How To Get Hired At Target: Target Interview Helper

How To Get Hired At Target

Getting a Job can be hard at times, and justifiably, you might need some help to land the perfect opportunity. 

Companies like Walmart and Target are good for most people to get jobs and make some money, but you need to go through the interview.

It is not always complicated, and you don’t need too much to qualify, but it can make a big difference if you get a nudge in the right direction before going into the interview. Here are some ideas to help you land a job at Target;

How To Get Hired At Target

Target doesn’t require too much from you to work with them and the process to get a job is pretty simple. 

The position is decent, and you will get good pay and several benefits from it. Here are the steps you should follow to land a job at Target;

1. Complete the online application 

You need to visit Target’s website and fill out the online application for the job position you want. 

Complete the application the best you can and give all the details you feel are necessary to increase the chances of you getting a job.

Having some experience might give you an advantage in the application, but you shouldn’t be concerned if you don’t have any experience; most positions don’t need it. Use the website to get a store location where you’d like to work.

After filling out the application, call the manager for the store and tell them your application is ready so they review it; you should get a call or email to schedule the interviews. 

2. Pass the first interview

You need to prepare for the first interview since it is a crucial part of landing this job. Dress nicely for the interview; business casual will work well for such a situation. Be confident, enthusiastic, and composed to make the manager trust you.

It is relatively easy, and they will ask about your personality, like things you love to do during your spare time. 

They will be gauging your communication skills and personality to see if you will work with customers.

3. Ace the second interview

If all goes well in your first interview, you will get an invite for the second one, and this is the most important and challenging one. This interview will be with the department manager of the position you want at Target.

This interview will mostly be scenario questions to see how you carry yourself. They could ask what you do if you see a coworker stealing or how to navigate an impatient customer. They might ask questions to test your sales skills, so practice answering such questions.

Be confident and enthusiastic, like you want the job, are willing to work for it, and take instructions from management, and you will get the job. 


To get a job at Target, you have to begin with an online application then go through the interviews. Dress nicely for the interview and try to cover your tattoos if you have any, the questions are not too challenging, and you’ll get them right with a little research and practice. 


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