Is The Covenant A True Story? Exploring The Popular Movie

Is The Covenant A True Story..

You probably have come across The Covenant and wondered, Is the Covenant a true story? Being an interpreter in a war-torn country is difficult, as the job comes with risks. Usually,  the interpreters are locals who are viewed as aiding the enemy.

The translators and interpreters are promised plenty of good things, including getting good pay, protection, and even visas once the war ends. 

However, the turn of events leaves them in tough situations as soldiers vacate the battlefields without fulfilling their promises.

So, Is The Covenant Based On A True Story?

No, The Covenant movie is not based on a true story but acquires inspiration from true events and experiences that soldiers and translators in the Afghanistan war go through. 

The character Jake Gyllenhaal is not the real participant in the war but acts the part of soldiers who worked with tranlators and interpreters.

Read as we explore The Covenant truth, what happened to the interpreters, and why the covenant was made.

About The Covenant Movie

Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is also known as The Covenant. The American action movie is co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie, hence the movie name Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant. The film has Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim as the key actors.

The movie’s plot is about fighting the Taliban and features John Kinley, a green beret sergeant in the U.S. Army. Alongside him is Ahmed, an Afghan interpreter. The movie premiered on April 21, 2023. It received both praise and critique and grossed up to $21 million.

The Covenants plot dates back to 2018, as John Kinley and his crew get ambushed. Sadly, the attack claims the life of his only interpreter, and he has to get an immediate replacement. He is introduced to the unlikable Ahmed Abdullah, who only works for money.

As the two begin to work together, Kinley discovers that Ahmed is an ex-Taliban who defected because the Taliban killed his son. 

Ahmed will later earn the respect of Kinley when he saves the entire troop from an ambush by a Taliban Unit assisted by a compromised Afghan National Army soldier.

Another ambush occurs 100 kilometers away, where the Taliban manage to kill the troop, but Ahmed and Kinley escape the massacre. The two escape on foot as they kill several Talibans. 

However, Kinley is overwhelmed and wounded by the Taliban, but Ahmed kills the Taliban and takes Kinley to the airbase. US troops capture Ahmed to protect him from danger. 

Kinley is moved to his home, and after getting better, he remembers Ahmed’s role in his escape. Upon learning that Ahmed and his family were never given the Visas as promised, he is determined to get them to USA as they are prone to danger while in Afghanistan.

Kinley manages to get the family the Visas to USA, helping Ahmed to settle and begin a new life in USA. After the longest war came to an end, the Taliban managed to recapture Afghanistan, and over 300 interpreters were killed because of their affiliation with the US Army.

Who Are the Actors and Actresses in The Covenant?

The Covenant has the most talented crew. After watching documentaries on what interpreters go through after the war, the producers of The Covenant made the movie to highlight the plight of the interpreters in the hands of the Taliban after and during the war.

Below are the key people who participated in creating The Covenant.

Jake GyllenhaalMaster Sergeant John Kinley
Dar SalimAhmed
Sean SagarCharlie ‘Jizzy’ Crow
Jason WongJoshua ‘JJ’ Jung
Rhys YatesTom ‘Tom Cat’ Hancock
Christian Ochoa LaverniaEduardo ‘Chow Chow’ Lopez
Bobby SchofieldSteve Kersher
Emily BeechamCaroline Kinley
Jonny Lee MillerColonel Vokes
Alexander LudwigSergeant Declan O’Brady
Reza DiakoHaadee
James Nelson-JoyceJack ‘Jack Jack’ Jackson 
Gary Anthony StennetteDesk Sergeant
Saboor Sahak Saboor SahakAfghan Man
Antony StarrEddie Parker

The list of actors and actresses is longer, with the remaining participating in minor roles.

Ways to Watch the Covenant

You probably are into action movies about soldiers and the Taliban. The top movie that has gained viewership is The Covenant. 

The movie reveals the plight of interpreters once the mission is done. Most of them are never paid, and the promises are never met.

In the end, after the war, interpreters get captured and killed for siding with the army. However, in the case of Kinley and Ahmed, it was a matter of determination to ensure Ahmed and his family were safe.

So, how can you watch The Covenant?

There are different ways to catch the action film. You can opt for streaming services where you pay to access the movie. Search on popular platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix to see if the movie is available. 

The platforms usually update libraries, meaning you can miss it today and find it updated later.

You can still rent or purchase The Covenant. The movie has digital copies available on Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu. Fans prefer renting the movies since it is cheaper. However, buying still allows you to have the movie forever in your archives.

Get The Covenants Physical DVDs available on different platforms online. You can still search on retailers like Amazon and eBay. Also, you may find a copy in a retailer near you.

Lastly, you can get a subscription service to access the movie. For example, when you subscribe to a cable network, you can easily get it streaming and enjoy watching the events as they unfold. Common cables are the  Direct TV and Sling TV.

If you want to watch the Covenant from your country, you can find out if the libraries offered on your streaming platform. Usually, streaming services allocate movies based on the interests of the region.

The Covenant can be available on Amazon or Netflix in USA and is not accessible in your country’s library. 

Streamers can still use VPNs to bypass the limitations and watch The Covenant from any location. You’ll need to find a reputable VPN for easy access to the film.

You may watch The Covenant in a theater near your town.

Why The Covenant is a Must-Watch Movie

The Covenant is an action-packed movie that runs for two hours. It is about the war in Afghanistan with the USA. The battle was one of the longest ever, where lots of lives were lost. 

The movie highlights the war events and the interpreters’ role. Ahmed is the main interpreter and represents the issues others go through while assisting soldiers with crucial information.

After the help,  the interpreters are left alone, with most of them getting killed as they are viewed as traitors. Covenant highlights betrayal and rejection. It also reveals the determination shown by Kensley to help Ahmed and his family get to the USA. 

Additionally, the Covenant is a fan favorite and has garnered thousands of positive reviews online, making it a top-rated movie you enjoy. If you intend to watch Covenant, be ready for the thrill and action throughout the entire movie.


1. What Happens to Interpreters in the Covenant Movie?

Over 300 interpreters are murdered, while some go into hiding after the war. The interpreters hoped that the soldiers would keep the promise of giving them visas after the help during the war.

2. Is The Filming Location of The Covenant in Afghanistan?

No, the filming location of The Covenant is in Spain. Afghanistan’s beautification and visual identity came out from the beautification of the filming location. 

A place like  Alicante in Spain is a popular tourist destination and represents Afghanistan due to its hilly nature.

3. Why Did Guy Ritchie Make The Covenant?

After watching documentaries about the issues local interpreters face in Iraq and Afghanistan, he developed the script to show the world what the helpers got after investing time and risking their lives assisting the soldiers.

4. Is Ahmed a Bad Guy in the Covenant Movie?

Ahmed is not a bad guy in The Covenant movie. He is trying to help the soldiers with translation, but as they work with Kenley, it is discovered that he was once a Taliban, making Kenley suspicious. 

However, Ahmed explains that his son was killed by the Taliban, leading to his defection from the group.


We have answered your question: is The Covenant a true story? The Covenant movie highlights the sad truth behind interpreters in war zone regions. 

Kinley watched documentaries about how the interpreters never get appreciated despite playing a key role in the war.

In the case of Ahmed, who was nearly neglected despite saving Sergeant Kinley, he gets his reward when the sergeant realizes that he is living in danger and his reward for a visa has not been addressed. He commits to ensure the family is relocated to the US.


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