700+ Unbelievable Tiger Names (Our Top Choices)

Unbelievable Tiger Names

Do you want tiger names for your real-life or game pet tiger? Or do you need the perfect tiger name for your story? If yes, you’re in the right place! Whatever you need tiger names for, you’ll find the perfect name here. We have over 700+ names for tigers, grouped in different categories.

Find cool, funny, mythical, and famous tiger names. Give your tiger pet a name you’ll be proud to mention. 

Tigers are adorable and majestic creatures. They are fluffy, sneaky and feature several traits that endear them to people. But if you must keep a pet tiger, or any pet for that matter, you must consider naming it. 

You’re not only giving your pet tiger an identity when you name it. Assigning a name to your pet helps strengthen your bond with the animal. 

Without further ado, here are the best names for tigers. 

Top Good Tiger Names You should know 

How are good tiger names supposed to sound? They’re supposed to “sound good.” A good tiger name should be pleasing to the ears when mentioned. The name should have a “wow” factor. 

The name you choose for your tiger dictates how others would perceive it. That is why you must strive to select a good name for your adorable pet. Check out the good names for tigers. 

Fun Facts: Did you know there are more tigers held in captivity in the United States of America than in the wild? Why? The reason can be traced to the 95% decline experienced over the last 150 years. 

  • Tabaqui: A name from The Jungle Book
  • Zarafa & Raksha: Do you remember Zarafa? Raksha and Zarafa are popular names in the story. 
  • Narasimha: A name that means the Hindu God)
  • Tigger, Baloo & Shere Khan: These names were used in the famous Jungle Book story.
  • Raja: Have you watched the Aladdin TV Series? If yes, Raja is a familiar tiger name in the series.  
  • Tiger Lily: If you are familiar with “Peter Pan,” you’ll be conversant with Tiger Lily. 
  • Rajah: Here is another name used in the Aladdin TV Series/Disney’s Aladdin. 
  • Aslan: Have you watched the fantastic movie called (The Chronicles of Narnia? Aslan is a famous tiger in the film. 
  • Durga: Here is a name that means tiger in Hindi.
  • Numa: This name is from the famous movie called “Rise of the Guardians.”
  • Mia: This short name sounds perfect for any tiger. It means dear and is a perfect name for a tiger you hold dear. 
  • Siberian: This name sounds excellent for a male tiger. The Siberian tiger is the biggest subspecies in some parts of China and Russia.
  • Thunder: A great name for a male tiger. This name drew inspiration from the animal’s roar and thunderstorm’s might.
  • Raj: In Hinduism, Raj means “king.” It’s the perfect name for a male tiger.
  • Tiger Lily: Again, Tiger Lily from Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland. It’s a famous name, by the way. 
  • Tarzan’s Tiger: Do you remember the movie called Tarzan? The tiger is a well-known character in the film. You can call it “Tarzan’s tiger.” 

Other Good Tiger Names You Should Know

Taro NadiaNampaNana
TeddySamaria ShredderOliver
Achaia RajShuteChua 
ThicketNeroPete Chaka 
ThunderboltScoter TamAubrey
Titania TannicTrailSkylar
LunaLexisAlexis River
Norma NovaNorAmRocco
ColimaSpunky SpookOrca
RosebayJulia StriperPrada
Aroma SageTacoPrey
Chino SarasinTanahPrinceton
GriffinPawsShansi Queen
AsherQuestTangier Murray 
Radon RaidRumba Raba 
Cola RainCoimbra Combat 

Top Tiger Nicknames For Your Adorable Pet Tigers

Most of us had nicknames during our high-school days. Names are general and for the public, but nicknames are known and used only by friends or close relatives. 

Giving your pet tiger a nickname shows you care about it a lot. It shows the unique bond you share with a creature that many dread because of how deadly it can be. 

You can prove to doubters that tigers make great pets by selecting a memorable nickname for your pet tiger. Check them out below. 

Fun Facts: You probably have heard that lions are the kings of the jungle. Now, where do you place tigers? Tigers are the true kings of the jungle, so it makes sense if lions relinquish their crown to the genuine owners – tigers.      

The facts favor tigers as kings of the jungle. They are bigger, heavier, and stronger. A tiger can weigh up to 300 kilograms and grow as tall as 2.8 meters, approximately the size of a small car.  

Enough of the fun facts; here are nicknames to consider giving your tiger.

  • Sable: This name suits a tiger that can be humble when it wants to and destructive when it wants to. Tigers have their calm and aggressive sides. At least this name will remind you not to overstep your boundaries when keeping a pet tiger. 
  • Towny: There is no better name for Bengal tigers than “Towny.” The name accurately represents the traits tigers from this region possess. 
  • Marble: Marbles are pretty when mounted, and so are tigers. The multi-color skin of tigers makes “marble” a suitable nickname for the cat. So, if you admire your pet tiger’s skin and want to keep reminding yourself how adorable its skin looks, “marble” will make a good name. 
  • Pitcher: Does your pet tiger love running a lot? Of course, every tiger does. It’s not a tiger if it cannot run or doesn’t fancy running. So, pitcher is an OK name for a tiger that enjoys running. 
  • The Fighter: If you have a tiger pet, it’s hard for intruders that know your pet tiger to break in. Anyone that does will be automatically signing their death warrant. So, if your tiger is a fighter, “The Fighter” will be a good name. 
  • Combo: If you adore your tiger’s skin, consider the name “combo.” Combo means “a combination of different things.” And as you can see, the tiger’s skin is a combo. It comprises diverse colors blended perfectly. The tiger is like a work of art. 
  • White Ice: Do you own a white tiger? If yes, think about the name “White Ice.” The white tiger happens to be a leucistic pigmentation of the mainland tiger. It is often seen in India, Bengal to be precise.   
  • Z-Tiger: This is more like a zebra and tiger combo.  Tigers boast similar black and white stripes as seen on zebra’s skin. However, the tiger’s zebra-like stripes are way more spacious and differ too. It’s mixed with other colors you won’t find on zebras.     
  • Chaser: No name reveals the tiger’s true personality more than this. Tigers like to chase their prey and are blessed with great speed.
  • Dotted Ice: Show that your pet tiger has a gentle side and can be as cool as ice with this name. 
  • Felicia the Brave: Tigers are generally brave. But when you assign it a name that reaffirms its braveness, it makes you feel good. 
  • Mapper: Tigers cherish their territory and despise having many invaders around. Mapper is a good name, showing that your pet tiger can protect its territory.
  • Pom-pom: This doesn’t mean anything special, but sounds nice.  
  • Trapper: This name describes the tiger’s personality. The cat enjoys outrunning and trapping its prey, so trapper sounds like a cool name. 
  • The Bullet: The Tiger may not be able to run as fast as the bullet, but it does run fast. Tigers can hit top speed at 49 to 65 kilometers per hour. Bullet sounds like a good name for a super fast cat.

Top Must-Know Cute Tiger Names 

Tigers are cute and deserve all the praises they get. They are fluffy and boast captivating fur, designed with diverse colors like a work of art.

All tigers are cute. It doesn’t matter the size or age. To appreciate their beauty, here are cute tiger names you can adopt for your pet.   

Fun Facts: Did you know tigers could consume around 30 kilograms of meat at a go? These carnivores boast large stomachs. Have this in your mind before you adopt one as a pet. 

On the other hand, tigers prefer hunting alone. They don’t need friends or family to hunt. When you possess the strength of a tiger, you can hunt and take out big games without stress. Tigers hunt buffalo, wild pigs, and deer. And they enjoy hunting at night.   

Here are cute names for tigers. Check out their meanings too. 

  • Tatiana: Firstly, this name has its roots in Russia. It refers to a “fairy queen.” Tatiana is a cute name for a female tiger (tigress). It sounds like a name for a fairytale warrior queen too.  
  • Claw: Do you remember the human-like tiger used in the famous Disney show “Gargoyles?” That is what inspired this name. Claw is a cute name that would fit your pet tiger or character. A great name for those seeking simple tiger names.   
  • Atiq: This ancient Islamic name means “Noble.” A cute name for a Muslim that has a pet tiger.  
  • Goldie: Does your pet tiger have a golden coat? If yes, what do you think about the name “Goldie?” If your tiger has such a coat, name it “Goldie.”
  • Abril: An ancient name that refers to the second month of the ancient Roman calendar. It sounds nice and cute for a tiger.  
  • Tora: This name means tiger in Japanese. It is a cute name for a tiger, and you don’t need to be Japanese to use it. However, the name is ideal for a tigress. 
  •  Sitar: This name originates from India and means string instrument. The tiger is a living thing, not an instrument. But this name is still suitable for the cat. As the owner, you will feel like you’re playing a string instrument when stroking your tiger’s fur. 
  • Albin: Here is a cute ancient name that means “white.” A cute name for a white tiger. 
  • Cayden: This name means “fighter,” representing the tiger. Tigers are incredible fighters. They also have the strength and ability to take down large game like buffalo and deer.     
  • Alegra: This name is Italian and means two things in one – vibrant and cheerful. These are two tiger characteristics, so Alegra makes a cute pet tiger name.    
  • Fluffy: The tigers’ fluffiness makes them appealing. Stroking the fur gives great comfort that’s hard to describe. So, your “Fluffy” is a cute name for a tiger. It provides this unexplainable calmness.        
  • Kai: If you like Japanese names, you will like this one. Kai means “sea” in Japanese. It’s a cool name for pet tiger owners who want to see their cats as calm as the sea. 
  • Kael: Tigers are warriors. How they hunt, fight, and withstand the harshest conditions will convince you that they are warriors. The name “Kael means mighty warrior.” A great name that shows the tiger’s true personality. 

Best 100+ Male Tiger Names To Choose From

Do you want to give your male tiger a name? Here are male tiger names compiled to help you effortlessly choose a name for your adorable pet tiger

Fun Facts: Did you know tigers roar? It may not be as loud as the roar of a lion, but you can hear it from 2 kilometers away. 

Male Tiger Names.

Best 100 Female Tiger Names For Your Feline Friend

If you are seeking to name a female tiger, we have a bunch of female tiger names compiled to help you. Give your female tiger a memorable name that shows how lovely the pet is. Check out the list of names below.

  1. Sophia
  2. Mia 
  3. Lulu
  4. Kura 
  5. Cybil
  6. Missy
  7. Joana 
  8. Mays
  9. Kendra
  10. Karma
  11. Sophie
  12. Amelia 
  13. Lena
  14. Catalina 
  15. Sunset
  16. Monika 
  17. Kiki
  18. Katarina
  19. London
  20. Madelyn 
  21. Trudy
  22. Kara
  23. Daisy
  24. Madly 
  25. Xenia 
  26. Paula
  27. Peggy
  28. Monica 
  29. Lemon 
  30. Havana 
  31. Karana 
  32. Venus
  33. Eve
  34. Ava 
  35. Alana 
  36. Karma 
  37. Eva 
  38. Avanti 
  39. Korana 
  40. Delia
  41. Ravel 
  42. Trivia
  43. Hadley
  44. Kim 
  45. Tracie 
  46. Tricia 
  47. Adel 
  48. Fran
  49. Lei
  50. Izzy
  51. Alexia 
  52. Felicia
  53. Tracy 
  54. Tulip
  55. Sarema 
  56. Ariel
  57. Amber
  58. Nitro
  59. Pawley 
  60. Matilda
  61. Carina
  62. Sissy
  63. Parley 
  64. Stevie
  65. Holly
  66. Piper
  67. Delia
  68. Nula
  69. Sandy
  70. Indi
  71. Harper 
  72. Hera
  73. Pixie
  74. Rosie
  75. Evelyn  
  76. Coco
  77. Evie
  78. Marie
  79. Chloe  
  80. Mango
  81. Daisy
  82. Aria 
  83. Anaya 
  84. Zoe
  85. Electra
  86. Colima 
  87. Nova
  88. Uma
  89. Alice
  90. Malaya 
  91. Hazel 
  92. Mila 
  93. Izzy
  94. Madison
  95. Zoe 
  96. Stella
  97. Grace 
  98. Isa 
  99. Violet 
  100. Olympia

Top Famous Tiger Names To Consider   

Tigers are the most gracious, strong, and adorable beasts on the planet. The fact that they prefer hunting alone and during night hours shows how fearless they are. 

Tigers are also famous. So, choosing famous tiger names for your pet is a good idea. Check out the options below.

  • Vixey: A great story. The tiger name “Vixey” was used in “The Fox and the Hound.”
  • Ursula: Do you remember the name “Ursula” from the movie “The Little Mermaid?” The film will be released in 2023. 
  • Baloo: If you are a fan of the American animated series “TaleSpin,” you’ll have a clear idea about Baloo. By the way, why did Baloo quit the jungle to fly a plane? Put your knowledge of the TV series to the test.  
  • Bagheera: Here is another famous tiger name from “The Jungle Book” movie.
  • Baloo: Who doesn’t know Baloo from “The Jungle Book.” If you don’t, then you haven’t watched the movie.  
  • Kovu, Kiara & Kion: Three names we can’t forget in “The Lion King.”
  • Simba & Nala: Two famous names in Zootopia.
  • Mowgli: Back to the “The Jungle Book”
  • Zira, Nuka, Vitani & Kovu: The Lion King II formed part of our childhood memories. The film was complete with unique characters.  
  • Hatari And Mheetu:  Famous names in “The Lion Guard.”
  • Kubo: A great story and an adorable name for a tiger. We can’t forget Kubo and the Two Strings in a hurry. 
  • Tiana, Louis & Ray: If you have watched “The Princess and the Frog,” you’ll recall these two famous and adorable tiger names. 
  • Jing & Yang: Do you remember both names from Kung Fu Panda 3? The movie was released on January 30, 2014. 

Best 100 Cool Tiger Names You Will Ever Find

Do you want your pet tiger or tiger character to sound cool? Here are cool tiger names you can use. 

  1. Sonic
  2. Jazzy
  3. Bowie
  4. Royalty 
  5. Sparky
  6. Kai
  7. Zara 
  8. Brushy
  9. Spikeman
  10. Sharon 
  11. Bully
  12. Ryder
  13. Stormy
  14. Thelon 
  15. Como
  16. Cam
  17. Strip
  18. Zeus
  19. Chino
  20. Serene
  21. Sydney
  22. Zorro
  23. Colima
  24. Sherlock
  25. Texi 
  26. Buggy 
  27. Darien 
  28. Skylar
  29. Thor
  30. Lanky 
  31. Denver
  32. Zelda
  33. Linker
  34. Loki
  35. Maleficent
  36. Cobra 
  37. Venus
  38. Mars
  39. Spinks 
  40. Flame
  41. Vixen
  42. Redford
  43. Galicia 
  44. Malice 
  45. Yolky
  46. Rumen 
  47. Milano
  48. Ghosted
  49. Alpine
  50. Riley
  51. Mystica
  52. Gizmo
  53. Apollo
  54. Regally 
  55. Tingly 
  56. Goliath
  57. King
  58. Roca 
  59. Opal
  60. Harley
  61. Archer
  62. Rocky
  63. Crown 
  64. Acura
  65. Aurora
  66. Rogue
  67. Maleficent
  68. India
  69. Molly 
  70. Ace
  71. Aura 
  72. Indie
  73. Bindi
  74. Boomer
  75. Elena 
  76. Genesis
  77. Blaze
  78. Duke
  79. Noah 
  80. Bane
  81. Alpine
  82. Aladdin 
  83. Taven
  84. Parsley 
  85. Apollo
  86. Ebon 
  87. Gory 
  88. Elvis 
  89. Achiever 
  90. Ember
  91. Ark 
  92. Hendrix
  93. Archer
  94. Ace
  95. Ring 
  96. Aragorn
  97. Stoner 
  98. Boomer
  99. Dutch
  100. Eden

The Top Mythical Tiger Names That Sound Great 

Are you interested in giving your tiger a mythical name? Here are the best mythical tiger names to choose. It’s interesting to mention that tigers have been used in several mythologies. Below are some of the examples. 

Sekhmet – If you’re conversant with Egyptian mythology, you may likely have encountered the name “Sekhmet.” It’s the feline goddess with a lioness’ head, a dreaded creature. 

Maahes – This mythical name is used for tiger and lion. In Egyptian Mythology, Maahes is the name of a lion regarded as the Egyptian god of war. It’s used for tigress too. 

Dawon – Hindu mythology comes to mind when the name “Dawon” is mentioned. According to mythology, it was a sacred tiger given to Durga, the Hindu goddess.      

Best Funny Tiger Names That Suit Your Big Cats  

Do you want your tiger or tigress to bear a name that will make people laugh and fall in love with your pet? Here are funny tiger names you can choose from.   

  1. Fairy Tiger 
  2. White Colony  
  3. Cortina
  4. Parlini
  5. Tigerlo 
  6. Butch Cassidy
  7. Cat Bemata
  8. Picasa
  9. Hello Kitty
  10. Fidel Catstro
  11. Cat Stevens
  12. Santa Claws
  13. The Big Catsby
  14. Fuzz Aladdin
  15. Carrack Swayze
  16. Tiganova 
  17. Jude Paw
  18. Moron Cat 
  19. Casanova
  20. Tiger Woods
  21. Katy Perry
  22. Bing Clawsby
  23. Cindy Crawford
  24. William Shakespaw
  25. KitKat
  26. Parry cat 
  27. Claudio
  28. Burans 
  29. Lucifurr
  30. Genghis Cat
  31. Tigerline 
  32. Corsicana 
  33. Luke Skywhisker
  34. TigerBum
  35. Hairy Potter
  36. Joe Exotic
  37. Pawdrey Hepburn
  38. Boricana 
  39. Americana 
  40. Boris Boredom 
  41. Pawla
  42. Borima 
  43. Tigerous 
  44. Tiberias 
  45. Tiger Banter 
  46. Mama Tiger
  47. Beria 
  48. Tigermonk 

The Best Pet Tiger Names To Give Your Pets 

Give your tiger pet all the love it needs and deserves by choosing the correct name. Picking a name is the least you can do to show the world and other pet tiger owners or those planning to own one soon that you care about your pet. 

Go through this list of best pet tiger names and make your choice. A great pet deserves a great name. 

  • Jasper: In Persian, Jasper means “treasurer.” You can change the letter to Jaspa too.   
  • Nova: Are you looking for a great name for a young tiger or tigress? Nova is a wise choice. In Latin, Nova means “New.”
  • Shuga: You can call it “sugar” or “shuga.” Different spelling, but intent and pronunciation stay the same. Shuga is the ideal name for your sweet little pet tiger. 
  • Koda: This name means “little bear.” But we’re not naming a bear here. However, you can use Koda as a name for a tiger or animal. You can also change the spelling to Khodar, Kodar, or coda. 


 You can see the tiger names we added to this list. We want to ensure naming your tiger is effortless. So, whether you need the name for a pet tiger, a story, or a game, choosing a perfect name for your big cat shouldn’t be an issue. 

That’s why we compiled this list to make naming your tiger pet a breeze. You’ll find funny, mythical, female, cool, cute, and all categories of names in this post. 

The most important thing is to choose a name that you like. Your name of choice should be a name that makes you feel good and excited when you mention it.  


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