A Few Words About What Elves Look Like According To J.R.R. Tolkien

A Few Words About What Elves Look Like According To J.R.R. Tolkien

Recently, Amazon released The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series, allowing fans of J.R.R. Tolkien to return to Middle-earth. Amid a new wave of popularity in the saga of finding the legendary ring, there has been an increase in the demand for fantasy costumes that can be worn at Halloween parties, fairs, photo shoots, and themed weddings.

If you also want to create a chic fantasy look and are looking for an elven costume, this text is for you. We will talk about what Middle-earth’s immortal inhabitants look like and the most memorable elven outfits from the Peter Jackson trilogy.

What Do Elves Look Like?

If we talk about the external data of elves, they are usually shorter than people, although, in various books and films, you can meet elves who are 1.8 meters tall or even taller (men and women are about the same height). Small stature gives an advantage in the forested areas where elves come from, so their height often ranges from 1.4 to 1.7 meters.

Elves are slenderer than humans and are smaller than human norms for their stature. However, they have strong muscles that are less fragile than they seem. Elves do not have body hair. This race has narrow faces with pointed ears. Eye color varies from silver to green, blue, or purple. Brown eyes are rare.

Hair color varies by sub-race and tribe. Elves often have blond or golden hair, although black-haired men and women are also found. Old elves always have white curls.

The main aspects of outfits

Probably anyone who has seen The Lord of the Rings will agree that the elves have the most exquisite costumes in all of Middle-earth:

  • The gentlemen of Rivendell wear long, flowing silk robes with high collars, giving them a royal air.
  • The male elves of Lorien prefer velvet clothing that trails behind.
  • Mirkwood Elves wear thicker and more durable clothing made from velvet materials. Their archers opt for simpler costumes of tunics over leggings, favoring natural tones.

Despite significant differences in outfits, elves always look colorful.

The Most Popular Costumes In The Film The Lord Of The Rings

It is unlikely that Peter Jackson’s «Lord of the Rings» would have received such high praise from viewers and critics if it were not for the film crew, who delved into the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien. Costume designers also had to work hard, but their job did not go unnoticed. Consider a few memorable male elven images.


Elrond half-elf and Lord of Rivendell. This character is always calm, but something is frightening about it, and his outfits display different sides of his personality. At home in Rivendell, he wears a burgundy velvet robe with a brown suit underneath. The top of the garment is wrapped in leaves, reminiscent of his elven origin.

His armor displays the power of this character. The golden masterpiece is perfect for his role and looks invincible. Everything is thought out in this suit, from the cape to the shields.


Legolas is a cute Sindarin Elf with whom all the female part of the trilogy fans are in love. His primary costume does nothing to state that Legolas is one of the central characters. He wears a standard brown riding suit with exciting details such as engraved tree designs. This outfit has a simple layered look with lots of natural tones, which is the main idea behind the outfits of the elven region. Bow and arrows are the main accessories of the character, the creation of which the designers approached as responsibly as possible.

As you understand, many options exist for creating a memorable elven image. Explore the range of online stores and create a bright image to surprise all the event guests.


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