Enhancing Your Home Office Setup With A Triple Monitor Extender: The Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving

Enhancing Your Home Office Setup With A Triple Monitor Extender

While shopping for Christmas gifts for your friends and family, don’t forget to shop for yourself as well. As more people work from home in some capacity, the proper home office setup has become more important than ever before. About 58 percent of Americans report being able to work from home at least one day a week. 

If you get to work from home, you want your home office to be as efficient as your work office. Many corporate offices have perks like multiple computer screens that you may have thought were out of reach at home. However, with innovative products like the Mobile Pixels Trio triple portable monitor for laptop, you can experience the enhanced setup of multiple screens at home. 

Benefits Of A Triple Monitor Setup

The benefits of gifting yourself a triple monitor setup will continue long after the Christmas decorations are stored. If you’re wondering if giving yourself the Trio triple portable monitor for laptop is worth it, below are some of the most significant benefits that workers report. 

Better Productivity

Three computer screens have notable productivity advantages compared to workstations with only one screen. You can see your productivity increase by as much as 35.5 percent if you add a triple laptop screen to your home office. 

Having three screens reduces the time you spend switching from one program to the other. The extended screen space lets you have multiple windows open at one time without needing to overlap them or make them so small you can barely read the words on the screen. 

Improved Multitasking

Almost every desk job requires multitasking to some degree. If you aren’t set up for successful multitasking, it can drastically impact your work performance because your chance of errors is higher. 

Having three monitors gives you the screen space you need to make multitasking a breeze. You can manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll remember the data you’re inputting as you switch from one window to the next. Your multitasking will increase, and your performance-related anxiety will likely decrease because of it. 


One of the best benefits specific to a laptop screen extender is the perk of portability. A typical triple monitor setup is connected to a desktop, meaning you’re stuck at your desk if you need the extra screen space. While you can set this up at your home office, you lose the flexibility that makes remote working so wonderful. 

Opting for an option like Trio for your triple monitor setup means you can take your extended screen space anywhere you go. The extender is impressively thin and light, making it easy to stick in your work bag and take it to the coffee shop, library, or wherever you’re working. The ability to connect the screens by magnets to your laptop or prop them up on either side with their kickstand adds to this setup’s flexibility. 

Improved Comfort

If you sit at a computer for many hours a day, you know how uncomfortable you can get. A triple monitor setup increases the comfort of your workspace and can reduce the strain on your neck, back, and eyes. With the broadened field of view, you can place your monitors at a safe distance from your face, allowing you to maintain proper posture while reducing eye strain. 

A triple monitor extender for laptop like Trio even comes with built-in blue light filters, which makes it even easier to prevent eye strain. With an ergonomic and eye-friendly setup like this, you’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable your home office will be. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to treat yourself as you do your holiday shopping. If you work from home regularly, you want to make your home office as comfortable, functional, and enjoyable as possible. Adding a triple monitor extender to your laptop will help improve your productivity, comfort, and multitasking. Plus, you can take an extender like Trio anywhere, letting you enjoy the flexibility of remote work without losing the ability to be as organized and productive as possible. 


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