Benefits of Buying a Refurbished iPhone XR Over New

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished iPhone XR Over New

Apple’s iPhone is the company’s most valuable and successful product. Ever since its release in June 2007, iPhone sales did nothing but skyrocket the company’s popularity. This device provided highly practical and stable internet browsing, which at that time, was an unconventional characteristic. 

In 2018, Apple released the iPhone XR, a superior alternative with more lasting battery life and a faster processor. These models are still in demand, and although purchasing a brand new one seems like the best idea, you might want to consider an alternative. 

All in all, there are more benefits to buying a refurbished iPhone XR than an out-of-the-box one. Here we’ll show you why. 

The Exact Functioning 

A refurbished iPhone means that it has been previously owned by another person. However, there is a huge difference between used and refurbished. When you buy anything used, you are paying for an object or device that, although it seems functional at first sight, may have certain deficiencies. 

In other words, used objects are barely tested. You need to trust the seller, otherwise, paying for used objects is a blind guess. If they malfunction, you’ll notice the device’s issue once you’ve paid for it. Needless to say, returning it is not guaranteed. 

On the other hand, a refurbished iPhone XR, despite being used, has been tested and restored by the manufacturer. More specifically, every fault and flaw has been spotted and corrected. No loading issues, no interface problems, and no cracked screen. 

So, even though a refurbished iPhone XR is not new, it works as if it was. Not to mention, a refurbished iPhone does indeed come with a guarantee of condition. So, even if you have the hardest luck and the iPhone XR doesn’t work properly, you are still able to change it for another one or get your money back. 

Considerably Cheaper 

Apple products have never been economical. Their outstanding quality and manufacturing cost makes them too expensive for a great number of people. This is especially true for the latest releases. Luckily, refurbished iPhones are a great alternative. Not only are they affordable, but they also function as well as newer devices (Remember that they are still revised, restored, and tested).  

Furthermore, consider the following situation. You pay a high price for a brand new iPhone XR. Unfortunately, a mugger takes it away from you a week after purchasing the item. Now, you don’t have enough money to get another one. In addition, you couldn’t afford to pay for insurance against loss and theft. After all, all your money was spent on the phone. 

This is a terrible worst-case scenario, although one that is possible to occur. Now, if, contrarily, you buy a refurbished iPhone, you can still cover it with insurance, since the difference in price is extremely wide. In the end, a refurbished iPhone XR is both cheap and convenient. 

Comes With a Warranty 

Naturally, it is safer to buy a refurbished phone than a second-hand one. More often than not, refurbished iPhones come with a warranty. According to WeSellTek, professional retailers selling refurbished devices are within a market with higher competition. So, by offering a competitive iPhone warranty package, they increase the number of potential customers. 

Warranties are a huge green flag in any product. It means that even if the device malfunctions, you will always have the right to ask the manufacturer to solve the issues, either by repairing it, replacing the phone with one that works, or returning the money. Not to mention, a warranty itself is already a clear sign of a quality product. 

Prevents Pollution  

Getting a refurbished iPhone not only saves money but also saves the environment. Indeed, refurbished iPhone XRs are environmentally friendly, considering you are not contributing to contamination. Every time someone buys a new iPhone, it comes with a box, a manual, and other materials that, once they are thrown in the trash bin, create litter and plastic waste in the long run. 

What’s more, paying for a refurbished iPhone XR is putting a stop to the increase in carbon footprint. Manufacturing a new iPhone generates carbon emissions, so buying a refurbished one won’t have the same negative effect on the environment. 

Just think that if more people started buying refurbished phones, then the demand for newer iPhones would drastically decrease, and as a result, contamination would decrease as well. It might be a small step towards betterment, but it is a forward step in the end. 

They Are an Easy-To-Get Bargain… and Free of Contracts 

We have already mentioned how economical it is to buy a refurbished iPhone. Once a product is launched, its value drastically decreases after the first few weeks. Not to mention, when Apple releases a brand new model for an iPhone, customers sell their previous devices in order to buy the newer ones. This makes finding a refurbished product much easier, and at a considerably lower price. 

Most importantly, however, is that refurbished phones don’t come with restrictive contracts, unlike new phones. This is a huge advantage because contracts take control away from you. 

In other words, avoiding contracts is to avoid long-term commitments. 

Just imagine this situation. You pay for a new iPhone XR. You sign a contract and take the product with you. However, for a certain reason, you end up not liking the device at all. You want to return it, but what a shame, the contract specifies that you cannot exchange the iPhone for another one. Therefore, you are stuck with a phone you won’t even use. 

Lastly, let’s not forget that avoiding contracts keeps your personal information safe. Cyberattacks are rather common. Hackers may gain access to your personal data and use it to their benefit. Needless to say, you don’t want to be their victim. So, not having a contract means that personal information and data are in your control alone.

As you have seen, a refurbished iPhone XR has lots of advantages that make it better than newer devices overall. Needless to say, they are totally better than standard second-hand phones. A refurbished iPhone will grant quality and pivotal functionality without spending a fortune. All in all, it’s a win-win situation. 


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