Will A Solar Flare Hit Earth in 2025? Get Ready Earthlings

Will A Solar Flare Hit Earth in 2025

We’re already in the first quarter of 2024 and questions about solar flare striking the planet soon are already trending. So, will a solar flare hit earth in 2025? Are there any reputable scientific organizations or experts backing such a claim? Here, we’ll share all we know so far. 

What happened in 1859, the Carrington Event, is history, but will influence future generations. It was the largest geomagnetic storm the planet has ever witnessed. So, it’s worth talking about.    

People are concerned that the Carrington Event 2025 is on its way. Most people believe the incoming solar flare could be worse than the Carrington Event. 

Here, we’ll explain all we know about solar flare and the possibility of it striking our planet soon. Read for more!

Will Solar Flare Hit Earth In 2025? 

There’s no substantial evidence that solar flare will hit planet earth in 2025. It’s all speculation by people who have knowledge of the Carrington Event. 

Will the solar flare hit earth? Yes, it will. It happened in 1859, and was called the “Carrington Event.” That same event can still happen in this generation. 

So, a solar flare will hit earth some day. But there is no specific timeline on when that could happen. It can happen anything. 

The speculation about the solar flare striking the planet became strong after NASA published an article on the subject. The article was on NASA-enabled artificial intelligence, a system designed to predict when solar flare would hit. 

NASA explained that the system it was building has the capacity to warn relevant authorities of an impending solar flare, giving them time to prepare. 

What Is Solar Flare?

According to NASA, solar flare refers to intense bursts of radiation emanating from the release of magnetic energy that is associated with sunspots. 

The agency describes flares as the biggest explosive events our solar systems usually experience. And when a flare hits, it can last for a few minutes to several hours. 

Now, you might be thinking about how we can see solar flares with our naked eyes. Well, according to NASA, we see flares via the protons or light they emit, at most every wavelength of the spectrum. Flares can be monitored in optical light and via x-rays.    

In summary, there’s energy stored in the sun’s magnetic field, and when that energy is suddenly released, it can cause a huge explosion.  The explosion caused what is known as “solar flares.”

What Happens During A Solar Flare?

Flares cause quick and intense light flashes. They also send high-energy particles, including a burst of UV rays into space.  

Another unbelievable thing about solar flares is that the particles release travel with great speed. They can reach planet earth in just a couple of hours or a few days, causing a form of magnetic storm in the earth’s atmosphere. 

The magnetic storm caused by solar flares in the earth’s atmosphere can last for several days.

There’s a reason most people are concerned about solar flares striking earth. Check out what they can cause below:

  • Solar flares can cause transformers to explode. How? Flares can induce current in our power lines.   
  • We could witness radiation storms taking place in the upper atmosphere
  • There could be radio blackouts worldwide
  • Mobile phone outages are another thing that can happen when solar flare hits earth in 2025, as claimed, or in the future. 

The disruption solar flares can cause can be massive. They can take humanity backwards by over a decade. Solar flares can create fluctuations in the magnetic fields, which can reach the earth’s surface.  

Solar Flare Vs Solar Storm: What Are The Differences?

We have defined what solar flare is. However, you may have heard of solar storms. In fact, some people are even predicting that the solar storm will hit earth soon, leading to a digital apocalypse. 

Solar storms and solar flares are related, though they have some differences. The solar storm involves the manifestation of charged particles.  These charged particles or plasma are emitted from the sun, and they interact with the earth’s magnetosphere. 

On the other hand, a solar flare involves the manifestation of charged particles or plasma emitted from the sun that travels to and interacts with the earth’s atmosphere. 

Can Humans Feel A Solar Flare?

Most people believe there is a relationship between solar flare and human health. They believe solar flares can affect a person’s health when it does happen. 

Some individuals have reported that they have felt sick or had headaches during a solar flare. But then, there’s no scientific proof to backup such claims. It might have happened coincidentally, not because a solar flare occurred. 

In 2017, NASA made a statement regarding the harmful effect of solar flares to humans. The organization claimed that solar flare doesn’t harm humans, as the radiation doesn’t get to humans.

The radiation solar flare releases cannot penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. Instead, they can only travel in the layer where we have our communication and satellite systems. So, instead of harming us, they can disrupt our communication and satellite systems.   

The radiation and particles released from solar flares are dangerous. They can harm anyone.  Fortunately, the earth’s atmosphere shields us. It blocks the radiation, and the particles get absorbed in the earth’s atmosphere. 

What Makes Solar Flare Dangerous To Humans? 

We have explained that the radiation and particles from the solar flares don’t make it pass the earth’s atmosphere.  They remain stuck in the earth’s atmosphere.  

So, people on the ground and homes don’t have much to worry about. It is those in airplanes, flying at high altitude, that should worry. 

People flying in airplanes at high altitude when a solar flare strikes will be somehow exposed to the UV radiation. Additionally, flight routes might change during a solar storm. 

The people on the ground and in their homes don’t need to worry about radiation. The biggest concern should be the disruption a flare can cause. It can create massive power outages, and even affect GPS systems. 

Driving during a flare can be a huge risk. The traffic lights could malfunction, creating confusion for drivers. If there’s a power outage, the traffic lights will go off completely. This will give some drivers the excuse they have been seeking to drive carelessly, putting their lives and lives of others at risk. 

The damage a flare can bring to the health sector, especially hospitals, is unquantifiable. It can make it difficult for hospitals to access patients’ data. 

Additionally, with power supply, surgical operations cannot take place. And that means patients in emergency rooms may have to wait longer to be operated on, which is scary for those with limited time. 

Do Heliobiology Experts Believe Solar Flare Is Harmful To Humans? 

Yes, heliobiology experts do. They believe solar flares can cause a variety of issues for humans. 

Heliobiology is the area of science focused on investigating the relationship between solar activities and human health. Several researchers claim the link between both can be negative. In other words, they believe solar activity will cause harm to humans.  

A study claims changes in our solar system, and geomagnetic environment have the capacity to cause several health challenges. These include:

  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Blow flow alterations
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Epileptic seizures 
  • Increases a person’s blood pressure
  • Increases the occurrence of myocardial infarction-related deaths    

The debate on the link between solar activity and human health has been on for several years now. While some experts believe changes in solar activity can negatively affect our health, some have a contrary view. 

For those with a contrary view, their position is that the change that occurs in the magnetic field during a solar flare is quite small. It is almost like a 10th of the percentage of the magnetic field that causes the compass needle to point north.  It is a 10th of the percentage of that fluctuation.   

More research is necessary to know the actual correlation between changes in solar activity, and human health. Deeper research will show how solar flares impact human health, and confirm whether it causes high blood pressure, epileptic seizures and other health conditions mentioned. 

Can Humans Prevent Solar Flare From Destroying Technological Systems?  

Solar storms can damage our precious technological systems, and take us backwards by a decade or two. Imagine a world without the internet or electricity. It will be difficult for people to survive. 

The destruction of our communication systems can create numerous problems. It will slow down businesses, and keep families apart for as long as the damaged communication systems remain unresolved. 

Families, business associates, colleagues, and governments will have problems communicating with the outside world. Air transportation will become impossible. 

Power outage is another issue that can spring up if solar flare hits earth in 2025 or beyond. It can damage transformers, and cause nation-wide blackouts.

Imagine living without electricity for a period of time. It will be a huge disaster for any country. It will be impossible to store foods in the refrigerator, or use other kitchen equipment that requires electricity. 

So, how can we shore up our technological systems, preventing them from damages? A great step would be to shore up underground cables, satellites and power grids. The essence is to fortify these systems against overloading.  

Alternatively, families can invest in renewable energy. People can use solar energy to generate electricity in their homes, pending when the government restores the damaged power supply system. 

The Best Way To Prepare For Solar Flare In 2025

No scientific institution or expert has mentioned that solar flare will strike our planet in 2025. However, anything can happen. So, let’s assume it can strike at any time. 

How can we cope when a solar flare hits and causes a power outage, and destroys our communication systems? Here are some of the things we can do. 

1: Find entertainment: 

 The disruption of the internet means it will be impossible to stream movies. You would have to watch the movies you have downloaded on your mobile device or laptop, or source for entertainment. 

The cinemas are available. You can visit a cinema that has devised means to provide entertainment without the internet. Before streaming, tapes, CDs and DVDs were valuable. We may just have to keep using them until things get back to normal. 

2: Change your meal preparation plans: 

You cannot store your cooked or raw foods in the refrigerator without electricity. They will decay before you know it. So, instead of preparing a large quantity of foods, start preparing a small portion that you and your family can finish up immediately. 

You cannot store leftovers, so ask your neighbors if they have eaten and share with them. 

In emergency situations like these, people must learn to work together to survive the hard times. 

3: Get an emergency kit:

An emergency kit can be a lifesaver for you or those around you, including your neighbors. So, your kit should have valuable resources. It should contain medical supplies, torchlight,  survival guide, contacts, and other relevant resources you think you need.  

Since you no longer have a GPS system to rely on, the map will serve its purpose. 

4: Get a personal library: 

Keeping your mind occupied during the difficult times will help you overcome challenges. It is the best way to fight boredom and keep your mind fresh. 

So, build a mini library, packed with your favorite books. But if you have a physical library close to your home, you can visit it to read books. 

Having a personal library will give you the opportunity to read books whenever you want. As you know, sometimes, you may not have the energy to visit a library. Additionally, if you’ll have to drive to get to the library, building a mini library at home will be a wise decision. 

5: Be active in your community:

It is a difficult period. Your skills and experience will be of great benefits to the community in these difficult times. So, be active in your community. Share with the people of your community what you know about surviving such a hard time. Teach them survival skills.

By doing so, you’re giving them hope and putting smiles on their faces. Nothing compares making people engaged and happy during difficult periods. It will help them forget the problems they’re facing. 

6: Make robust communication plans:

How do you plan to communicate with people far away from you when the internet apocalypse hits? Remember, you won’t have access to the internet when it does happen. 

Establish other means of communication before the apocalypse hits. You can even communicate your plans with those you share a strong connection with and plan to engage when the internet apocalypse starts.   

Steps Businesses Can Take To Survive Solar Flare In 2025 

Assuming there is a solar flare in 2025. How do you plan to run your business? In other words, how do you plan to navigate your way out of such difficult periods?

The internet will be terribly affected when a solar flare hits. That means no online marketing. People will no longer shop online. Everything will be happening offline. 

When this happens, the best way to run your business will be to operate offline. By the way, businesses were operating offline before the invention of the internet. 

Interact with your customers more offline. Whenever they stop by, ask them pertinent questions about your business. You can even share questionnaires they can answer within your business’ premises or take home. 

If you run a global business and focus more on international clients, start focusing your attention on local customers. Advertise on local newspapers, billboards, flyers, stickers, etc., to get more people to notice your business. 

The bottom line is, solar flare will not damage physical structures. You won’t see fireballs falling down on earth, and damaging physical structures or killing earthlings. But that doesn’t mean it cannot impact us. It can, and the effect could be more massive than we think. 

You can run your business offline successfully. Start focusing on local customers and device means to engage them. Make your customers feel special and loved. 

The damage caused by solar flare won’t last forever. But that doesn’t mean life should stop. Instead, if a flare strikes, the device means to survive. 

Final Verdict

The question, “will solar flare hit earth in 2025” has been answered. In summary, there is no warning from reputable organizations that solar flare is on its way, and will hit earth in 2025. 

The claims that solar flares will strike our planet are mere rumors. Most people have read some scientific publications and believed it would happen. One of those publications is from NASA.

NASA spoke about the artificial intelligence in its building that can detect solar flares minutes before they hit, and send out warnings. It did not say solar flare will strike earth in 2025. No scientific publication or expert in the field has come out to say solar flare is coming. 

We are not disputing the fact that solar flares do occur. The Carrington Event is a confirmation that solar flares exist. However, the question is, will it strike earth in 2025 as people claim? The answer for now is no! Maybe things might change in the future. 


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