Which Countries Will Survive World War 3? Top 6 Destinations 

Which Countries Will Survive World War 3

Do you know which countries will survive World War 3? If a Third World War breaks out today, which country would be safe to run to? 

Several activities among world powers, or rather, nuclear powers, have turned the doomsday clock back on. Now, a Third World War is just a matter of when, how, or why.

Russia and Ukraine are engaged in a heavy battle that has proved costly for both countries. Thousands of people have been killed, and properties worth billions of dollars have been reduced to rubbles. 

Russia, a nuclear power, is threatening the United States government of a possible escalation should they cross a Vladimir Putin-induced red line. China and Taiwan’s conflict, though, hasn’t started, looks more inevitable day by day. 

These conflicts can potentially escalate and cause nuclear powers to step in. If World War 3 breaks out, here are countries that will ensure your safety.  

Which Countries Will Survive World War 3

Nobody likes wars. Well, except for the greedy and selfish politicians. Even the military forces that engage in combat on the field aren’t glad when asked to kit up and go to war. 

Unfortunately, when the war starts, you and I won’t be able to stop it. The leaders that initiated the war are the ones that can decide when to cease fire or use a nuclear weapon. 

The only favor you can do should a Third World War break out is to ensure you’re safe. In other words, you must leave your dear country for another safe country and return when there’s peace. 

You can even start your life afresh in these countries, as they have great potential of being a top economy. War may set some world powers and world economies backward.

So, the new peaceful and safe country you’re moving to can rise fast and become a force to reckon with in no time. 

Here are countries you should run to for survival if World War 3 breaks out. We chose these countries based on the Global Peace Index 2022

1: Iceland:

Iceland is one country you should go to if World War 3 breaks out. Why? Firstly, it’s the most peaceful country in the world on the Global Peace Index.

Iceland has consistently ranked #1 on the Global Peace Index since the report was released in 2018. Today, they still hold that record. 

Iceland is also the world’s third happiest country, with Finland and Denmark the only two countries ahead of them in this category. 

Another reason to consider relocation to Iceland should World War 3 break out is the country’s geographical location. Iceland is far from nuclear powers such as the United States of America, Russia, North Korea, China, and even Iran. 

Iceland is a sparsely populated and small country. The fact that it is cut off from international politics, including other countries, makes it a peaceful nation.     

Iceland’s 2022 GPI (Global Peace Index) ranking is 1, and its score is 1.107. 

2: New Zealand: 

Before you ask how safe New Zealand is, check its GPI. According to the GPI 2022 ranking, New Zealand is the second most peaceful country in the world. Their GPI ranking is 1.269. 

Another thing that sets New Zealand apart is the country’s commitment to self-reliance and sustenance. Over half of the country’s electricity comes from hydroelectric power, and that’s not all. 

New Zealand boasts massive fertile land, which makes crop production a possibility. So, even if World War 3 breaks out and they’re cut off from the rest of the world, they’ll still survive. 

Here are other reasons New Zealand would be an ideal location to run to when World War 3 kicks off. 

  • Longstanding nuclear-free status.
  • Resilience in the wake of a sudden drop in global temperature caused by a period of darkness. A location near the ocean cushions New Zealand from harsh temperature plunges.    
  • Efficient food export economy. So the country can feed itself for an extended period. 

So, if you’re seeking a country with abundant food, peace, and great weather, New Zealand is an excellent place to visit. 

3: Ireland: 

The last time we heard of conflict in Ireland was between 1968 and 1998, called the Sectarian Conflict. Besides that, Ireland hasn’t had any significant disputes. They have not had any conflict with other countries. 

Ireland is practicing military neutrality, and they have been doing it since the 1930s. In other words, they have been internationally neutral since the 1930s. 

So, if WW3 breaks out, would Ireland join other countries in the battle? They won’t. That’s the first and obvious response to this question. 

They would keep their neutrality throughout the conflict. This means they won’t be a target for any nuclear power. 

Ireland’s 2022 Global Peace Index is 1.288, and they rank as the third most peaceful country in the world. So, if WW3 starts and you can’t find your way to Iceland or New Zealand, Ireland should be your next option.  

A Handy Tip: Ireland is among the European countries not in NATO. Thus, the government won’t be dragged into any war involving NATO and its allies.  

4: Denmark: 

It’s practically impossible to list countries that can survive World War 3, and you don’t include Denmark. 

Denmark’s ranking on the 2022 Global Peace Index is 4th. That means it’s the 4th most peaceful country in the world. They are the second happiest country in the world, with only Finland ahead of them. 

A Handy Tip: Denmark’s happiness index is 7.64. 

Is Denmark likely to join the Third World War? Denmark is a peaceful country with allies who may drag them into WW3. They are a member of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization. So, it may be dragged into the conflict, especially on the European side.

Denmark boasts a trump card called Greenland, a religion that would be safe if war broke out. How would Greenland be safe? The region is remote and non-politically unaligned. Thus, it won’t be dragged into the conflict.     

A Handy Tip: Denmark is a partial NATO member, as the Danish government placed several limitations on NATO. 

The limitations were to enable the Danish government to satisfy all parties, including opinions across the country. 

The Danish government’s limitations exclude the country from complete military integration. 

Here are the threefold conditions set by the Danish regarding the limitations placed on their NATO membership.  

  • No nuclear warheads on Danish soil
  • No NATO military bases on Danish soil
  • No Allied military activities on Danish soil. 

5: Austria: 

Austria is another beautiful and peaceful country. The country has had a close relationship with NATO since 1995 when it joined the Partnership for Peace program.  

Austria is one of the numerous European countries that are not NATO members. The country signed a bond to neutrality courtesy of the 1955 Austrian State Treaty. Plus, Austria’s constitution forbids the government from joining any military alliance. 

So, Austria is neutral, even though the country adopts NATO’s standards for operational concepts, including doctrines. In addition, their neutral status means they won’t partake in any foreign conflict. 

If World War 3 starts today, Austria won’t be part of it. They won’t join NATO or its allies because they’re not members of the alliance. 

Austria is a peaceful country. They rank 5th on the 2022 Global Peace Index, scoring 1.3. A low crime rate and a strong economy are some of the things that make running to Austria when the Third World War breaks out an appealing decision.   

6: Portugal: 

Portugal sits comfortably in the 6th position on the 2022 Global Peace Index and scores 1.301.

Another interesting fact is far-right populism sweeping across Europe is absent in Portugal. In addition, the country has maintained neutrality in some conflicts since the Second World War. 

So, Portugal is one of the most stable European countries. They’re stable both internally and externally. 

If World War 3 breaks out today, Portugal may likely remain neutral, as many believe. But then, let’s not forget that they are one of NATO’s founding members. So, deciding whether to stay neutral or engage in a conflict will rest on the government’s shoulders. 


So, which countries will survive World War 3? We gave a breakdown of countries you can visit if World War 3 breaks out. 

You can run to Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, and Portugal. These countries will likely remain neutral during the war. 

World War 3 is staring us in the face. The tension between Taiwan and China, Russia and Ukraine, and the Middle East has turned on the Doomsday clock. Now, it’s only about when and where the war will start. 

World War 3 will be massively destructive and could wipe out billions of people from the face of the earth. So, let’s hope it doesn’t happen. Why? A Third World War may likely involve the use of nuclear weapons. 


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