Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay? Don’t Miss This Info

Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers users a convenient and fast way to make payments for things they cherish. Today, tons of businesses accept Apple Pay. You can purchase essential items like clothes, groceries, movie tickets, and more with Apple Pay. 

Using a debit card might be a wise decision for those seeking cash back, even though they have Apple Pay. There’s doubt over the possibility of getting cash back with Apple Pay. It’s a contactless or cardless payment, so you can’t blame anyone for doubting.  

However, using Apple Pay gives you access to some bonuses. But the question is this. Is cashback one of those benefits? 

Let’s rephrase and answer the question. Keep reading!

Can you get cashback with Apple Pay?

You can get cash pay with Apple Pay, but several conditions exist. Check them out below.

  • The store you’re heading to must accept Apple Pay payments. 
  • Even though the store accepts Apple Pay payments, it should be offering cash back. Note that not all stores accepting Apple Pay offer cash back. 
  • You have to link your credit or debit card offering the cashback reward to your Apple Account. 

Excitingly, tons of stores in the United States of America have started accepting Apple Pay. These include millions of restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. 

Additionally, Apple Pay doesn’t have any limitation on cash back. The amount of cashback one can get hinges on the store in question. However, you can get cashback of 1 to 6 percent of your purchase in some locations. 

Let’s discuss more on Apple and stores that offer cash back. 

Can You Get Cash Back At Walgreens With Apple Pay?

Walgreens stands as the second-biggest pharmacy store chain in the United States. It has thousands of stores spread across the 50 states in the U.S.

Now, here’s the question. Can you get cash back when you make purchases at Walgreens and pay with Apple Pay? Yes, Walgreens offers cashback with Apple Pay. 

Note that to get Walgreens cash back, you must link your Balance Reward Card to your Apple Pay account. Then search for “Apple Pay Cash Back” during check out. 

When you make payments at Walgreens using an Apple Pay card, the company will offer you 3% cash. 

Furthermore, the cashback Walgreens offer doesn’t have a limit. If you make a purchase multiple times, you’ll receive 3% cash back every time you make a payment. 

A Handy Tip: Note that Walgreens is the only pharmaceutical company offering 3 % cash back. 

On June 1, 2020, Apple and Walgreens partnered to introduce a new reward for users. When you obtain a new Apple card and purchase items worth over $50 at Walgreens, you’ll receive a $50 bonus. However, this offer is valid within 30 days from when you opened your account. 

Can You Get Cash Back At CVS With Apple Pay?

Firstly, CVS accepts Apple Pay in 8,300 stores out of 9,932 stores in the U.S. So, not all CVS stores take Apple Pay. 

Additionally, in those CVS stores that accept Apple Pay, you can’t make payments online or via the mobile app. The popular CVS payment methods include PayPal, cash, and major credit cards. 

Now, here’s a question. Do CVS stores that take Apple Pay offer cashback?

The shocking answer is no! CVS doesn’t offer cashback with Apple Pay. All their stores that accept Apple Pay don’t.

According to CVS’s policy, customers can get cashback on payments made with Discover cards and debit cards. 

Can You Get Cash Back At Walmart With Apple Pay?

Firstly, does Walmart accept Apple Pay? Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t. Research conducted on May 30, 2022, reveals that Walmart doesn’t take Apple Pay. 

So there’s no way you can get cash back from Walmart using Apple Pay. The only mobile payment Walmart accepts is theirs, called the “Walmart Pay.” 

A Handy Tip: Other Payment methods Walmart accepts include Amex, cash, MasterCard, Checks, Visa, and PayPal. 

Walmart owns 10,593 stores spread across 24 countries, with 4,724 stores operating in the U.S alone. However, incorporating Apple Pay alongside the other payment methods could offer them some economic benefits. 

Apple Pay has millions of users, and its user base keeps growing. So, it would only be a wise decision for Walmart to start accepting it. 

Can You Get Cash Back At Target With Apple Pay?

Firstly, does Target accept Apple Pay? Yes, Target started taking Apple Pay payments in 2017. 

So, can you get cash back at Target with Apple Pay? Yes, you can. If the Target store you visited offers cashback, you’ll get cash back. 

Customers are eligible for cash back at Target when they shop and make payments with their Apple Pay card. Additionally, there’s no limit on the number of times you can get cash back from Target. Whenever you purchase an item on Target, you’ll be eligible for 3% cashback. 

Can You Get Cash Back At Burger King With Apple Pay?

Before we consider asking for cashback from Burger King, here’s the question we need to ask, “Does Burger King even accept Apple Pay?  

Burger King is one of the well-known fast-food chains in the country. And people adore them for their delicious burgers, offered at pocket-friendly rates. 

Unfortunately, Burger King doesn’t accept Apple Pay. None of its numerous stores does. 

The surprising thing is Burger King was accepting Apple Pay when it first launched its mobile app but suddenly stopped. It has never considered taking Apple Pay in-store.

So, if Burger King doesn’t accept Apple Pay, there’s no way you can get cashback. 

Below are the payment methods available at Burger King.

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • BK gift card
  • PayPal (mobile app) 
  • Venmo (mobile app)

Is Apple Pay Useful For Building Credit Scores?

The straightforward answer is no! Apple Pay is a digital wallet. Thus, it can’t boost your credit score directly. 

It doesn’t matter how often you utilize your Apple Pay wallet or how much you spend monthly. You may only receive benefits like cash back and other bonuses via Apple Pay. 

You can take other approaches to improve your credit score. These include making sure you clear up your card balance each month. Another crucial step is to keep your credit utilization ratio very low. Aim for at least below 30 percent. 


Can you get cash back with Apple Pay? Yes, you can, but certain factors would determine if this would be possible.

The first factor is the store in question must be accepting Apple Pay. Otherwise, there won’t be any hope of getting cash back. 

Another factor is the store’s policy. Does the store give cash back? Note that not all stores that accept Apple Pay offer cash back. Again, not all stores accept Apple Pay, despite the digital wallet’s popularity and ease of use. 

You can see some popular stores that accept Apple Pay and offer cash back. We mentioned some of them here. And note that you have to make inquiries before going to any store with the hope of getting cash back with Apple Pay. 


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