Does Cafe Patron Have Caffeine? Things You May Not Know

Does Cafe Patron Have Caffeine

The Café Patron is a popular alcoholic beverage with massive global recognition. It boasts a unique blend of tequila and coffee.

This liqueur will make you fall in love at first sip! And it’s a must-have for adults who are tequila or coffee addicts.

Again, this liqueur’s coffee does mellow the tequila. But the good part is it doesn’t overpower its unique taste.

If you’re allergic to caffeine, then you should feel concerned. That’s because this alcoholic beverage contains coffee, whose main active ingredient is caffeine.

Alright, does Cafe Patron have caffeine? 

Well, yes, Café Patron has caffeine. It comes produced with coffee, which contains caffeine. By the way, caffeine is soluble in ethanol.

Furthermore, 100ml of this alcoholic beverage might contain at least 50 milligrams of caffeine. But besides the caffeine, the Café Patron boasts a great taste. It’s dry and not as sweet as many low-proof coffee liqueurs out there. 

Café Patron’s aroma is of fresh coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. It boasts a very clear espresso taste, with shades of vanilla and chocolate.

Apart from caffeine, another constituent in Café Patron you should be concerned about is ethanol. This alcoholic beverage contains 35% alcohol by volume. 

Keep reading to know more about this unique liqueur.

What Cafe Patron Is

A well-made product deserves some praise. It takes hard work, dedication, and years of research to develop a liqueur that has gained global traction.

The liqueur market is awash with numerous brands. But products like the Café Patron have stood out from the crowd.

Café Patron is an alcoholic beverage and one of the finest coffee cocktails on the market. It comes produced from the finest of ingredients, which is evident in its aroma and taste.

A unique blend of pure natural coffee essence and Patron Silver Tequila, Café Patron comes manufactured in Jalisco, Mexico. And Jalisco is where the finest tequilas in the world are made.

This alcoholic beverage contains sugars, but it’s minimal. The low sugar makes it an excellent cocktail.

You can use Café Patron in your garment cooking and as a liqueur. It works well as a dessert ingredient, too.

Note – Cafe Patron is also known as Patron XO Cafe. It’s an ultra-premium tequila-based coffee alcoholic beverage; hence, the reason for the letter, XO.

The XO means “extra old” or “extra aged.”

Constituents Of The Cafe Patron

Several varieties of this popular alcoholic beverage exist. These include the Silver Patron, Reposado Patron, Anejo Patron, and Extra Anejo Patron. Each of them also comes in separate and highly attractive colors.

It’s incredible how a tiny family-owned distillery manages to produce such great 100% agave tequila. This liqueur producer has been consistent since its inception.

The Café Patron comes produced using a balanced combination of fine tequila and the pure natural coffee essence responsible for its caffeine content.

This alcoholic beverage comes manufactured at 70 proof, meaning it contains 35% alcohol. But when consumed, you’ll discover that it’s more of coffee tequila than anything else. It boasts a dry but desirable taste.

9 Things You May Not Know About Cafe Patron

Let’s discuss some of the things you may not know about the Cafe Patron.

1. The Café Patron, according to its manufacturers, boasts a shelf life of 5 years, after which it may start to go bad. However, if its seal hasn’t been compromised, you can expect it to have an indefinite shelf-life.

2. You don’t need to put your Café Patron in the freezer. Know that alcohol doesn’t freeze. Instead, put in the freezer a few minutes before consumption. That way, it might be a little bit colder and taste better.

3. Compared to many liqueurs, Café Patron is quite more expensive. The reason for this has been attributed to its popularity, taste, quality, and packaging. The bottle and packaging are all premium quality. Additionally, this liqueur has also carved out a niche for itself.

4. Café Patron comes produced using Blue Weber Agave, considered the finest agave used in spirit distilling. That’s also the reason it’s quite more expansive than a host of other liqueurs on the market.

5. Café Patron isn’t as sweet as other famous liqueurs such as the Tia Maria, but it’s stronger. It contains 35% alcohol BV, so it’s advisable to drink with caution.

6. You can add this liqueur to a range of desserts. It also goes well when added to cappuccino, cafe latte, ice cream, or an espresso shot.

7. Café Patron blends well with a range of juices. You can mix with pineapple juice, grapefruit soda, orange juice, vermouth, agave syrup, and soda.

8. Unlike wines, this liqueur does not age once bottled. Therefore, having it stored that for many more years won’t affect its taste one bit. That is, it won’t taste any better.

9. Cafe Patron does smell strong, but the taste remains smooth and desirable.

Should You Be Concerned About Drinking Cafe Patron?

The Cafe Patron is popular internationally, but there are reasons you should be concerned.

What reason? This liqueur contains caffeine. And that means you may likely experience some of the effects of caffeine, even though slightly. It could disrupt your sleep.

The caffeine in this liqueur will make you super alert. You may have a hard time falling asleep after a few shots.

Again, if you’re allergic to caffeine, your body could react to it. But keep in mind that there are no known cases of Cafe Patron drinkers experiencing an allergic reaction.


Hopefully, the question, “does Cafe Patron have caffeine” has been answered. It is now left for tequila or coffee addicts to use their discretion. This liqueur comes produced from premium quality tequila and the finest of coffees. It’s one of the finest 100% agave tequilas on the market.

The sugar level is kept minimal, yet it still tastes better than a host of liqueurs flooding the market.

We hope this post will help you make an informed decision. Thanks for stopping by.

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