Does CVS Sell Amazon Gift Cards?-Where To Get The Cards

Does CVS Sell Amazon Gift Cards

CVS is an American retailer that primarily sells pharmaceutical prescription drugs. It is one of the leading pharmacy stores in the United States.

CVS’s main business is selling prescription drugs, but the retail corporation has several goods in stock. 

Amazon is the largest online retail platform in the world. It is the second most valuable firm in the world.

Amazon often has promotions for items sold on the platform. These gift cards have value, and you redeem them at the amazon checkout as you shop online.

CVS and Amazon are different companies with varying objectives, but

Does CVS Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

CVS does sell Amazon gift cards. It is one of the most affordable places to buy items. CVS sells the cards at cost, meaning that you do not have to pay a markup.

You can buy gift cards, but you can not exchange them at the stores. You can redeem the cards online as you shop, but you cannot use them to get CVS discounts.

What Else Can You Get At A CVS?

CVS is not your ordinary pharmacy. Selling medicines and medical-related products remains their main revenue source. They have many other items on their shelves other than Amazon gift cards.

CVS sells a list of approved paper towels. These are super absorbent towels that you can use at home. The paper towels are tested thoroughly on two criteria: their ability to scrub and their absorptive properties.

The towels at CVS are cheaper than you would get at your grocery stores. They are affordable and great for consumers.

You can get a list of medically approved beauty products at your local CVS. These products are mostly cosmetic. 

All the beauty products sold at CVS must undergo testing and approval. These products are less likely to harm you, and they have been deemed safe.

The beauty products at CVS are less expensive on a per quantity basis. You could save money on creams, facial scrubs, and oils.

Did you know that you can get fresh milk at your local CVS? The corporate retailer is licensed to sell milk from their stores. 

Many people are apprehensive about buying CVS milk after reporting that some stores sell out-of-date milk.

CVS milk is cheaper by gallon.

You can get all sorts of seasonal goods at CVS. These are mostly holiday-themed products such as Christmas cards, Easter baskets, etc. 

They have a decent variety of holiday products, and you will certainly find something that suits you.

On occasion, you will get holiday toys like stuffed bunnies and Santa figurines. These items are common.

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon has a variety of gift cards that you can get. Some cards are physical, whereas others aren’t. 

Amazon gift cards are all prepaid. The discounts get remitted to Amazon, so you do not need to front cash in advance.

The Amazon eGift Card is a digital version that you buy online. The gift card is not tangible or convectional. You pay for it online and customize it to suit your taste.

You can use a preset design if you want something a bit simpler. Amazon has a set limit on the gift card value you can have. The amount should not exceed $2000.

Amazon Printable Gift cards are really popular. If you do not wish to go the eGift card route, you can always use a printed version. 

They are similar to eGift cards in that you pay for them online. You also have many options to customize them.

Once you finish creating your custom card, you download it as a PDF. You can then print it and gift it to someone.

Mail Amazon gift cards are not as popular as they once were. With improvement and reliance on tech, many folks prefer eGift cards or Printable Gift cards.

Mail Gift Cards are great if you want to surprise a loved one who lives in a different state or country. The cards have priority shipping and get delivered within two days.

Seasonal Amazon Gift Cards get designed particularly for occasions and events. They are a common gift item for holidays and other festivities.

You can get Seasonal cards as an eGift Card or a physical copy that you would have to mail.

You can personalize the gift cards depending on the occasion. The cards have a value limit of $2000.

Why Are Amazon Gift Cards So Popular?

Amazon Gift cards are popular for many reasons. For some people, they are the go-to item for holidays and special celebrations.

The best part about Amazon Gift Cards is that they are fully customizable. You can get a design that suits the recipient’s tastes and preferences.

Customization makes a gift personal. It shows that you put some thought into the present rather than buying a generic card. You can also choose from thousands of creative presets and templates available online.

Did you know that prepaid gift cards have no expiration date? Because there are no time limits, you can use these cards for an extended time. It is beneficial, especially if you don’t need to make any immediate purchases.

Having a prepaid gift card allows you to take advantage of promotions as they become available. You also have the opportunity to schedule your purchases carefully.

There are no hidden charges with Amazon gift cards. You can spend them without undisclosed transaction fees or sneaky taxes.

The gift cards will allow the recipient to spend the card’s full value.

Prepaid gift cards enable you to combine the balances of many cards. You may combine the balance on many gift cards to make a single transaction.

 You also do not have to pay off the entire sum on one card. It provides you with freedom and allows you to plan your purchases.

Thanks to Amazon’s user-friendly interface, users can easily keep track of the amount on their gift cards. You may do it immediately from your phone’s Amazon app or via the website.

Select the ‘ View Discount Balance ‘ option to view how much money you have left. As a result, you don’t have to manually subtract the balance every time you use your card to shop.

What Other Gift Cards Can You Get At A CVS?

Aside from Amazon Gift Cards, you can get several other cards at your local CVS. They include:

Macy’s: Macy’s is a popular department store with thousands of outlets across the United States. You can always find Macy’s gift cards in the stores. 

These cards are irredeemable within CVS outlets. You can cash them in at Macy’s counters.

Nike: It is one of the leading clothing and apparel companies globally. You can get Nike gift cards within the CVS stores.

You can redeem the cards for shoes and clothes at any Nike store. You, however, can not use the gift cards at a CVS.

Old Navy is a fairly successful franchise operating within the United States. You can get Old Navy gift cards within select CVS outlets.

You cannot redeem Old Navy cards with your CVS as with other gift cards.

Starbucks: Starbucks gift cards allow the recipients to get coffee or snacks within Starbuck chains. The gift cards have the same limits as Amazon cards. You can not have more than $2000 on your card.

iTunes: You can buy iTunes gift cards at your local CVS. You can use them for exclusive downloads and content on Apple Music or physical stores.

Other Retailers Selling Amazon Gift Cards

You can find Amazon Gift Cards at the following outlets:

Publix: Publix is a supermarket outlet that operates within the United States. The retailer sells Amazon Mail gift cards and Amazon Seasonal gift cards.

7-Eleven: It is an international retail store with headquarters in the United States. They mainly sell grocery items and electronics. They have third-party Amazon gift cards and custom cards from Amazon.

Best Buy: Best Buy is known for its amazing discounts and affordable commodities. They are really popular, especially for cheap electronics. They sell third-party Amazon gift cards and seasonal gift cards.

Kroger: They are a string of supermarkets and departmental stores. Kroger sells both custom and third-party Amazon Gift Cards.


Does CVS sell Amazon gift cards? They do. It is one of the cheapest places to buy gift cards because CVS sells them at cost.

CVS’s primary business is the sale of prescription medications, although the retail organization also stocks various other items.

Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping platform. It is the world’s second most valuable company.

Amazon frequently runs specials on things sold on the marketplace. These gift cards have monetary value and may be redeemed at the Amazon checkout while shopping online.

CVS and Amazon are distinct firms with distinct goals.


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