What Are Clip Art Vectors And Where To Find Them For Your Designs

What Are Clip Art Vectors And Where To Find Them For Your Designs

Every creative who works with graphics is familiar with the challenges of various file formats; some are difficult to edit, some are too big for digital formats, and some demand more powerful hardware and specific software. Therefore, when the opportunity to utilize an easy-to-use format presents itself, creators take advantage of it.

One such format is vectors. They are easy to edit, preserve quality when resized, and are suitable for collaborative artwork. What other advantages do they have? Find answers in this article, as well as the definition of vector clipart, its uses, and the best site for free vector graphics.

What Is Vector Clipart?

Vector clipart consists of pre-made pictures, icons, and symbols. They are ready to be used as individual images or as part of vector artwork that will later be utilized for creative and commercial purposes. Because vectorized clipart is composed of mathematically defined points, lines, curves, and shapes, it allows creatives to make high-quality visuals that can be readily modified and scaled to any size.

What Is Vector Art Used For?

Many designers, content creators, and visual artists utilize vector art for digital and geometric designs, since they allow the creation of high-quality artwork with clean lines and shapes. Also, the mathematical nature of vectors makes them an essential component of responsive web design, which requires visuals that can be easily adapted to the demands of different display sizes. Therefore, they are often used for websites, mobile apps, and digital presentations.

Vector graphics can also be utilized in graphic design, illustrations, and hard copy printing. Typically for creating high-quality marketing collateral, brand merchandise, project visual identity, typography, and anything that needs resizing or editing at some point (e.g., logos, business cards, billboards).

Advantages Of Using Vector File Format


One of the best things about vectors is that they do not pixelate when zoomed in or when scaled to a large size. This makes them appealing and useful for marketing and advertising, which requires constant scaling for print and digital, as well as for responsive design.


Because vectors are built with the help of mathematically defined points, lines, and shapes, you can play with their sizes as much as you like and still enjoy a high-quality picture. The resolution of a vector file does not change when scaled, allowing it to be used for a variety of creative formats, digital art, and line art images.


Since vector images don’t store pixels, only formulas, they take up less space. The number of different graphic elements, colors, text, and shapes does not affect vector size, allowing creators to quickly transfer them between devices and upload them to the web. As a result, vector files are ideal for web design since they are lightweight and allow images to load faster.


Vectors are very functional; as a result, they are used for many purposes, from small icons in mobile applications and web pages to clothing prints and digital artworks. Besides being convenient for marketing collateral that needs to be resized, often during an advertising campaign, vectors also work well for various art-oriented design projects. Some illustrators create vector art from scratch, while other creators use ready-made vector files and incorporate them into their works or edit them to create new illustrations.

Where Can I Download Free Vector Clipart?

If you want to practice your design skills for free or reduce your project’s cost, use free vector clipart. It is ideal for creating individual and collaborative artwork intended for creative, commercial, or personal purposes. 

Depositphotos, an international stock content platform, offers a free file collection with 70,000 high-quality stock vectors, illustrations, photos, editorial images, and videos. They are suitable for commercial use as long as the author is credited. Plus, new creative assets are added to free file collections every week. 

For free vector illustrations, clipart, and graphic elements, go to https://depositphotos.com/stock-vectors.html. They are usually marked with a green Free label.

Where Can I Find Copyright-Free Vectors?

Some platforms provide copyright-free images, meaning they are not licensed and can be used freely in any project without attribution. Copyright-free visuals can also be found in the public domain on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Baidu.

Can I Use Free Vector Clipart For Commercial Purposes?

Many platforms allow users to download vector clipart for free for commercial projects. However, when doing so, you should always carefully check the conditions under which you can utilize them. Some sites require attribution and do not allow their vector images to be used to sell products and services unless modified.

Bottom Line

Vector clipart may be a good option for both beginner and seasoned visual artists who want to save time and effort on creating a design project or artwork. These math-based files are the digital world’s future and are sure to help you in creating functional and visually appealing images.


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