What Channel Is Newsmax On Spectrum? Local Cable Deals

What Channel Is Newsmax on Spectrum

Newsmax is one of the latest news channels in the United States. The Newsmax media company owns Newsmax. 

The channel was launched in 2014. After its launch, the news channel quickly grew to popularity with the slogan “Real News For Real People.” 

Today the cable news channel is connected to at least 75 million homes. Each news channel is known to be affiliated with a specific political group. 

Newsmax holds the conservative stance. On regular or campaign days, it mostly pushes the conservative agendas. 

The outstanding leadership of Christopher Ruddy has made the news channel as powerful as Fox News and BBC. 

Newsmax has even poached some of Fox news famous hosts like Rob Schmitt and Bob Sellers. Newsmax is available on Spectrum. Fortunately, it’s only available in gold and silver packages. So let’s find out.

What Channel Is Newsmax on Spectrum?

The Newsmax channel is found in two spectrum packages. The Newsmax channel number varies according to area and package. 

Therefore I suggest that you visit Spectrum’s main website. You will be asked to key in your address. After that, the website will redirect you to a page with all the channels details.

It can be tricky for the newest subscribers of Spectrum TV Silver and Gold packages to find the Newsmax channel. 

Don’t worry, here is a little help. You won’t have to scroll manually through the channels to find news. 

Here is a list of some Newsmax channel numbers in the various areas. Check out it and locate your state/city. 

  • Yakima, WA: 165
  • Albertville, AL: 178
  • Milwaukee, WI: 365
  • Albany, NY: 222
  • Charlotte NC: 222
  • Grand Island NE: 222
  • Cheyenne WY: 616
  • Barre, VT: 172
  • Austin, TX: 222
  • Alcoa, TN: 185
  • Lancaster, NH: 222
  • Duluth, MN: 132
  • St. Louis, Missouri: 248
  • Billings, MT: 620
  • Corry, PA: 365
  • Columbia, SC: 222
  • Greensboro, NC: 222
  • Bangor, MN: 222
  • Worcester, MA: 172
  • Greenville MI: 105
  • Bourg, LA: 135 
  • Akron, OH: 365
  • Bergen Co, NJ: 222

Newsmax History

The Newsmax media own Newsmax TV. A short history of the Newsmax channel has been given in the introductory part. However, there is more information about the history of the popular news channel. 

The channel’s primary focus is on opinion-based shows. The talk shows host some of the best media personalities in the United States, like Bob Sellers and Greg Kelly. 

The news/talks do happen during the day and night. On weekends the cable news channel airs films and documentaries.  

Newsmax became so popular during the 2020 US presidential elections. However, the news channel did not provide any evidence to support the allegation.

It did push several conspiracy theories about voter fraud. They were therefore deemed to be false. 

On its launch update, which is 16 June 2014, Newsmax subscribed 35 million US citizens. By 2019 it had 75 million subscribers.

It got many followers in 2020, and by now, I’m confident the TV channel has more than 85 million subscribers. 

The channel is accessible through the dish network or direct TV. You can also stream the channel from your mobile device. 

Newsmax cable news channel hugely supports the conservative party in the USA. Its studio is in Manhattan, east side, and has two headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, and West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Most of its media personalities are conservatives. The Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy is an over-ambitious man. 

The media max news channel was formed recently but is now compared to Fox news. It has even hired some former fox news program hosts. Today many media personalities want to associate with the company. 

Newsmax Best Shows

All the major happenings in the country are dependent on politics. Health, economy, and other aspects of society rely on politics. 

Good politics mean better health facilities, a stable economy, a peaceful nation, and vice versa. Newsmax brings us the best local news and shows presented to us by some of the best media personalities. Here are some of the best shows on Newsmax. 

1. The Chris Salcedo Show

Chris Salcedo is so prevalent in the United States, and almost all politics lovers like him. He is a veteran political analyst, broadcaster, and author. 

He is a conservative, and people love him because of how he confronts biased media. However, this does not mean that Newsmax isn’t limited. 

All the media houses are biased in some way, mainly when defending the parties they support. 

During the 2020 presidential elections, Newsmax was behind trump and pushed all his agenda to the people. 

It even supported the issue of voter fraud, as claimed by Donald Trump. Chris Salcedo is a supporter of the conservative. To him, any media that is against the conservatives is biased.

2. Greg Kelly Reports

The show is committed to educating and enlightening the people. It exposes the power games. Greg Kelly does travel all over the country to bring you the most informative and factual news. The news emphasizes stories that directly affect you, plus it’s so engaging.

3. Stinchfield

Stinchfield is one of the most patriotic Americans. He does criticize the country in his shows but indeed puts it first in anything else. 

All Stinchfield wants is to see a change that will make America great again. He does expose the celebrities and Washington political kingpins. It is so hard to escape his claws.

Facts About Newsmax News Cable Channel

The news channel, which was established recently, has also had its share of scandals. However, the CEO of the famous news channel Ruddy is pushing for greater heights. 

He wants the TV channel to be ranked among the best three in the United States. To those that love or hate the news channel, here are some facts that may change your opinion about it. 

1. Newsmax is Future Focused

I know this sounds ridiculous, but a fact. All the news channels are future-focused and have set some growth goals. However, there is a thing in how the CEO Christopher Ruddy runs the news station.

It was launched in 2014, some years after the launch of Fox news. Today it’s one of Fox news biggest competitors. 

It has even managed to steal some of Fox news media personalities. The one thing making Newsmax future-focused is how they sought talent. The CEO is after young talents and did not hesitate to hire Rob Schmitt while in his 30s. 

2. It Has Survived For More Than Two Decades  

The great thing is that the news channel is becoming stronger and better. The news channel has been around for a decade and more and is loved by many. 

The CEO’s objective was to make it the giant online news channel in the United States. Honestly, he’s yet to achieve this, but today, the channel has more than 75 million subscribers. This reflects its fast growth and is a huge plus.  

3. Its Biggest Rival Is Fox News

The news channel CEO knows how being superior online will benefit it. Today around 95% of America’s households are connected to the internet. 

Many news channels are transitioning to the online space since it has more viewers. Newsmax is now on significant websites like Roku and YouTube. 

This has increased their view by more than 50%. The network is trying as much as it can to pull close to Fox news. 

However, there’s still a big difference in revenues. However, the CEO is still quite optimistic and hopes for the best.

Spectrum Packages With Newsmax Prices 

Newsmax is the best channel to keep you updated about the local news. The spectrum cable does offer the channel in its various packages.

The prices are pretty great, so you won’t go broke trying to find your favorite news channel. The Spectrum Silver package is priced at $44.99 monthly. 

The package has 125 channels, meaning you will have access to other sports and music channels. The Gold package is also well priced at $94.99 monthly and has 175 channels. 

If you compare the pricing of Spectrum to other cables across the United States, it’s much more convenient.  You can subscribe from anywhere you are. 

Does Newsmax Have an App?

Newsmax has an app for mobile phones. You can get the application from the Google Play store or their website.

The application offers convenience. You can stream all Newsmax content, from shows to news stories. All these are offered in the application for free.

You can also access some of the popular programs and personalities from the app like Chris Salcedo, Nancy Brinker, and many more. In addition, to live stream, the app offers notifications and is easy to access. 


Newsmax is one of the popular news channels in America. It was launched just recently in 2014 but has managed to get lots of subscribers. 

The TV channel is available on various cables and also online. It has a great functioning mobile app which you can download from the Google play store.

In the article, we have listed some of Newsmax’s channel numbers on Spectrum. You should note that the channel does vary according to region. 

However, if your region number has not been highlighted, visit the Spectrum website for more information. 


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