5 Things You Should Never Do After A Motorcycle Crash

5 Things You Should Never Do After A Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating and potentially fatal. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) maintains comprehensive records documenting motor vehicle accidents within the state, which also include data on motorcycle crashes. In the year 2021, ADOT received reports of 2,594 motorcycle-related accidents, out of which 2,052 incidents, accounting for approximately 79%, resulted in injuries. In contrast, the state witnessed a total of 121,345 accidents involving various types of motor vehicles in 2021, with only 35,203 cases, roughly 29%, leading to injuries. These statistics clearly indicate that motorcyclists and their passengers in Arizona face a significantly higher risk of sustaining injuries in accidents compared to other categories of motorists.

In the event of a motorcycle crash, there are several measures that you should take to ensure your safety and protect your legal rights. If you happen to live in Phoenix, AZ, for instance, and have been in a motorcycle accident, you must contact a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix. However, there are also some actions that you should avoid to prevent worsening any injuries and jeopardizing your case in court. Here are five things that you should never do after a motorcycle accident.

1. Fleeing the Scene of the Accident

If you get involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s crucial not to flee the scene under any circumstances. It is illegal to leave an accident scene without providing necessary information such as your name, telephone number, insurance details, and driver’s license number.

Fleeing from an accident may lead to severe consequences that could affect your future seriously. Additionally, leaving an injured person behind without getting them medical attention can result in severe criminal charges or even jail time.

So always stay at the scene of the accident until all appropriate authorities arrive.

2. Neglecting Medical Attention

Motorcycle crashes are known for causing serious injuries due to their nature, which leaves riders exposed with minimal protection against impact during a collision.

While adrenaline rush could numb or mask injuries immediately after a crash, some symptoms may often arise hours or days later, potentially becoming life-threatening if left untreated.

It’s important never to neglect medical attention after an accident, especially if you have been knocked unconscious or suspect bleeding internally, as this may cause further issues down the line and complicate assessments by doctors on what damages were directly caused as a result of the crash.

Even when encountering less serious issues like small body cuts or bruises on some parts of their appendages, victims need professional care for cleaning wounds and proper disinfectant application over these wounds to avoid infections while ensuring timely healing.

It is essential we stress priorly to seeking immediate medical aid, especially before contacting insurance companies.

3. Giving Out Personal Details To Insurance Companies

It is common practice for insurance companies to contact victims immediately after the accident is reported. They will ask you several questions to confirm that you are the driver, inquire about your medical status, assess damage claims, and so on.

It is crucial not to share any personal details regarding the motorcycle crash with anyone while at the scene of the accident except for necessary information requested by law enforcement officials or authorized personnel. Suppose any insurance representative calls you before clear communication with credible legal representatives face-to-face. In that case, it is advised never to divulge any relevant information as this may be used against you later in court.

While dealing with these checks, which could take up much of your time, make sure not to make incriminating statements that can hurt your case later on.

Reach out for adequate legal services before signing papers or unknowingly committing yourself contractually under duress.

4. Apologizing Or Admitting Fault

After an accident happens, your sense of responsibility and empathy may inadvertently motivate you to admit fault or offer an apology, especially when faced with severe injuries. The at-fault party might appear genuinely apologetic, but we must stress here; DO NOT ADMIT FAULT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, regardless of how sorry you feel for the other parties involved in the crash.

Admitting guilt or showing signs-of-fault admissions could cause long-term problems if pursued in court proceedings. It’s best to hold off for more accurate investigations to point out what truly occurred during those tense moments then and only then seek proper legal representation.

Do not fail to document evidence like photos, videos, and maybe audio recordings, as these records may help shed more light on certain parts of what happened during police investigation measures.

5. Ignoring Legal Representation

Motorcycle accidents can result in complex legal issues surrounding liability determination and compensation claims made against offenders.

Legal professionals become handy when dealing with such situations since they offer their expertise and knowledge around these complex matters using their experience gathered from similar cases fought with a high succession rate. They know which sources to approach for critical evidence and improvise strategies that tilt judgments in favor of their clients.

Regardless of how minor or severe the injuries sustained were, you should never ignore seeking legal representation after a motorcycle accident. Although medical attention is crucial, it’s paramount that you get connected with proper legal aids before making statements used against you in court.

In conclusion, motorcycle accidents cause significant physical and emotional trauma; however, it is essential to take steps to protect your well-being and secure fair compensation from insurance companies or offending parties. Above all else, seek professional legal advice from reputable firms who’ve earned credibility over time, as this can improve overall outcomes in these cases.


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