The Main Benefits Of Partnering With A Group Purchasing Organization

The Main Benefits Of Partnering With A Group Purchasing Organization

A lot of things go into owning and running your own business. You have to put everything from time to effort to money and resources in to get your business off the ground and to keep it running. In today’s overly competitive market, this is especially difficult.  It can be hard for any company to stay afloat and make ends meet, no matter the size. One way businesses can fight to stay on top is to partner with others through group purchasing organizations, or GPOs. 

Group purchasing allows companies across many different fields and sectors to work together. Through GPOs, they can achieve cost containment and focus on more important matters. It’s a great principal tactic for any company looking to expand or grow in the future. If you’re looking to learn more about group purchasing and GPOs for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the main benefits of partnering with GPOs to help catch you up to speed.

Reduced Cost Of Spending

One of the main benefits of partnering with a group purchasing organization is the reduced spending costs. Any company can find deals and save money on their own, but that’s nothing compared to what a GPO company can offer them. GPO’s combine the purchasing power of different businesses to negotiate and get the best discounts for their partners. These discounts are usually not attainable by most single companies, so the deal is hard to pass up! A GPO partnered company has reduced spending in general, which means they’re able to put their money elsewhere.

Allows Your Business To Grow

Aside from the direct monetary benefits, businesses can also experience growth from partnering with a GPO. Businesses that spend less time focusing on their profit margins are able to spend more time focusing on other matters. Partnered companies can redirect their funds to fulfill their other long-term goals. Whether your long-term goals are to invest, expand to a new branch, or develop a new product, you can do so with ease. 

By partnering with a GPO, you can give your business the space and resources it needs to expand and grow. Not only this, but companies can also take advantage of the knowledge and resources provided by businesses in the partnership. 

Direct Relationship With Suppliers

As a business, you rely on having good relationships with your suppliers to make a living. One wrong move could cost your business the essential materials or services it needs to survive. This can harm your business and lead to serious financial consequences down the line. A great way to make sure that you always stay on good, direct terms with your suppliers, is to partner with a GPO. 

Group purchasing organizations are professionals when it comes to negotiating goods and services. Through them, your business is still connected to your suppliers and can call on them should any problems arise, without having to do all the work. GPOs keep your relationships clean and professional with your suppliers, while you can pursue other things.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an essential part of running a successful business, whether you work in health or marketing. It’s one thing to partner with a GPO for personal gain, and it’s another to use it as a way to collaborate with others. Businesses are most successful when they take advantage of the networking opportunities that GPOs have to offer. 

Group purchasing organizations bring together the best of the best in many different fields and industries. These industry professionals all go through similar experiences and face similar challenges. Partnering with a GPO is a natural learning opportunity for everyone involved. Working with a GPO gives your business the opportunity to swap knowledge as well as horror and success stories. You can collaborate with your peers all the while learning from the best in the game through GPOs.

Membership Bonuses And Services

Not all partnerships with GPOs will offer you the same combination of benefits, bonuses, and services. Depending on what GPO you partner with, you can get a wide range of added membership bonuses. If you play your cards right, you can partner with organizations with skill sets that perfectly align with your business’s goals and wishes. 

These services can range from benchmarking to supply chain consulting to eCommerce solutions. From revenue management and technology assessments to the already established reduced spending costs. Other GPOs can give you access to less common services like material management consulting and outsourcing. This is why choosing which GPO to partner with is as important, if not more than choosing to partner in the first place.

Anyone Can Do It

Starting out your business requires a lot of capital and resources and it can be incredibly difficult for smaller startups. When you’re starting out, it’s impossible to get the best deals that all the bigger, more successful companies get offered. Partnering with a group purchasing organization can really level the playing field. The great thing about partnering with GPOs is that anyone can do it and reap the benefits!

Whether you’re a small, new startup or a struggling business, you can stand to gain from a GPO contract. When you partner with a GPO you can gain access to better prices, top-tier services, and other benefits that you couldn’t get before. Partnering with a GPO might be the thing you needed to get your business off the ground or take it to the next level!

So there you have it! Now that you’re all caught up, you can rest easy knowing that group purchasing organizations can help you level up your business! The main benefit of partnering with a GPO is the reduced costs and expenses for your business. With lower expenses in general, your business is allowed to focus on your growth and other important projects.

Partnering with GPOs keeps your business in direct contact with your suppliers, minus all the work and price markups. Networking is much easier once you’re a partnered business and you can use your network to share ideas, experiences, and resources. Last but not least, the beauty of partnering with a GPO is that anyone can do it! No matter the size, prestige, or success of your business, choosing to partner with a GPO can only benefit you.


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