The Power Of Tracking Your Mood

The Power Of Tracking Your Mood

Emotions are indicators of your needs, which give you a signal about a change in bodily well-being. Knowing how to feel your feelings and their shades, you can discover your requirements on time. 

Few people learn the basics of psychological literacy in childhood. Therefore, it is vital to acquire these skills on your own. Different apps can help you learn to understand basic emotions and various states of the body. 

Mood tracking is a powerful  technique that allows you to monitor, record and analyze your state. We recommend monitoring your mood with the cbt psychology app to improve your mental health.

What Causes Moods

There are various reasons for mood swings:

  • Weather
  • Failure to meet the base needs (sleep, food, water)
  • Stress (the severe shock and increased production of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, fatigue, poor appetite, and sleep).
  • Use of alcohol or drugs (psychoactive substances are addictive. Addiction leads to loss of control over behavior and emotions)
  • Imbalance of hormones in women in different conditions (premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Mental disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD)
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland

A minor symptom, like mood swings, can be a sign of severe disorders in the body. You mustn’t ignore it.

Why It’s Important?

Mood tracker apps serve many practical functions.

  1. Collect information about your emotional conditions, make the analytics and present the result.
  2. Analyze the general performance and show a relationship between stress and your mood.
  3. Remind about good habits, meetings, and medication.
  4. Helps to set goals.

You should take a look at these apps if:

  • you are often feeling anxious or annoyed, and then you cannot cool for a long time;
  • constant change of mood interferes with your productive work and communication;
  • you are experiencing a tense period of life and can’t objectively evaluate your condition.

Tips For Tracking Your Moods

For more effective tracking, you need to be honest with yourself. Try to keep track of all the emotions you go through.

Assess your mood several times a day. It can change at different times, not just days. For instance, in the morning after waking up, at lunch hour, and in the evening before sleep.

Also, you can set multiple timers during a day, which will remind you to ask yourself: “how do I feel now?”.

With a mood tracker app, you will better learn to hear your body’s signals and understand how to cope with mood swings.

Benefits Of Tracking Your Mood

Monitoring your mood with an app is the most convenient way. 

  • The tracker will help you see the situation more realistically (it doesn’t track the momentary moods but shows the general state of mental health).
  • It will allow you to identify and trace patterns that affect your emotional background.
  • With it, you can see and remove irritants that spoil the mood
  • The tracker will help you be more productive by taking into account mood swings.
  • The app helps you to identify irritants as well as bring you happiness and joy.
  • It will tell you when it’s time to see a therapist.


In the modern rhythm of life, taking care of your emotional state is not a whim but a necessity. Depressed mood and irritability prevent us from making informed decisions, building business and personal relationships with others, being productive, and simply enjoying life. It’s where mood tracking apps come in.

Mood tracker apps are a handy tool for tracking your emotional background, psychological state, and productivity. All the tracking instruments are now available on our smartphones.

It’s effortlessly to manage your moods with Lasta, so try it too!


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