promotions.

Tory Burch also offers competitive prices at the end of a season. It would help if you watched when the end-season sale happens to grab the rare opportunity. Alternatively, you can check out Amazon for any discounts on Tory Burch’s accessories.

Not all products from this conglomerate make it to the sales section. The iconic ones are rare and typically challenging to get their discount. Beware of counterfeit Tory Burch merchandise proliferating in the market.

How To Spot Authentic Tory Burch Bags

Faux products are menacing for most businesses. It’s excruciatingly painful to find out that you paid top dollar for fake Tory Burch products. Here are some tips you should consider when purchasing Tory Burch products.

1. Surface Texture Of The Product

Tory Burch fabricates its products in a premium material. These materials range from fine leather, canvas or nylon. Be sure to check them out to avoid being scammed.

The brand uses its unique leather originating from Italy. The leather is typically resistant to scratch and has a unique texture.

The original leather has a pattern cross-hatching on the entire surface. You can quickly identify this by touching the surface. Alternatively, you can smell the leather. Original leather typically smells fresh. 

2. Bag Lining And Logo

Bags from Tory Burch come with a lining. The lining varies with the type of bag. In all these bags, nylon is the primary material in use. 

Furthermore, the soft nylon lining has Tory Burch’s logo on it. The branded logo comes in various sizes. The bag’s exterior color is usually similar to that of nylon.

The logos in bags can either be inside, outside or both. Also, check whether the brand is metallic and spells correctly. Any typo in the brand’s name is a red flag.

3. Check The Bag’s Stitching

Tory Burch’s bags have consistent stitchings that have an even spacing. Original stitches should also be neat. 

Check out its lining. Is it similar to the handbag’s color? Unless there’s a contrast tweak, inconsistencies in coloration should indicate a fake product.

4. Use the originality determination service.

In order to be 100% sure that you have made the right choice, you can check the originality using several services available on the Internet.


Tory Burch is a mid-tier luxurious brand that sells fashion products. Its prices are high but not enough to match Louis Vuitton or Gucci brands.

Bags are some of its top-grossing products, and this article has mentioned a few of them. You’ll also find a checklist for authentic products in this writeup.

Lastly, Tory Burch offers deals for their product during some seasons. Black Friday and the end of the season’s sale is when most of this business goes down.


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