A Guide On How To Boot Someone Offline With Their IP

How To Boot Someone Offline With Their IP

Have you ever played video games with someone online and felt the urge to boot the person out because they had the upper hand? Some of us may have nursed such an idea or have suffered similar treatment. 

Getting booted is unethical and frustrating. But most perpetrators don’t see it this way. They probably see it as fun and derive pleasure in booting people. 

If you want to learn how to boot people offline with their IP, you’ll find the information you seek here. You’ll also learn all you need to know about booting. So, keep reading. 

How Do You Boot Someone Offline With Their IP?

You can boot a person offline via various means. But note that the options available are reducing as law enforcement is shutting down several platforms used to boot people. 

To boot someone offline means sending loads of traffic to their IP. The IP becomes overwhelmed and shuts itself out of the network, PS4 or Xbox. 

You can boot people out of PS4, Wi-Fi and even Xbox. Let’s discuss how. 

Step#1: Get the IP address of the target:

The first step is getting the IP address of your target. Without this, you can’t boot them. 

Now that you have their IP, you can proceed to the next stage. 

Step#2: Download the Wriz V2 Stresser:

This app is one of the easiest to boot someone offline using their IP address. You can use it on your mobile device too. So it is super convenient. 

Furthermore, note that you cannot download the Wriz V2 Stresser from Apple or Google Play store. It’s a tweaked app, so you can’t expect to find it on Apple or Google Play. 

The first step is to download the app and install it on your device. You can type “Wriz Stresser on Google search engine to find where to download the app on your device. 

A Handy Tip: We advise that you observe the site you’re downloading the app from carefully before hitting the download button. Many malicious sites are out there, so be careful.

Again, note that this booting app is free. You don’t have to pay any cash to download or use it. 

Step#3 Open the dashboard:

Once you succeed in getting the app and getting it ready to attack, go to the dashboard. 

On the dashboard, you’ll find where to enter your target’s IP, Port and even type in how long you want the attack to last. 

If you don’t know the target’s port, don’t worry. The app will suggest the correct port when you type in their IP address. 

A Handy Tip: With this Wriz V2 Stresser app, you can hit on anybody offline for about 6,000 seconds, approximately 2 hours. 

Step#4: Enter the IP address and port:

You have to enter the IP address and port number of your target. Then choose the number of seconds you want to hit them and click on “Send DDoS” to kick-start the hit. 

Please note that these tips are for educational purposes. And keep in mind that sending DDoS attacks to people can land you in trouble with the authorities. 

What It Means To Boot Someone Offline

In plain terms, booting means to kick someone out forcefully. It also means the same thing in the gaming world. 

During a game, one player can boot another by attacking their internet and putting them offline for a while. 

How to boot someone is what we explained at the beginning of this post. It involves using a technique called Distributed denial of service (DDoS), where the attacker sends massive traffic to your machine via your IP address.

The massive traffic sent to the machine would cause it to lag and eventually be disconnected. In severe cases, the traffic could damage your gaming system, making it impossible to use. 

Why Would Anyone Try To Boot Others Offline With Their IP?

Booting is frustrating to the individuals being attacked. It is also dangerous to the device. Imagine playing a video game with someone, and suddenly, you can’t continue playing because someone has booted you. How will you feel in such a situation?

The truth is, most people won’t be happy when they face such. So, why do people still go ahead and boot others?

Booting is popular in the gaming community. When players discover that an opponent has the upper hand in a game, they may want to boot them out to avoid the embarrassment of losing the game. 

People also boot for fun. But then, you need to understand the position of the law before booting anyone. 

Is it legal? Can you get arrested for booting someone? Let’s tackle both questions.

Is Booting Someone Offline With Their IP Legal In The U.S.?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to boot someone offline in the United States. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your close friend or a stranger. 

So booting is an expensive joke that may seem harmless but can land you in trouble. Once the person you’re attacking gets security agents involved, they’ll track and get you arrested. 

With that said, if you’re seeking a reason not to boot anybody offline while playing a video game, you’ll find plenty of reasons here. Firstly, such an act can land you in jail. 

Another reason to desist from attacking people is that it could mess up the person’s mental health. DDoS attacks are frustrating to witness. The attacked person may be doing all they can to restore their game, not knowing they have been booted. 

A Handy Tip: The Computer Fraud And Abuse Act enacted in 1986 forbids anyone from accessing another’s computer without authorization or exceeding the owner’s permission.

So, booting is a cybercrime in the United States, and you could be tracked down when you attack someone.

How Can You Know If You Were Booted Offline While Playing PS4?

You can find out if someone has booted you offline while playing a video game with them in several ways. Let’s discuss them.

  • If you have been booted, you’ll no longer see other players in an online game. They’ll immediately go out of sight. 
  • You’ll no longer see your friends on your friends’ list when booted.
  • If you’re in the process of downloading or updating something and your console gets booted, both operations would stop. In other words, you won’t be able to continue the download or updates. 
  • If someone booted you, the PlayStation Network would send a notification message whenever you tried to sign in.

What Happens When You Are Booted Offline While Playing PS4?

Booting in the gaming world implies kicking someone out of a game to create room for another to come in and take that spot. 

So, when someone boots you offline while playing a game, they’re kicking you out of the game. Someone else could take your place, or the game may lag so severely that you may want to restart the connection. 

All the same, you have to rejoin the game when booted out. 


Are you seeking tips on how to boot someone out with their IP? We have shared an easy way to get it done here. But please, note that the information here is for educational purposes. 

We don’t encourage anyone to launch a DDoS attack on others. Why? It is illegal and it could land you in jail. Booting can harm the mental health or device of the person you’re attacking. It’s frustrating and such an expensive joke.

We also shared tips on finding out if you have been booted while playing PS4 online. You can read them to have a better understanding of booting. 


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