Can You Drive A Right-Hand Drive Car In The US?

Can You Drive A Right-Hand Drive Car In The US

Can you drive a right-hand-drive car in the US? If you want to know if this is possible, you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll know if driving RHD cars in the US is okay. In the United States and most European countries, the steering wheel is usually on the left side of the car.

Experts say that this setup helps reduce road accidents and gives drivers better visibility. While it’s not the usual setup, there are benefits to using a right-hand drive car. This article will give you interesting and detailed information on this topic. Let’s dive into the main discussion.

Can You Drive A Right-Hand Drive Car in The US?

Driving an automobile with a right-hand drive is different from what most people are used to. However, according to the law, it is completely legal in certain countries, like the United States.

There are no specific rules about the steering wheel setup for regular passenger vehicles as long as your car meets the safety standards set by the EPA and NHTSA. Even if a car is at least twenty-five years old and doesn’t meet all the modern requirements, you can still legally bring it into the country.

Just keep in mind that American roads are made for left-hand-drive cars. So, if you’re driving a right-hand-drive car here, you will need to follow all the same traffic laws as everyone else. It may feel strange initially, but you’ll get used to it with practice.

You might notice that the United States Postal Service uses right-hand-drive trucks. This makes it easier for mail carriers to reach mailboxes on the roadside without getting out of their vehicles. Some car manufacturers, such as CAVEATS, SEDAN, and COUPE, also offer cars with steering wheels on the right side.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of A Right-Hand Drive Car

When choosing a right-hand drive car or converting your old vehicle to RHD, it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that most people in the US  drive on the left side of the car.

Even though driving a right-hand drive car can make you stand out, it’s essential to consider the good and the bad things before making a choice. It might not be practical, especially if you are a skilled driver. Below are some pros and cons to help you decide whether you should choose an RHD vehicle.

Advantages of A Right-Hand Drive Car

  • Parallel parking becomes simpler in an RHD car since the driver has a clearer view of the curb.
  • You won’t have difficulty speaking to another driver at a traffic signal with oncoming traffic.
  • Entering and exiting the car is safer since the driver is right next to the curb instead of being exposed to active traffic. It’s especially beneficial on busy city roads.
  • Left-handed drivers might find it more comfortable to use their left hand to operate a manual transmission in an RHD car.
  • Accessing the mailbox is simple, and you don’t have to step out of your vehicle.
  • RHD vehicles have a specific level of novelty that attracts some American drivers.

Disadvantages of A Right-Hand Drive Car

  • In a left-hand drive nation, drive-throughs, parking garages, and toll booths are designed assuming the driver will be on the car’s left side. Due to this, you’ll have to crawl over to the passenger seat.
  • If you park the RHD vehicle by the curb, passengers might have difficulty getting out. While you can exit quickly, your passengers may face many challenges.
  • You face a higher risk of getting into a vehicle accident because the car in front of you can block your view of oncoming traffic on a highway of two lanes.
  • Turning left can be hard because you can’t view the direction of other cars.
  • Numerous imported right-hand drive cars come with manual transmissions, which might be tricky to use if you’re unfamiliar.
  • Driving on the street’s right side while sitting on the car’s right side can feel disorienting, particularly if you are accustomed to driving a LHD car.

How Can You Buy An RHD Car in The US?

The demand for RHD cars in the US is low. The primary demand is from people working in postal administration or those who love RHD cars. If you’re considering buying a right-hand drive vehicle in this nation, you have some options.

There are two main ways to purchase RHD cars. Thankfully, there are plenty of RHD vehicle providers in the United States. All you have to do is look around.

Classic Car or Postal Cars

In the US, postal workers use RHD cars for their deliveries, even in rural places. However, you will be surprised that anybody can buy these cars too. You can contact or visit a local car dealership or check online to find your preferred RHD cars for sale.

It’s best to contact car dealerships that sell factory-made cars. Reach out to them, and you will find they sell both new and used cars. They have various models like coupes, Feats, Jeeps, sedans, and other classic cars, all with right-hand drives.

These cars can be expensive, so waiting before deciding is a good idea. But if you browse online, you can often find third-party sellers who import or provide cars that fit your budget. Depending on the seller, prices generally range between $20,000 and $70,000.

To save some cash, consider buying a used car, which costs around $9,000. Just do a background check on the car before buying it. But note that buying a used vehicle might not be the best choice for everyone.

Another option is to buy used vehicles directly from the postal service, particularly ones that are still in working condition but not being used anymore. These cars usually come at a reasonable price.

After you’re familiar with vehicles, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect any used car before buying it. Buying a brand-new RHD car can be expensive, so buying a used car can be a wise move.


Are you thinking about importing a car? Or are you a fan of classic or imported vehicles? If so, you need to know something: US regulations say you can’t import any vehicle that’s less than 25 years old unless it was built in the United States.

Since all vehicles built in the USA are LHD vehicles, importing any RHD car that’s less than 25 years old is not allowed. Doing so could result in the government seizing the vehicle because it is against the law.

However, the regulation doesn’t stop you from importing new right-hand drive vehicles from places like the UK and Japan. You can also bring older vehicles from those countries to fulfill your pleasure.

Can You Convert Your LHD Car to RHD?

The answer is yes if you have ever wondered whether you can turn an LHD car into an RHD car. It is possible if you have the resources and time to spare. Many car owners initially consider this option but often change their minds when they realize how costly the conversion can be.

Converting the steering wheel is expensive and complicated. Buying a right-hand drive car, like a Nissan Altima, is usually better than destroying your existing one. Some companies offer this conversion service, but it’s rare. If you want to do the hard work, you can attempt the conversion yourself.

DIY Process

If you want a budget-friendly option, consider buying a conversion kit for only a few thousand dollars. With a conversion kit, turning your left-hand drive car into a right-hand drive car becomes relatively simple.

These conversion kits offer a cost-effective way to get your preferred RHD car. However, it’s worth noting that the car’s appearance might not be perfect after the conversion process.

In the conversion process, you must move the steering wheel apart. You also need to reposition the control panel system. Then, rearrange the gears and racks. After that, swap out the gear shift knob. Finally, adjust the viewing angle and side mirror widget.

While the steps might seem straightforward, having knowledge and experience is crucial before attempting this conversion. Without the right skills, it could take a lot of time and even pose risks if mistakes are made. So, it’s best only to attempt it with proper expertise.

Skilled Process

These days, more conversion companies are appearing. Many Japanese car companies specialize in converting cars from left-hand drive to right-hand drive. Entrusting your car to a professional company is safer and saves you time.

But keep in mind, it can be pretty pricey. Typically, these companies charge between $25,000 and $30,000 for the conversion. At that rate, consider buying an old RHD car in good condition and state instead.

Converting a modern steering wheel can be challenging since today’s vehicles have multiple complicated features. So, if you are still set on converting your steering wheel, a vehicle company is your best solution.

You can reach out to the company to inquire about their services. Attempting the conversion yourself is not recommended. It’s best to avoid it altogether.


Can you drive a right-hand-drive car in the US? Yes, you can. Driving a right-hand-drive car might not be a problem for experienced and skilled drivers. On the contrary, if you’re new to driving or just starting out, handling a right-hand-drive vehicle in the United States can be pretty challenging.

There are some benefits to using RHD cars, like easier parallel parking compared to left-hand-drive cars. However, driving a right-hand-drive car in a left-hand-drive country like the United States requires extra caution. It’s harder to see traffic coming from the street’s right side, and making left turns at intersections can be tough.

Because of these safety concerns, some places in North America have seen more road accidents involving right-hand-drive cars. So, consider these things before purchasing and driving a RHD car in the US.


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