How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server; Ultimate Player Guide

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server

Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games, and people love it because of its freedom. With Minecraft, you get to build your imaginary world or several worlds the way you like it, and there is a wide range of possibilities.

Before you get into the specifics and create amazing ideas, you need to choose a world to play in, where Minecraft seeds come in.

Most games have ways of keeping the user’s progress and gaming modes, and Minecraft is no different.

Seeds are a brilliant way of storing user progress so let us look at this concept and help you understand why they are so important for any Minecraft player;

How to Find the Seed of A Minecraft Server

Launch the game and go to your apex panel, and select console. Type “/seed” in the console window and click enter. 

The seed message ID will come up on your screen, and you can use this message to find the seed and get into it. You can copy the seed ID onto your clipboard by tapping on it; you can paste it anywhere you want to use it at a future time.

What Is A Seed

Minecraft is all about creating your world the way you want it, and that is why so many people love it.

It is not too demanding in system performance, so most laptops and PCs can run it comfortably with a stable internet connection.

The best part about Minecraft is that you get to choose the world you create in. Once you choose and start building a world, the Minecraft servers will assign it a random value, and this is the seed. You can create multiple worlds, so you will have several seeds.

A seed is an addition to Minecraft that will allow you to share a world you created with other players in the multiplayer mode.

This can be a good way to expand your world, win more fights and get more ideas for your projects; thus, you will enjoy the game more.

While you are in a world, you are essentially in a seed; any changes you make to your world will remain in that seed without affecting other seeds. You can access the server with admin privileges and change the seed or get into a new one.

Whenever a new patch of Minecraft comes up, it changes the seeds. This means that you will notice a difference in your seed if you created it in version 2.1 and open it in version 2.2. Your creations should still be intact even with the changes. 


You can find the seed of a Minecraft server in-game and save it so you can use it whenever the need arises without having to look. Minecraft is an incredible game, and you can save the new worlds you find and share them with friends through seeds, so look into it. 


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