Why Do I Have A Double Chin And I’m Skinny? Facial Fat Distribution

Why Do I Have A Double Chin and I’m Skinny

Humans have evolved into sophisticated beings that have created so many sophisticated technologies, but our appearance remains a crucial aspect of our lives. We work so hard to look beautiful and stay fit, which might not always be a straight line.

Sometimes you could trim the fat in your body or be naturally skinny, yet your face has more fat than you feel it should.

There are several reasons for this, so let us get into the details and help you figure a way out of this problem so you can get to perfection;

Why Do I Have A Double Chin and I’m Skinny? 

Several reasons can cause double chins in skinny people, depending on their situations. Your history will mainly have an impact on the matter so let us get down to the details to help you pinpoint the problem and get potential solutions;

1. Genetics

Our DNA determines everything about us, from what we look like, our body size, our voice, and to some extent, our behavior. 

Your genetics determine how you carry weight around your body; hence people have fat in different places.

Some people will have more fat around the waistline, others around the thighs, and in your case, it might be the jawline. 

This means that all the excess fat will go to your face, so you could be skinny and retain a double chin because of your genes.

2. Sudden weight loss or gain

When you gain some weight or eat food with too much fat, your body will have to find a way to store the fat. 

Your body might be good with working with a lower level of fats, so the increased rate will not be a welcomed change.

Therefore, the body could distribute the fat irregularly, so it ends putting too much around your chin and face. 

This situation will eventually resolve itself, but you can work out and burn the excess if you get a good trainer or program.

If you have lost a lot of weight recently, the jawline could develop a double chin. The skin grows relative to the body, so you might have too much skin because of decreased body mass. This will cause the skin to sag around the chin and resemble a double chin.

You can use injections to get rid of a double chin, and there are treatment routines that work well and in a short period. 

Ensure you talk to your doctor or a specialist to see the issue before moving in to find a solution lest you unnecessarily spend too much. 


Having a double chin does not always mean you are fat. It could result from the imbalanced distribution of fat around the body at times. 

There are many ways, natural and artificial, or dealing with this problem, so it is not something that should worry you.


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