Are Duracell Car Batteries Good? Read All You Need To Know 

Are Duracell Car Batteries Good

It would help if you had a reliable battery to keep your car going. Your car battery powers its electrical component, including the engine, accessories, and lights. While there are so many battery options on the market, Duracell batteries are pretty popular. 

So, are Duracell batteries good? 

When it comes to performance and durability, Duracell car batteries always top the chart. These batteries can provide maximum power, no matter how extreme the situation is. 

Duracell has a variety of batteries, from the starter to the advanced. Regardless of the vehicle you’re using, whether it is a car or a pickup van, these batteries will provide reliable power in every condition or situation.

This article contains information on things you need to know about Duracell batteries. Keep reading!

Who Makes Duracell?

Philip Rogers Mallory and Samuel Ruben designed Duracell. Ruben, a scientist, was busy looking for equipment when he discovered Mallory’s firm. The firm specialized in producing tungsten filament wires. 

Ruben and Mallory’s partnership birthed Duracell International. Duracell’s first product was an alkaline manganese and mercury cells battery used for Kodak cameras and World War II equipment.

The battery was the first to be used on the moon. The company now manufactures other products, and the products include car batteries. In North America, East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. now officially manufactures Duracell batteries.

In 2009, both companies signed an agreement. Duracell found the perfect partner in East Penn, a company with over six decades of experience manufacturing lead-acid batteries.

Types Of Duracell Batteries

Duracell Starter

The Duracell Starter is maintenance-free, has reliable power for starting, and a safe operating procedure. This type of Duracell car battery comes built to a modern standard, and its performance is top-notch.

With this battery, rest assured that you’ll enjoy an all-time reliable power for starting. Being maintenance-free also implies that the battery is filled with calcium technology. Duracell starter is also produced following the highest safety standards.

Duracell starter’s leak protection comes with a four-chamber feature that ensures zero acid leaks, particularly when prone to vibration.

Duracell Advanced

This type of Duracell battery has extended performance and lifespan. The starting is reliable, and it is also maintenance-free. This battery tends to the highest demands of the most prominent car manufacturer.

Also, because the car battery requires no serious maintenance, you won’t have to be checking it every time. It comes in 12V cells having 40Ah to 110Ah. The Duracell Advanced is enough for people who use Asian and European vehicles.

The Duracell advanced serves in every situation.

Duracell Extreme EFB

This battery comes manufactured for use in environmentally friendly cars that make use of start and stop functions. The term EFB means Enhanced Flooded Battery. The term is useful for small to medium vehicles.

EFB is also used in LCV, which uses only stop and start modes. This battery delivers the demands of famous car manufacturers. The Duracell extreme EFB is solid and durable.

Duracell Extreme AGM

The Duracell Extreme AGM is perfect for the start-stop functions of your car. The battery has three times durability and cycle and vibration resistance. Duracell Extreme AGM is spill-proof, which means there won’t be any fluid leaks.

The battery is manufactured for environmentally friendly vehicles that use the start-stop mode. The Duracell AGM is built for medium and executive cars that have complex start and stop functions.

What Is The Battery Life For Duracell Car Batteries?

The battery life of Duracell car batteries will depend on several things, such as the battery type and the extent of its usage. However, on average, the battery can last four to five years. 

You have to take proper care of your battery to prolong its active life. A fully charged Duracell car battery can be kept for up to 12 months (at 20°C) without the need to be recharged.

How Should I Hibernate A Duracell Battery?

At 20°C, your Duracell car battery’s monthly self-discharge of approx. Three percent is expected—also, the cooler the store, the smaller your battery’s self-discharge. However, to avoid issues, check its open-circuit voltage after approx. Three months.

Suppose the voltage is< 12.60V (but absolutely > 12.50V) recharge your battery immediately, and if the voltage is < 12.70V, check again after one month. Also, ensure that the battery first reaches a temperature above 0°C before you recharge outdoors so that it can absorb charge.

If you feel the need to charge, remove it, “defrost” it in a room with >0°C, or connect the charger to it and leave it for a few days. You don’t need to worry because a fully charged lead-acid battery can “only” freeze at approx—minus 70°C. 

Also, a discharged Duracell car battery (open-circuit voltage = 12.0V) can freeze at some sub-zero temperatures.

How Can I Find My Duracell Car Battery Manufacture Date?

The physical age of your Duracell car battery does not have enough informative value about its state of health and its service life. This explains why the codes stamped on Duracell batteries don’t allow you to draw self-explanatory conclusions about the age.

Your battery’s decisive factor is not its production date but when it was commissioned in your vehicle. The commission date is when the starter battery is loaded and its electrochemical wear process starts.

The Duracell battery doesn’t age in the period between its production and the purchase by the user, only if the battery is in a well-charged condition. Duracell batteries are usually kept in good condition by the manufacturers and the dealers.

The life of a battery is more determined by the number of charges and discharge cycles and the depth of discharge than by its physical age. The battery’s proof of guarantee and warranty only proves that you made the purchase.

Starter batteries do not need to have a DOT label with a sequence of numbers, which indicates the manufacture date for things such as car tyres.

How Do I Care For My Duracell Car Batteries?

Most Duracell car batteries do not require maintenance, and this is because they have a leak-proof design. However, you still have to care for it. Below are the things you can do to make your battery function well even after years of using it: 

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the Duracell battery. 
  2. Check your car battery’s state of charge. Although your battery does not require maintenance and adding water, its electrolyte can deplete due to extreme heat. Consider checking your battery’s state of charge using the voltmeter.
  3.  You have to be very careful when charging your car battery. Inspect the battery for any damage before you charge it. Do not charge a frozen battery.
  4.  Change your Duracell car battery depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. The specific type of Duracell battery you are using will determine how you will charge it.
  5.  Make sure your battery is always clean. Your battery’s durability will not stop dirt and debris from accumulating on its surface. You can mix water and baking soda and use the mixture to remove the crust formation in your Duracell battery.
  6. Turn off your car’s engine before you remove the battery. Ensure to put off all power consumers.

l When you want to connect the battery, first begin with the positive terminal before the negative terminal. After that, tighten the clips.

l Keep your Duracell battery in a cold, dry, dark, and frost-free room. Storing it in the wrong condition for the long term will cause it to wear and discharge quickly.

Can I Swap My Duracell Car Batteries? 

Yes. You can swap your Duracell car batteries, but that is only if the batteries are the same kind. If your vehicle uses a Duracell AGM battery, then you can only interchange it with that same kind. You cannot replace AGM with a Duracell EFB. 

Also, note that a traditional starter battery will not replace one that has start-stop features. 

What Is Duracell Car Batteries Warranty? 

Duracell car batteries generally come with a warranty of two to five years. The number of years will depend on the model. Duracell battery warranty covers normal use alone.

The warranty is also subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

How Do I Prolong My Duracell’s Car Battery Life? 

You should take proper care of your battery if you want to prolong its functional life. Charge it at the highest possible level. Also, clean the surface of the battery and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and harsh weather.


Duracell has gone a long way since its establishment. The company is now admired globally, having manufactured diverse products such as the batteries used in World War II equipment. 

Globally recognized for its alkaline batteries, the company is also a name to look out for when it comes to automotive batteries. Duracell has a wide selection of car batteries that come in four main categories mentioned above.

Duracell may be more expensive than other brands, but the company’s batteries offer great value for users’ money. The batteries last long, are reliable and are powerful. Whatever vehicle you own, there is a perfect Duracell battery for you. 


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