Why Pursue the SAFe® POPM Certification Course?

Why Pursue the SAFe® POPM Certification Course

There is dedicated certification for the individuals who want to become the Product & Owner Product manager and learn the underlying concepts, known as SAFe® POPM certification. The professionals also acquire this certification to add value to their Resume and working capabilities.

There is a certification course in order to assist in getting certified as a SAFe POPM professional, known as the SAFe POPM certification course. It is one such program that helps the candidate to get certified as the POPM (Product Owner -Product Manager).

In organizations, product managers are responsible for planning the tasks and distributing work to multiple people in an efficient manner. A person taking up a POPM course learns how to process the feedback and deliver solutions to the users quickly.

To understand the role and responsibility of the product owner/manager, one can undertake the SAFe® POPM training course. By undertaking the course, the candidates acquire the necessary skills to create value in a lean enterprise.

Once a candidate is a certified POPM professional, he/she can easily apply SAFe principles in the company, thereby, analyzing and fulfilling the needs of the consumers. Scaled Agile offers a lot of benefits that help the product managers/ owners to simplify the process of technical management.

The online training program and course help the candidate have a deep insight into how the Scaled agile works. By taking up a course, you can easily prepare for the exam and crack it. Let’s understand the aspects deeply.

Who is PO/PM?

PO, i.e., Product Owner, and PM, i.e., Product Manager is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the backlogs, features, user stories, etc., that are implemented during the product increment. This is done with the help of multifunctional teams. Once completed, the PO/ PM reviews everything for further planning and implementation.

As far as the SAFe POPM certification is concerned, it helps the candidate acquire the skills needed to create value in lean enterprises. Candidates will learn how one can apply lean thinking to stories, features, backlogs, etc.

Now, let us see who can benefit from the course.

The SAFePOPM course is suitable for people who work with several scrum teams. The job roles that one can work in are as follows:

  • Domain experts
  • Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • QA Managers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • PMO
  • Solution Architects
  • Developers
  • Process Managers

Once a candidate has completed the training, he/ she can apply for the exam and further apply for the above-mentioned job posts.

The SAFe® POPM Course has a lot of benefits. Let us have a look at them!

Benefits of SAFe® POPM Certification

Continuous improvement

SAFe POPM certification helps the product owners in responding to the needs of the business, thereby increasing the flexibility of the agile framework. In simpler terms, the certification course helps the candidates in learning new techniques and design software, thereby improving their skills.

Knowledge Gain

SAFe empowers the delivery team in building and managing the response time in order to fulfill consumer demands. The agility helps in adapting and improving technological advances. The implementation of the SAFe® POPM certification increases the reliability of the process, thereby reducing cost and improving the management of time.

With better time management, the product owner/ manager can influence the project directly, thereby managing the changes easily.

Competitive Advantage

The SAFePOPM course gives each and every business a competitive advantage. For instance, if a project is unmanageable, then product managers/ owners can leave the project and start all over again if something is wrong.

Increased Business Share in Global Market

The most important advantage of a Scale agile certification course is that it increases the share of the company in the global market. There is innovation and continuous improvement on the part of candidates taking up the course. They help the company rank high in global markets by increasing its share.

So, these are the benefits of taking up a SAFe certification course. The SAFe® POPM course is best suited for agile leaders who want to make a career as portfolio managers, solution managers, program managers, product managers, etc.

To gain the certification, a candidate needs to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. Before giving the exam, it is always advised to take up the course to understand better what the exam will be like alongside learning new skills, techniques, and methods.


SAFe® POPM certification aids one in exploring the tools and managing several business programs. By enrolling in this course, candidates will learn the process of product development easily. New skills will be acquired and will make the candidate an asset to the company.

POPM course also makes the candidate master the skills of a product owner as well as a product manager. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to the POPM course and get numerous job opportunities, thereby attaining financial security and job security.


  1. Is SAFe® POPM certification worth it?

Of course! SAFe certification helps one in establishing as a Product manager/ owner. If one wishes to work in a lean enterprise, then also the course is great. It is one of the best career paths one can apply to.

  1. Why is SAFe certification important?

The SAFe certification teaches the required skills to the candidate to implement agile principles within the organization. This in turn helps in increasing the quality and reliability of the products and services provided by the company.

  1. Who should get SAFe® POPM certification?

A project manager, scrum master, engineers, etc. can apply for the certification. But to give the exam, one must have a bachelor’s degree or a high-school diploma. Anybody who wishes to build a career as a product manager or owner can apply for the course.

  1. How hard is the SAFe POPM exam?

The SAFe product owner/ product manager exam is quite a challenging one. A person preparing for the exam must take up a SAFe POPM course. In this regard,the Knowledgehut course helps the candidate in acquiring product manager/ owner skills which will help the company in the long run.


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