Volunteers Hour Value: Meaning, Importance & How To Calculate (2024)

Volunteers Hour Value: Meaning, Importance & How To Calculate (2024)

Each volunteer is precious to your organization as it is their effort that ensures the success of your events. That’s why you need to understand the value of volunteer hours. Every second of their daily activities takes you one step closer to your goal. So, it’s crucial that you understand its meaning and also its importance. 

Calculating volunteer hours is no longer difficult with the help of volunteer management software. Using this software you won’t have to calculate them manually. In this blog, you will not just learn what volunteer hour value is and its importance. Rather you will also know how to calculate it using volunteer software. 

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Volunteer Hour Value: Meaning

Your organization has grown due to all your dedicated volunteers. The term “volunteer hour value” describes the monetary time that volunteers provide to different projects. Therefore, by analyzing the volunteer hours it will become easy to measure their contribution towards the success of your organization. It is feasible to increase the volunteer effort even further by keeping track of volunteer hours.

Importance Of Volunteer Hour Value

Demonstrating Impact: 

All of your volunteers are hardworking but it’s still important that you measure their effort. Ultimately your nonprofit has to showcase the significant economic contribution that volunteers make. Through the calculation of volunteer hours, it’s possible. This is even useful while curating a letter of recommendation for volunteers. Also, it’s necessary to show the impact of volunteer efforts on the stakeholders or the donors. By properly calculating it, you can show the exact results to them. 

For Grant Application and Funding: 

Your nonprofit needs funding to continue with all those important events. As a result, you will need to complete grant applications from several organizations. During this process, you will notice that you need to mention the accurate volunteer hours. With accurate calculations, you can improve the competitiveness of your application. Thus, you will also receive additional resources for the benefit of your nonprofit.

Strategic Decision-Making:

For the success of your events making strategic decisions is necessary. By calculating volunteer hours nonprofits can understand how all their team members are working. Also, it helps to allocate resources more effectively. It will also assist you in determining which jobs are taking too long to finish. Based on the report you can also upskill the volunteers. 


Volunteers expect recognition for their hard work and that’s why calculating volunteer hours is necessary. This calculation will help you identify the most hardworking volunteers. Once you identify them it becomes easier to declare a reward that they deserve. So, declare the volunteer of the week or month award keeping in mind the report.

How To Calculate Volunteer Hours Using Volunteer Software?

Automated Time Tracking: 

Usually, an advanced volunteer platform comes with automated time-tracking features. Moreover, such type of software also provides real-time updates that are important for the calculation of volunteer hours. Also, this software can record the data that you can collect later to make the perfect calculation. 

Custom Reporting: 

Your volunteer software has a custom reporting feature that will generate detailed reports on volunteer hours. What’s more interesting here is that you can also customize the report based on specific timeframes. The report can also be personalized based on various projects and initiatives. 

Integration with Database System: 

The volunteer software can be integrated with the database system. Thus, it becomes easy for you to collect and track all the details of your volunteers. With this integration, you can also ensure that all the details are accurate and up to date. This way, making a proper calculation of volunteer hours becomes easy.

Utilize Real-time Analytics:

While choosing a volunteer software make sure it has real-time analytics. Using these specific features tracking volunteer effort is possible. It also makes it possible for your managers to make crucial decisions. For instance, identifying the right volunteer for the right task is necessary for the success of your events. Moreover, make fast changes based on the report that you receive from it. 

Organized Volunteer Profiles: 

Such software helps create volunteer profiles in the best way possible. You won’t have to put manual effort into every single detail. Rather give access to all your volunteers to their profiles and let them share their activity details. In the end, your managers will get error-free data that gives you a clear picture of volunteer hours and other details.


Taking your nonprofit to a new height is your dream, we understand that. But without understanding the volunteer hour value, it’s not possible. By now you may have understood how important it is for your nonprofit. So, make a plan that will help you calculate volunteer hours with perfect accuracy. Also, while taking the help of volunteer software keep in mind the points that we have highlighted here. In the end, you will be able to use time more effectively and smartly. So, unlock all your new growth opportunities by tracking volunteer hours successfully.


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