Exploring Rune Upgrades: WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2

The second phase of World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery is now live and is expected to bring a lot of changes to both PvP and PvE content. One thing remains unchanged — gold, which is critical for a comfortable ride in the game. But how to farm gold effectively? One of the proven solutions is to buy WoW SoD gold on a proven platform. However, this is one of the many things that a successful player needs to know. In this article, we will shed some light on rune updates and look in detail at what they will offer to each class.

Druid Runes

Eclipse, a skill that players have liked, is coming back in SoD, which is definitely good news. Both of the druid runes can give players big bonuses in Season of Discovery. In Eclipse and King of the Jungle, look forward to Tiger’s Fury and stronger wrath abilities. Druids will get the Eclipse Rune for their Belt slot. This rune works the same way as later versions of the Ability. So, Wrath makes the next Starfire more likely to be Critical, and Starfire makes the next two Wraths more likely to be Critical. Each of the two effects stacks up to four times. The King of the Jungle Rune changes Tiger’s Fury. It does 15% more physical damage and gives you 60 energy right away, but Tiger’s Fury now has a 30-second cooldown.

Warrior Runes

Warrior runes, especially Rallying Cry, create even more durability and sound very strong. Within 40 yards, a strong defensive ability triggers, healing everyone in the party or raid. Its efficiency in SoD needs to be tested, but it sounds like the rune is imbalanced and needs to be nerfed. With the Blood Surge Rune, some skills have a chance to make the next Slam happen instantly and for no Rage.

Warlock Runes

The new Warlock runes have to do with pets and damage that builds up over time. If you use Dance of the Wicked after Invocation, you can get new useful options. Your boots will let you do the Dance of the Wicked, which gives the Warlock and their pet a 2 percent maximum mana regen when a spell hits a target. It also gives the Warlock and their pet a Dodge Chance equal to the Warlock’s Spell Critical Chance.

Mage Runes

Mage runes are making us wonder if the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery will add a proc-based system. Mages can use Missile Barrage from their Belt slot. This gets rid of the need for mana and lets Frostbolt and Arcane Blast cut in half the time it takes to cast the next Arcane Missile. Chronostatic Preservation Rune lets players temporarily store arcane, fire, and frost energy, which they can then use to heal a good target before it goes up in flames.

Paladin Runes

Putting this rune on a belt increases the damage done by melee weapons and spells. Critical heals give an extra heal over time, which makes them very useful in WoW fights. Hits with melee weapons that are Guarded by the Light rune recover mana over time. However, the healing from Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Holy Shock is cut in half. In the WoW Season of Discovery, time will tell if this trade is worth it.

Rogue Runes

Extra damage is being done by rogue SoD Runes, and Master of Subtlety seems to be especially strong. With Shuriken Toss, a player can throw a shuriken at an enemy, hurting that enemy and four others nearby. Master of Subtlety Rune increases the damage of attacks made while in stealth and right after coming out of stealth. This means that attacks made while in stealth will do more damage.

Hunter Runes

These new WoW SoD runes put a lot of emphasis on close fighting. In Phase 2, it wouldn’t be a surprise if players looked into full fighting hunter builds that worked well. The Melee Specialist Rune makes some cool changes. It encourages full melee builds by lowering the delay on Raptor Strike and letting it happen right away. It also takes away the pause from Mongoose Bite. With the Trap Launcher Rune, players can set traps within 40 yards, even while they are in the battle. 

Priest Runes

Fans’ favorite Priest skills that deal damage and last longer are also coming back in Season of Discovery. Pain Supression Rune is not the same as in previous expansions; it protects good targets from taking a lot of damage and makes them more resistant to Dispel effects for a short time. As a debuff, Mind Spike does Shadowfrost damage and raises the critical hit chance of the next Mind Blast on the target by 30%. This effect is stacked up to three times.

Shaman Runes

Three Shaman Runes are being shown off early to WoW players! With these runes, you can speed up spells, get buffs, and fight faster. Two-Handed Mastery looks like a lot of fun for Shamans who like using two-handed weapons to do damage. With the Maelstrom Weapon rune, melee hits have a chance to shorten the time it takes to cast some spells. This effect can happen up to five times. Spirit of the Alpha Rune gives a 30-minute buff that makes characters more dangerous. When a WoW player hits an enemy with a two-handed weapon, the Two-Handed Mastery Rune gives them a 30% speed boost to their attacks for 10 seconds.


Runes have been a big part of Season of Discovery. By giving certain skills to certain classes, they let players take on different roles and diversify their gameplay. The new runes will make it harder for your opponents to guess your next move and will also give you more ways to heal and hurt if that’s relevant to your class. All in all, the rune power upgrades are a nice touch that will make Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery more fun and exciting.


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