9 Things You Need To Know About Product Packaging

9 Things You Need To Know About Product Packaging

If you own a business that sells products, then you need to invest in product packaging. A brand’s product packaging says a lot about it. If it is poorly designed and not packaged in a sustainable and durable material, then it’s unlikely to attract consumers in today’s day and age.

The most effective way of improving your business’s packaging is to take the time to learn about it and strive toward making the packaging process more efficient. Doing all of these things can also save you a lot of money. Make sure to check out SupremeXfor packaging services.

Here are nine things that you need to know about product packaging:

Packaging Machines

If you have a largescale packaging operation, then it’s important to make sure that you invest in the highest-quality machines that you can. The higher the quality of your packing machines, the more efficient the process will become. Most experts agree that vertical form fill seal systems are the best that you can buy. Before purchasing machinery from a company, make sure that you check them out, read their reviews, and find out what their previous clients have to say about them. You should also ask to see the machines before you buy them. Most companies will be more than happy to invite you to their workshop, to see their machines in action.

Outsourcing Packing

Another thing that’s worth considering is outsourcing your firm’s packaging needs. If you only have a small business, then paying for machinery that’s designed for largescale operations might not be financially possible. Outsourcing your packaging needs can be an efficient and affordable option until your business is large enough to warrant needing its own packaging machinery. As with buying a packaging machine, make sure that you read the outsourcing firm’s reviews so that you can be confident that are a company that’s worth working with.

Packing Materials

The materials that you use in your product’s packaging are very important. People from all around the world are becoming conscious of the environment and the harm that human beings are doing to it. The materials that you use in your packaging will tell consumers a lot about your attitude to environmental matters. Incorporating natural and sustainable materials into your product’s packaging will impress consumers and even give you a whole new audience to sell to. Don’t take shortcuts and cut costs with your product’s packaging materials.

Quality Checking

If you do have an in-house packaging line, then it’s very important that you have quality control checks throughout. If products are packaged poorly, then they could become damaged during transit. Products that are damaging during transit will more than likely be returned by customers, who may then go on to leave bad reviews for your company and complain to their friends. This could deter people from shopping with you in the future and cause you to lose out on customers. Quality control is relatively straightforward and only needs a single person to go through the packaging line and check each stage. A person also needs to inspect each parcel before they are shipped.

Hiring Courier

Something else that you need to give a lot of thought to is the courier to whom you are going to release your business’s parcels. If you hire a courier that isn’t properly trained and doesn’t have a large fleet, then your parcels could arrive damaged and late. In order to find a courier, read online reviews and ask other local businesses for their advice. It’s usually best to stick with the most well-known couriers rather than trying out smaller ones.

Product Handling

Make sure that you train all of your staff in how to handle and manage parcels. If your staff aren’t properly trained in product handling, then the parcels could become damaged. If they do become damaged, then as mentioned earlier, you will have to pay for them to be replaced or customers may just want a refund. Either way, you lose out. There are online courses that your staff can take in product handling, although it’s a better idea to have the undergo physical training in person so that they can learn from an expert and watch them personally. Additionally, partnering with reliable freight logistics services can further enhance your parcel management and delivery process, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Clear Labelling

You need to make sure that your business’s packaging is clearly and properly labelled. If your business’s packing isn’t labelled properly, then customers won’t recognise your brand. Proper packaging is a big part of building your brand. In addition to labelling your outgoing parcels, you should also attach an invoice to them. In terms of product labelling, you could have your own custom boxes made for your company, so that every parcel you ship is the same. Alternatively, you could print off some stickers and then attach them to every single outbound parcel that your business processes.

Returns Sheet

Inside all of your product parcels, make sure that you include returns sheets. These sheets can then be filled out by customers if they want to process a return or refund. When you are packaging parcels, make sure that you do it in a way that is then easy for customers to undo and unpackage. This is so that they don’t have to tear up or ruin parcels when they are opening them. This makes processing returns a lot easier, especially if you are using custom boxes. You will be able to use a box twice if customers treat it well when they are returning it, which will save you money.

Internal Protection

Whatever you are shipping, make sure that the inside of your parcels are secure and protected with bubble wrap. Including bubble wrap in your parcel’s interior space will prevent items from becoming damaged during transit. It will also show your customers that you care about the safety of their products. Bubble wrap is very affordable and can be purchased from most business supply stores. You can also order it in bulk online. An alternative to bubble wrap is foam padding, although this can be slightly more expensive to purchase, and it is heavier, which can cost more when it comes to shipping.

You need to make sure that your business’s products are packaged efficiently and expertly. If there are any problems with any stage in the product packaging process, then customers could end up receiving poorly packaged and even damaged products. This isn’t something that you want, because it can result in bad reviews and your business developing a bad reputation.


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