How to Host an Outdoor Wedding

How to Host an Outdoor Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and looking to create memorable experiences for the guests? An outdoor venue will make the entire experience more romantic since the wedding will be set against a beautiful backdrop. Furthermore, outdoor weddings allow you to add your special touch to the planning process.

The itinerary should reflect this vision if you’re thinking of a picture-perfect affair. Think about reciting vows against a breathtaking backdrop on a summer afternoon or catching the sunsets at the reception. Whichever option you choose, here’s how to host the outdoor wedding:

  1. Choose a Convenient Venue

Consult with a wedding planner about the layout and space capabilities of the venue. You should also learn about the items and the time needed to transform them.

Only settle for a venue that matches your aesthetic goals. For your outdoor wedding, you can incorporate plenty of natural elements. The venue should also fit in with your wedding theme.

If you are renting an outdoor space, find out how much it costs. You should also factor in the amenities and furniture that come with the space.

For venues far from a power source, renting a generator for additional electricity will be a good idea. You may also have to carry more than one generator if you are hosting the wedding in multiple locations.

  1. Hire the Right Vendors

The vendors for the wedding you’re hosting may include officiants, catering companies, photographers, floral designers, and deejays. Since all of these vendors are familiar with outdoor events, you should inquire about their services.

Only work with a trustworthy rental company to check out the space, measure it and make recommendations. You may also have logistics such as generators, bars, lighting, chairs, tables, and tents for the event.

Your outdoor venue may already have had pest control treatments. However, if it has been a few weeks since the last treatment, ask an exterminator about the service. The location should be exterminated 3 to 4 days before the wedding.

  1. Plan for all Types of Weather

Harsh weather can be a major worry without the right planning. Have backup tents on standby if the weather forecast suggests it will rain.

Guests will likely leave the event dissatisfied or upset if they get rained. Consider having alternative entertainment options to entertain your guests. While this approach may raise the overall budget, it’s worthwhile.

  1. Set the Vibe with the Natural Surroundings

Once you book the perfect outdoor wedding destination, think about shaping the space to your chosen theme. The venue should have its own aesthetic and beauty to make the big day memorable.

You may have a tent on the ground with pole tents attached from the ceiling for a whimsical, elegant vibe. If the event takes place late in the evening, have fixtures such as bespoke bistro lighting or chandeliers installed on the tent roof. A hardwood floor in the tent can make it appear formal while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

  1. Rent Restrooms

Rental restrooms are one of the in-demand amenities for outdoor events. The service involves renting out portable restroom trailers with tasteful touches and bathroom attendants.

The rental restroom provider should accommodate your restroom facility plan before agreeing to offer the service. Also, note that the bathrooms come in sizes such as ADA-compliant trailers, wheelchair-accessible trailers, standard portable toilets, and VIP/Deluxe restroom trailers.

The Bottom Line

In general, planning an outdoor wedding is quite a budget-escalating and expensive task. And it can get worse if the venue doesn’t allow you to host an outdoor option. Stick to the tips discussed in this guide to know what to look for in an outdoor wedding venue.


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