10 Tips For Making Your Bedroom A King-Sized Haven

10 Tips For Making Your Bedroom A King-Sized Haven

The master bedroom sets the tone of your home and determines the amount of sleep you get on a nightly basis. If your bedroom isn’t conducive to rest, you won’t be able to enjoy all the great benefits of the space you’ve worked so hard to create. Take some time to freshen up your master bedroom with king single bed sheets. These useful 10 tips will be on your way to enjoying your new king-sized haven every night!

1. Plan Out Your Space Before Buying Furniture

It’s tempting to rush out and buy new furniture as soon as you move into your new place. But, if you can wait it out—or better yet, live with what you have for six months to a year—you’ll be able to see what kinds of patterns emerge in your living habits. You’ll also be able to accurately plan space since furniture placement has everything to do with your design and nothing to do with how much roomier it will make things look. Plus, if there is one thing we all know about decorating: pictures on Pinterest are always going to make something look more spacious than it is!

2. Decide If You Want The Bed In The Center Of The Room

One common option is to have your bed against one wall, leaving plenty of room on either side and in front of it. Another possibility is to choose an L-shaped option, with a headboard at each end. An L-shaped configuration can be good if you want to fill more than one wall with built-in storage or entertainment options, like bookcases or home bars. 

Also, consider how you want to arrange your bedroom furniture; should couches or chairs face away from your bed? If so, that may leave little space between them and your bed — which might make it hard for people sitting there to see you get dressed in the morning!

3. Try Out Different Layouts

When you are renovating your bedroom, it’s important to consider how you plan to use your space. Think about whether you want to build an office or entertainment area, or create a relaxing reading nook. Every bedroom is different and there are many ways that you can design yours. If your bedroom isn’t used much during daylight hours, consider installing bay windows. 

Choose colors that reflect nature – like whites and greens – if you want to make it feel spacious. You can add large mirrors on opposite walls to create an illusion of endless space. If you’re in love with color, decorate with similar shades so that everything flows together smoothly and effortlessly while still looking unique and interesting at first glance.

4. Get Creative With Storage

The key to making your bedroom look larger is to maximize every last bit of space. Consider installing some innovative storage systems—like floating wall shelves or under-bed boxes—to keep things organized. Shelves that are cleverly placed will also let you display some of your favorite things in plain sight, bringing more color and character into your bedroom design. For maximum visual impact, make sure everything matches; you don’t want one colorful vase on top of black shelving units!

5. Include Two Nightstands Per Side

When choosing nightstands, aim to have two per side. This will give you ample room to store your cell phone, alarm clock, water bottle, glasses, and everything else that you may want within arm’s reach while reading or in bed at night. But be careful not to choose nightstands that are too big—they can take up too much space. Another option is to choose a bedside table with drawers for more storage space (but keep in mind these tend to be bigger).

6. Make Sure There Is Space For Guests

If you’re planning on having guests over, it can be difficult to balance making your space cozy and inviting with giving yourself enough room to lay out. The best way to do that is to choose multipurpose pieces of furniture, such as an ottoman that doubles as storage space or even extra seating if you have guests staying over. 

It also pays to choose solid colors with modern designs that won’t take up too much visual space in your bedroom. While these tips may not turn your bedroom into a palatial suite, they should help you maximize square footage and keep everything stylishly organized at the same time.

7. Add Lighting Elements Such As Lamps And Sconces

Lighting elements are typically grouped into three categories: task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting is used to illuminate specific tasks such as reading or computer work; it should be brighter than ambient lighting but softer than accent lights. Ambient lighting creates a comfortable space while accent lighting draws attention to specific objects in your room. A floor lamp, table lamp, or sconce provides excellent task lighting. 

Instead of an overhead light, which emits bright light over everything, these lamps can be placed close to you so that you can focus on small items in your bedroom such as jewelry boxes and framed photos. For maximum comfort, place two lamps on either side of your bed so that both you and your partner can adjust them to read during late-night romance sessions without disturbing each other’s sleep.

8. Try Different Fabrics And Colors To Make Each Bedside Stand Out

Headboards are important but don’t forget about bedside tables. You can match or contrast your bedding with your bedroom furniture. If you’re looking to make your bedroom more appealing and cozy, get rid of what you already have and start from scratch. There are a variety of pieces that can complete any design aesthetic; all you need is time and patience (and maybe some help). 

You might even choose to purchase new room dividers to partition off another area in your bedroom if it’s too large to make one feel cozy. Ensure guests will be comfortable: No matter how luxurious your guest room is, it should still accommodate everyone who visits comfortably.

9. Use Color Sparingly To Avoid Overdoing It

When choosing color schemes, it’s important to avoid overdoing them. Choosing four different shades of blue may seem like a good idea at first, but after five minutes you’ll be ready to toss everything out and start again. Instead, choose one or two hues and let them permeate all aspects of your room—from fabric, to furniture, and even lighting. 

If you have several pieces that clash with your primary color choice (hey, it happens), use neutral tones like gray or white as accents. And when in doubt? Choose warm neutrals that can work well with virtually any accent you choose. The number one goal is creating serenity in your room—not stress from wondering what shade of pink you picked!…

10. Keep It Simple So You Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Choices

Having too many choices can make it harder to make decisions, according to a 2011 study from Yale researchers. Give people fewer options and they’ll be more likely to settle on something because they’re not going through every possible permutation in their head, says psychologist Veronika Job. If you’re renovating your bedroom, you might be better off with just one or two paint colors or finishes than with an infinite number of possibilities.


Once you’ve painted and placed new flooring, consider getting a new bed or headboard to match your fresh look as you put your new king single bed sheets. This should feel like an exciting addition to your room, not just something that’s been plopped in there because it needs to be there. A bed is something you use every day – make sure you love it!


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