Pat Musi Net Worth: A Remarkable Drag Racer and Entrepreneur

Pat Musi Net Worth

Pat Musi net worth should be a higher figure as he’s a renowned engine manufacturer and American drag racer. He has competed professionally in drag races since the 1970s and helped construct some of the sport’s finest engines.

During his racing years, the driver Musi has amassed considerable wealth. He has recently begun working as an improvement advisor for Edelbrock Corp to improve aftermarket items. 

Additionally, Musi has helped his company, Pat Musi Racing Engines expand. This facility specializes in athlete motors and is a Pro Mod family facility.

Musi is an inductee of the Drag Racing Hall of Fame and one of the most significant engine builders ever. Join us as we concisely summarize Pat Musi’s biography, wealth, and other pertinent information.

Early Life and Career

Pat Musi was a drag racer before venturing into engine construction. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1947, and his pursuit has been drifter racing since the 1970s.

As an engine manufacturer, he has produced engines for several of the sport’s most accomplished drivers, including Larry Dixon and Don Garlits.

His most renowned accomplishment is constructing the engine that enabled Don Garlits to complete the first four-second run in drag racing history. 

In addition to being an exceptional engine manufacturer, Musi has amassed numerous NHRA and IHRA championships as a driver.

Professional Achievements

One of his most outstanding achievements is the company Pat Musi Racing Engines based in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The all-inclusive shop houses every component required for sporting engines similar to Pro Mod engines. Pat Musi Racing Engines works on specialized cylinder heads and manufactures in-house manifolds.

Pat Musi has pioneered electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology for over two decades. His proficiency enables clients to acquire bespoke EFI systems, exclusive software, and personalized calibration.

Whether competing in Super Comp or setting records in Pro Nitrous, each client receives the same expertise and superior quality for which Pat Musi Racing Engines is renowned worldwide.

Leading motorsports manufacturer ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings has been an integral component of race engines that have earned championships in numerous racing series.

The organization, which maintains an engine-bearing manufacturing facility in Australia, searched for a drag racing collaborator before working with Musi.

Pat Musi Racing Engines recently announced a new partnership with ACL Bearing Company as it expands its presence in the drag racing industry. 

Although ACL has a lengthy history with drag racing, this is their first major sponsorship of American drag racing. 

Pat Musi Racing Engines will implement ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings in their racing engines.

Pat Musi worked with ACL to design a unique engine bearing suitable for all his applications. He effectively utilized this bearing throughout the 2019 racing season. 

Pat Musi Racing Engines continued to use the one-of-a-kind engine bearing set. Lizzy Musi will have the ACL logo on her PDRA Pro Nitrous Dodge Dart, Street Outlaws, and No Prep Kings Aftershock.

Income Streams

Pat Musi is extensively compensated for his former drag racer’s professional occupation. He was a Pro Stock racer before transitioning to Pro Street, where he won multiple championships.

His company, Pat Musi Racing Engines in NC, and competitions generate revenue for him. Current endeavors of the former drag driver include engine improvement and manufacturing. Although the precise value of Pat Musi is unknown, it is certain to exceed $2 million.

Following that, he transitioned to Pro Mod. The Professional Drag Racers Association awarded his business Engine Builder of the Year four times.

Additionally, his Pat Musi Racing Engines t-shirts, jackets, caps, sweatshirts, and other merchandise generate substantial revenue for him.

Breakdown of Pat Musi Net Worth

Due to his exceptional prowess in drag racing, Pat Musi has amassed an estimated over $15 million in net worth. Musi owns Pat Musi Racing Engines, a manufacturer of the sport’s most dependable and potent engines.

Additionally, Musi operates a workshop that repairs race cars and a store that distributes speed parts. These two enterprises have contributed to his success. 

Musi has additional revenue from advertising and sponsorships from companies such as Goodyear and K&N Filters in addition to his racing earnings.

Pat Musi has performed exceptionally well in the engine construction and drag competitions. Several NHRA and IHRA championships have been at his disposal, and he has constructed engines for some of the sport’s most accomplished competitors.

Musi has amassed his net worth due to his endorsements, partnerships, and enterprises, all of which have contributed to his immense wealth.

Comparison of Pat Musi Networth to Industry Averages

Since 1999, Lizzy Musi (the daughter) has been an accomplished race car driver with no signs of slowing down. She started participating in races at sixteen and has continued to do so ever since.

She has competed in several drag racing competitions, including Jr. Dragster, Top Sportsman, and Pro Nitrous. She will be operating the AFTERSHOCK Camaro on Street Outlaws as of 2023.

The affluent driver enjoys a lavish lifestyle, including driving high-end luxury vehicles. She amasses a substantial net worth across various domains, including commerce and racing. Her estimated net worth is USD 2 million.

Michael Schumacher is well-known to anyone with even a passing interest in motorsports. He achieved the historic feat of becoming the first driver to win five consecutive Formula One World Championships.

Eurobusiness magazine recognized Schumacher as the inaugural athlete to amass a billionaire status in 2005. He was among the highest-paid athletes.

Although he made a comfortable livelihood driving for Mercedes and Ferrari, he generated the most revenue through advertisements.

Advertising generates $50 million for Schumacher annually despite his 2013 skiing accident. While this sum may appear substantial, it is not comparable to the agreements he secured during his peak performance.

According to Forbes, he is the second wealthiest player in the world, following Michael Jordan. Recent estimations place his net worth at $800 million.

Hamilton is another renowned racer who currently races for Mercedes and holds records for several other significant roles. 

He matched Schumacher’s seven F1 World Drivers Championship wins. Lewis Hamilton is reportedly the wealthiest driver in the world at the moment, with a net worth of $285 million, according to Insider.

According to Forbes, Lewis Hamilton’s contract with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team generates an annual salary of USD 55 million. Marketing and endorsement deals further add USD 10 million.

Furthermore, Lewis Hamilton acquired a partial ownership stake in the Denver Broncos football franchise in 2022. Later that year, he founded a production company specializing in content creation for Apple TV+. He is also extremely wealthy due to his substantial real estate holdings. 

He has also been featured, voiced, and appeared in cameos in video games such as Gran Turismo, Cars 2, and Cars 3.

At his peak, Dale Earnhardt Jr. earned between $25 and $30 million annually. Sponsorships contributed roughly $22 million to that sum. His annual income amounted to a minimum of $20 million between 2004 and 2017.

He was the highest-paid NASCAR driver between 2008 and 2015. His highest-ever earnings amounted to $30 million in 2008. During his lifetime, his primary sponsor was Bud Light.

In addition to Chevy, Gillette, Pennzoil, Wrangler, EA Sports, Kraft, and Drakkar were among the brands he worked with. Dale’s total earnings from transactions and prizes amounted to $410 million before his retirement in 2017.

The Finnish car driver Kimi Raikkonen is estimated to be worth $250 million. At his peak, Kimi earned over $50 million annually, placing him among the highest-paid athletes in the world.

A few factors contribute to Raikkonen’s moniker “Iceman”. Aside from coming from the cold area climate, he maintains composure under duress and has a reputation for being icy with the media and his circle.

Raikkonen is one of the top Formula One racers. By 2020, he had won twenty-one Grand Prix. His most successful season was with Ferrari, although he has worked for several Formula One teams. In addition to Formula One, Kimi has competed in numerous motorsports competitions, including snowmobile races, the World Rally Championship, and NASCAR.

Future Prospects

Pat inspired his daughter Lizzy Musi into motorsport racing, which he manages and mentors. Since her youth, Lizzy Musi has had a profound fascination with automobiles and her racing skills at 16.

Professional drag racer Lizzy Musi has established herself in a predominantly male-dominated sport. Musi was born in 1991 in New Jersey. She began competing in races at a young age and soon demonstrated his speed.

She has since attained one of the most renowned driver statuses on the circuit when 2014, she debuted as a professional racer.

Musi is well-known for her exceptional driving prowess, fierce competitiveness, and audacity in distress. She has established numerous records throughout her career, including the Pro Nitrous class’s fastest performance for a female driver.

Musi is also an exceptional mechanic and has worked with her dad for a long time in this activity since her youth. As a female racer, she has encountered her fair share of challenges.

Musi has persevered in her pursuit of success and has inspired numerous young women to do the same despite the challenges they may encounter.

Fun Facts About Pat Musi You Should Know

Musi boasts of being an eight-time Pro Street World Champion with thirty years of racing experience. Here are other fun facts about Pat Masi.

1. Pat Debuted In 1969

Pat Musi is a renowned racer throughout the country. He made his professional racing career when he was eighteen. The same year, he established Pat Musi Performance in Carteret, New Jersey.

Musi has broken numerous records and won multiple competitions throughout his tenure, including the Pro Street World Championship. 

Currently, he’s in pursuit of the Pro Nitrous World Championship. Lizzy Musi drives the “King Kong 7” Dodge Dart, sponsored by Edelbrock.

2. He Joined Edelbrock

Edelbrock Corporation engaged Pat Musi as an expert in product development. In addition, he specializes in engine products such as nitrous systems, race cylinder heads, and EFI equipment with high horsepower. 

He has extensive knowledge of racing products. His mechanical expertise resulted in the development of several novel Edelbrock devices. 

He recently published a social media post in which he and the head product manager of Edelbrock Cylinders, Matt Gamble, discussed a new set of Edelbrock DR-23. This was after a visit to Musi Racing Engines.

3. He Founded Musi Racing Engines

In 1970, the engine mechanic Pat Musi established his company, Pat Musi Racing Engines. Pat and his colleagues construct race cars and modify or manufacture engine components for automobiles in the shop. Additionally, he built engines for Pro Mod and Top Sportsman drag race vehicles.

Pat worked for the Professional Drag Racers Association a few years ago, repairing their car engines. His daughter was preparing for her inaugural PDRA performance at the time.

In subsequent years, he relocated his company from New Jersey to North Carolina, closer to where Lizzy competes.

Musi maintains a crew membership for the Frank-Brandon Pro Nitrous Dodge alongside his engine construction enterprise. The daughter does the driving.

4. Pat Musi Partners with Brisk Spark Plugs

Pat Musi Racing Engines partnered with Brisk USA Spark Plugs in Mooresville, North Carolina. The duo worked in an attempt to assemble new motors.

In the new endeavor, Pat will utilize the state-of-the-art and highly regarded Brisk USA Spark Plugs as an integral component of a robust collaboration. 

He’ll use cutting-edge technology to produce ignition plugs that are more efficient and consume less fuel.

Pat stated that Brisk offers high-quality products and is delighted to have them on board. These items feature 555 cubic-inch motors and 959 cubic-inch high-end engines.


Pasi Musi net worth is of staggering value thanks to his drag racing during his early years as a professional driver. Some people dream of aspiring and being the world’s quickest racing car driver despite the inherent dangers. Pat Musi is included, and his influence is evident as he’s the father of the renowned high-speed competitor Lizzy Musi.

Despite having a successful racing career, Pat Musi invests heavily in motorsports. He joined Elderbrock to help in the technical aspects of racing cars. Pat’s founding of Musi racing engines shows how much he’s invested in transforming the racing world.


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