Why Your Business Needs A Penetration Test

Why Your Business Needs A Penetration Test 

Penetration tests should be done on your company’s security to see if it’s fulfilling security standards like the SOC 2 framework. These tests assist your IT department in learning how to deal with hackers and break-ins from them as well. 

Like a litmus test, the pen test exposes the true level of security your cloud storage and data processing networks have. They expose vulnerabilities requiring patches and possible hacking avenues when dealing with malicious entries.

What’s Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, commonly known as pen testing, simulates cyber attacks to assess IT system security. This process encompasses network penetration testing, which uncovers flaws in network infrastructure; application penetration testing that targets web and mobile app vulnerabilities; and cloud-based penetration testing, essential for securing various cloud platforms. These tests are crucial in strengthening an organization’s defense against cyber threats by revealing security gaps.

The two examples of pen tests include the following:

Inviting Ethical Hackers To Hack Systems By Office Address

Let the pen tester team or ethical hacking team hack an organization’s systems by simply telling them to do so and providing them with the office addresses. How they go about penetration testing is up to them, but most will do so by vulnerability exploits and DDoS rather than social engineering.

It’s because the team’s techniques in breaking into the system should focus on exposing system weaknesses. Social engineering exercises can also be conducted to expose weak links with your lower-level staff members, but the most important info comes from complex app-based attacks.

Granting Pen Testers Access To A Version Of A Web Application

The ethical hacker could also be granted access to a web app version that hasn’t been used or released. They’ll bug test it, hack it, and launch attacks on it so that the developers of the software can figure out what to fix, which glitches require patches, and where the vulnerabilities lie.

You can consider the pen tester as a bug tester but with the eyes of a hacker instead, so he’s focused more on security holes or bugs that can lead to hacking.

Why Your Business Requires Penetration Testing

Ponemon Institute conducted a 2015 study on how much data breaches costs companies, surveying about 350 of them from 11 different countries around the globe. These data-breached organizations had almost half of them or 47 percent claim the breach came about due to malicious attacks.

The rest or 53 percent of breaches came about from human error or system glitches. Either way, a pen test can expose both application bugs and lack of IT staff vigilance on top of intentional “unethical” hacking from ne’er-do-wells.

Preparation for Attacks

Pen tests assist in organizational security due to their reports or post-mortems after hacking your systems like a malicious hacker or cybercriminal would. They’re like vaccines that introduce a test run of a hack to allow developers and webmasters to fortify your security protocols based on the test.

Personnel get to deal with the break-in from bad actors by getting the pen test serve as their dress rehearsal for the real thing. The tests outline in detail and examine the security policies of a given company. They’re a fire drill for your security’s effectiveness.

Identification of Risks

Penetration testing also allows your personnel to have insight on which avenues or applications are most vulnerable. This way, your system developers and providers can focus on those “squeaky wheels” more, leading to an optimized security fortification.

Pen tests direct you to which protocols you should follow and which security tools or services you should buy. It uncovers your system vulnerabilities before hackers do so that you can plug those holes and head off the cyberattackers at the pass.

Decreasing the Amount of Errors

Pen test reports should also help out devs in making fewer errors or zeroing-in on the bugs that the code has already. 

When developers realize the points of entry that bad actors might use to launch their digital invasions on the apps, operating systems, or other programs they’ve developed, they could patch things up from there. They can better dedicate their time in fixing specific problem spots in their code.

Situations When Pen Tests Count the Most

Pen tests help out companies during the following situations:

  • They’ve just applied security patches.
  • They’ve just recently moved to a new office.
  • They’ve just modified their end-user policies.
  • They’ve made security updates or changes to their applications or IT Infrastructure.

Developers are also less likely to make hacker-friendly mistakes in software development moving forward. They know what hackers know and thusly can write their software around obvious vulnerabilities and hacker entry points.

The Multiple Factors Of Penetration Testing

The penetration test should be tailored to the needs and goals of the company and the industry it’s in. Follow-ups and vulnerability testing should be offered as well. 

A proper pen test report should unambiguously declare which apps or systems were tested and match everyone to a given vulnerability.

Multiple factors for consideration should be taken by organizations undergoing a pen test, which include:

  • Size of their online presence
  • The budget of their company
  • Compliance and security regulations
  • Whether the organization’s IT infrastructure is cloud-based or not

Follow-up reports and vulnerability testing should also be conducted. A proper report should clearly state what applications or systems were tested and match each one to its vulnerability.

Avail of Only Quality Pen Testing Services

Talk to a veteran or experienced cybersecurity experts and analysts to discuss more about the value of pen testing for your company or organization today. Their benefits outweigh their drawbacks for sure in today’s digital or networked reality for both federal and commercial clientele.

You also want to get assistance from top cybersecurity providers to assist you with risk management solutions so your existing data security has the best outcomes across the board. The idea behind pen testing and ethical hacking is to stay ahead of the curve against online outlaws and cyber criminals.


Pen tests could be done on IP address ranges, individual apps, or based on the company name. It’s a simulated hacking exercise to expose the routes that actual hackers might take to invade your networks, thus allowing your IT department to figure out the best way to fortify its defenses.

You should avail of penetration testing services in order to judge how strong your security is. It also helps pinpoint what’s wrong with it. You’ll have a better idea of what to fix and where the vulnerabilities lie when all is said and done. 


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