How Can Social Media Followers Affect Your Identity?

How Can Social Media Followers Affect Your Identity

The hype to get more and more followers on social media is never ending. People are never satisfying and always seek more. Presently, social media has the potential to make or break your identity and this can happen in just a few clicks. No doubt having a huge following on Instagram can open door for great achievements. On the other hand, it has certain serious implications that can ruin someone’s identity also. It all depends on how effectively and efficiently one uses his/her social media.

Why do people seek more followers? Well, the reasons behind this question are many. But let’s focus on some real implications that can surely leave a mark on your identity. From a personal point of view, it can build self-confidence and a feeling of validation. When you are having number of followers on Instagram you feel pride because it is tough to build a fan base and you must have done something unique in order to do so, which gives a feeling of confidence and pride. Moreover, the present-day benefits of social media are influencer marketing and business development. One can be a millionaire using social media. It all depends on how well you come up with your content and use Instagram features constructively.

How Can Social Media Make Your Identity?

Large exposure

Social media exposes you to a large audience who can see your content and give you feedback or reviews. So, if you have some real talent and which is different from all. Then social media is the best place to showcase your talent. You will get a high audience at once. You can get the necessary exposure which the artists always seek. This exposure can give you a chance for growth and improvement in your content.

Creative tools

Social media enables its users to use several different features which ease content making. Content making is not easy and quick, it takes patience and effort together. Social media tools can save your time with the in-built features it provides. Analytical can make your content reach to businesses and compensate a potential sponsorship. Most importantly the tools are easy to use and understand, anybody can get used to it in just a few clicks. So, if you want to post consistently to get huge following, the tools made simple for you. People also use various platforms available online such as blastup to get a huge following.


This is a new profession social media has introduced us. What is an influencer? An influencer is someone who influences somebody and leaves an impact. Influencers are those who are experts in their niche and have a huge fan base who follows their lifestyle and routine. Nowadays businesses reach out to these people to market their product. This is a modern marketing technique, which is successful in yielding high potential results.

Business sponsorships

After having a significant number of followers on social media you can shift your account to a business account or professional account. With these businesses reach you depending on the niche you choose. These businesses use you to sponsor their product for which you get paid. This opens up your profile for big businesses and the opportunity to earn a good amount of money.

How Can Social Media Break Your Identity?

1. Cyberbullying-

It is an act of bullying or harassment using electronic means. This is more common among teenagers due to the increasing use of social media. We tend to post almost everything on social media. Our identity is exposed to everyone online. Some people use our pictures and posts for irrelevant activities. They also pass unnecessary comments that are embarrassing. Teenagers fall into depression and might commit some serious steps which are taking life. 

2. Peer pressure

The research of University of Glasgow suggests that due to social media pressure teenagers face anxiety and depression. People experience sleep deprivation affecting their mental and physical health. This results in low productivity throughout the day. Moreover, 24/7 constant use of social media has affected the concentration level among teenagers. Recent studies show that the most common reason for low academic performance among students is overuse of social media. 

3. Unrealistic views

Men and women are found battling themselves due to the fake and unrealistic beauty standards that social media has set. We always compare ourselves with famous people on social media and feel why we are not as perfect as they are. This creates a false interpretation in our mind and gives us unrealistic expectations. Because many times the pictures and videos we see are highly edited. The reason is that we have idealized them as perfect, unknown of the fact that they have imperfections too.

4. Unhealthy competition-

Unhealthy competition persists when people think that there are only scarce ways of getting success. In this way people believe that social media is the only way through success which is wrong. They practice unhealthy methods which deteriorate their mental health in order to be successful. While seeing all the glamour on social media one must remember that it has a dark side too and many people are not aware about it. Competition must always persist with a healthy mindset you must get satisfaction in the end.


Social media is a new lifestyle that people are living. No doubt it has changed the lives of millions of people in a better and a worse way. On one side where it grew people’s identity into something unexpected it turned out to be a boon for them. Whereas, on the other hand, it also ruined the life of many. It made them trapped into the pits of vulnerability. Therefore, it is always suggested to know the pros and cons of everything. This is important because in the world we are living. We are constantly stalked by people and our social media handles reveal everything about us. To obtain better from social media limited and purposeful use of it is always good to go. 


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