Can I Switch State Farm Agents?

Can I Switch State Farm Agents

State Farm is a top insurance company, considered one of the best in the business. Its motto is “Like a good neighbor,” and State Farm, founded in 1922, has been acting like one to its teeming customers.

State Farm agents make customers’ journey with the company smooth. But as you choose a State Farm agent, there are things you must know. Below is a top question many people have been asking and the solution.

Is it possible to switch State Farm agents?

Yes, you can switch State Farm agent whenever you deem fit. However, know that you can keep your current agent even if you’re moving to another state or city. You should only request to change your State Farm agent if you’re completely dissatisfied with him or her. 

But if not, find a way to work with the agent, so long as you’re in the country. If you have an agent that delivers satisfactory service, there’s no need to change such. 

You may not have to switch agents even if you’re moving to another state. The thing is your current agent might be working in the state you’re moving to. So, try to engage your agent about your plans. If the agent can’t help, then you need to find another agent where you’re moving to.

How To Switch State Farm Agents

If switching State Farm agent is the most reasonable thing to do, you shouldn’t think twice to decide.

There exist many ways you can retire your old agent and move to a new one.

Switch agent from your account:

You need to have an account on for this process. If you don’t, you can try other strategies mentioned here.

For account holders, the process is super easy. boasts a live chat option, where you can communicate with an agent. Just log in and make a formal request for a new agent. A customer service agent should be available to chat and attend to your request.

Send a direct message to customer support: 

Customer support can help you switch agents. You have to call their customer care center or use the “Contact Us Form” to send a direct message to them.

Contact your current agent: 

No State Farm agent would be happy to let a customer go, even if the customer has heart set on another agent. Nevertheless, it’s your wish, and the agent must honor it.

Another easy way to switch agents is to contact your current agent and inform him or her of your intentions to move to a new agent. However, suppose your reason for switching agents is because the current one is not performing satisfactorily. In that case, you should consider using other methods rather than letting the present agent know the reason behind your request.

Inform your new agent: 

If you have discovered a new State Farm agent that you would like to work with, ask him or her to contact your old agent on your behalf to request the change.

A handy tip: Even if you don’t have a State Farm agent but want to leave your old agent, customer service would help you find one.

The Benefits Of Switching State Farm Agent

Insurance is one of the financial products that are quite relevant. You can insure your life, auto, health, life, and home. These insurances are financial products that people need. And finance is necessary to keep your insurance running.

Talking about finance, having a State Farm insurance plan means you need to make monthly payments. You could go paperless or set up an automatic payment, so you don’t need to bother about meeting your monthly financial obligations on insurance.

So, why is it crucial to change agents? What are the benefits of changing agents? Here is a brief explanation.

Have you ever worked with an unserious agent before in your lifetime? Maybe it’s not a State Farm agent, but a different one. You would miss out on many benefits. Why? That’s because the agent isn’t motivated to do their job or doesn’t care about meeting their customer’s needs.

One benefit of switching agents is to have someone more attentive to guide you. But keep in mind that you won’t get a much better price by switching agents unless a change in your policy occurs.

You will also find an agent that would ensure you get the insurance that fits your budget and needs.

Things a State Farm Agent Does

State Farm agents provide valuable information to customers looking to take advantage of its numerous services. These agents are living and working in various communities across the country. And their proximity makes working with them in person a breeze for the customers.

In details, below lies the duties State Farm agents perform:

  • They offer insurance information. The State Farm agent educate customers on the various risk attacked to insurance, ways to protect oneself, and action one needs to take to achieve a set goal.
  • Considering the wealth of knowledge they possess, State Farm agents help customers choose the best insurance policy according to their specific needs. So, be it home, auto, health, and life insurance, a State Farm agent can help you make the right choice.
  • These agents are also there to give customers details on different products State Farm have to offer, including deposit and loan products. You can enjoy these products at a pocket-friendly rate via the State Farm Bank.


So, yes, you can switch State Farm agents whenever you think it is necessary. State Farm doesn’t employ these agents. They are independent contractors who even go as far as hiring their crop of employees.

So, if you feel your agent who’s suppose to sell and service your insurance from time to time isn’t delivering the expected result, you shouldn’t waste time getting another one.

We have highlighted the various ways you can switch from one agent to another. By the way, it’s an easy process.

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