What Do Expats Need To Know About Buying, Selling And Car Service In The UAE?

Buying, Selling And Car Service In The UAE

For residents who live permanently in the UAE, having their own car makes life much easier. Public transport in this country is poorly developed, with the exception of Dubai. And in any case, having your own car adds mobility and independence from the bus and metro schedule. 

Buying a car for your own needs, as well as selling it, is quite simple. Another advantage is convenience of car service and repair. Even if you have a new car, you will need to maintain it (changing engine oil, filters, etc.). You may choose any car model you like and find Lincoln service in Dubai as easy as Volkswagen repair service. You can be sure of the professionalism of the service masters, the quality of services and the guarantee of repairs. All you need is to be attentive to your car during the use and describe your car problem to the mechanic if something happens. 

How To Buy And Sell A Car In The UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a country in which bureaucracy has been successfully defeated in all areas. Buying and registering a car is no exception.

5 reasons to buy a car in the UAE: 

  • Relatively low prices for premium cars.
  • Simplicity of the registration procedure
  • Financial benefit: travelling by taxi around the city is more expensive than refuelling and maintaining your own car
  • The road surface in the United Arab Emirates is simply flawless
  • Car owners in the UAE change their vehicles every 2-3 years, that is, used cars in this country are practically new. But their price is reduced by a third.

Conditions For Buying A Car In The UAE

The procedure for buying a car in the Emirates is not associated with any special difficulties, but it has a number of nuances that motorists need to know about.

Who Can’t Become A Car Owner?

When registering a vehicle for yourself, you will need to present your local driving licence. If an international driver’s licence is enough to rent a car, then residents are required to complete driving courses, pass exams and receive an Emirati document. 

How To Register A Purchased Car In The UAE?

Once you have purchased a car, you need to register it.

The new owner should take care of the procedure for registering the car. If the car is not new, then you will have to pass an inspection. You then contact the Transportation Licensing Department. Rent out old licence plates, pass technical inspection, get new licence plates. The whole procedure will take you no more than an hour.

To re-register a car, you need to provide a sales contract, your local driver’s licence, an inspection report (if the car is not new) and an insurance policy. 

UAE Auto Insurance

The car will not be registered if you do not have insurance. There are a lot of insurance companies in the UAE, so it will not be difficult to choose the right one for the price and conditions. The cost of insurance depends on your driving experience, the price of the car and the availability of a franchise. 

Features Of Selling A Car In The UAE

If you decide to get rid of your iron horse, you can sell it yourself by posting an ad on several sites or hire a seller. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the car market every day to put their goods up for sale. For this, there are intermediaries who are engaged in trade for a certain percentage. If you find a person who is ready to purchase your car, then your paperwork will end with the execution of a sales contract. The re-registration of the car is carried out by the person who purchases the car.

Moving abroad is always hard. You have a lot of new places to see and issues to deal with. Having your own car is always a good help to do everything in time and do it with maximum comfort. 


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