The Most Romantic Honeymoon Places: Top 5 Cities In The World!

The Most Romantic Honeymoon Places

A honeymoon is definitely the most anticipated event for young spouses, usually after the wedding. A romantic trip, a cruise to unusual places, in which the young lovers have not yet been – a great opportunity to get to know each other and be at peace from intrusive friends and relatives. Such a trip will help to harmonize the relationship between the newlyweds and gain inspiration for further life together in a routine. In this article, we have presented the best romantic honeymoon destinations, which in our opinion will satisfy even the most demanding travelers. Read on to find out all the stunning details.

1. San Juan

Definitely a good option is to go to Puerto Rico, because it is one of those paradise islands that can be seen in movies about deserted islands and the adventures associated with them. To live together and at the same time traveling to see all the sights in the capital of the country, you should definitely VAN Rental in San Juan and get rid of travel problems.  Castillo de San Cristóbal is – a place that is definitely worth seeing, because here, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in an ancient fortress, the entire 500-year history of not only the capital, but also the country is preserved.  In addition, close to this place you can go to Old San Juan, which is a whole area with, a number of, architectural sights, among which the well-known fortress El Morro, where once very long ago often took place the battles for the independence of the city.  To immediately learn all the secrets of the city, it is worth visiting the most popular museum in the city – Museum Del Mar, it is worth renting a VAN  rental in San Juan (Puerto Rico) and see that only in one room of the institution collected more than 5 thousand exhibits, among which are famous works of art, household items from distant history and everyday life.  Insects as exhibits in special collections. In any case, you can rent a room at one of the best hotels, the Marriott, which has a huge swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center, spa and restaurant, but most importantly is that it is close to the white beach. Once you arrive, you can enjoy the beauty of the local plants and animals by visiting the Luis Munoz Marin park, where you can rent a boat to swim in the lake or take a ride on the cable car.

2. Male

Probably there is no such person, as would not want to go to the Maldives, because if there is a paradise on earth, it is certainly the Maldives, and more specifically the capital city of Male. One of the most popular places for recreation – North Atoll, which can be reached by renting a yacht. There you can fish for exotic fish species or dive into the sea and swim near the coral reef. You can visit the local fish market, where they sell freshly caught fish, among which there are real “sea monsters”. This particular paradise is the most romantic honeymoon destinations all-inclusive, because here you can not only rent a yacht for a cruise, but also a villa on the shore of the turquoise crystal-clear ocean, perfectly suitable for the seclusion of the newlyweds couple in love. If you want to learn more about this exotic country, it is worth ordering a private tour in OV Holidays, and if you want to swim, you should contact Dive The World Maldives, where you will be given a scuba diver or snorkel for snorkeling. Be sure to put this place on your list of trips.

3. Denpasar

Denpasar is the first city on the island of Bali to go on a romantic trip. Couples in love should definitely visit the Big Garden Corner, which is a complex with ancient statues of gods, an alley of dinosaurs, the arch of lovers (a tunnel of flowers in the shape of a heart), a garden with a unique composition of plants and animals, as well as traditional houses of the natives.  Among the religious sites worth mentioning is Tanah Kilap Temple, which is designed to touch Queen Ida Bhatara Niang Sakti, who is one of the key figures in Hinduism. For a touch of Balinese art, it is worth going to the MÉTIS Art Gallery, where you can see works of fine and decorative art that amaze and delight with their beauty and uniqueness.

4. Suva

Suva City is another paradise on earth, a lawyer only in Fiji. For the purpose of active recreation for couples in love newlyweds should book a tour of excursions from Kay Services, because here with you will conduct expeditions to the amazing rainforests, abandoned religious temples, as well as the opportunity to explore the sea, going on a boat trip.  For those who can’t do without animals, a horseback ride in Maui Bay is worth booking, which allows you not only to see the scenic views of the island, but also to get in close contact with the animals. And to learn more about the local natives and the nature of this region, it is worth ordering a real expedition in Talanoa Treks, which allows you to go not just to the jungle, and up into the mountains, where the villages of the local tribes. If you do not like this kind of recreation, you can always book a room in a luxury hotel or an entire villa on the ocean and arrange a relaxation no worse than the Maldives.  Therefore, this place can be included in the original top romantic honeymoon destinations, not only this season, but almost invariable travel destination.

5. Zurich

If you do not like the summer heat and sun, you can plan your honeymoon in Switzerland, namely in Zurich. Of course, besides ski resorts and mulled wine, you can find more interesting places, such as Dragon View Tandem, you can fly in a para glider, do ecstatic parasailing or even book a hot air balloon policy. And if you are not a fan of thrills, it is better to visit the city zoo, considered one of the best in Europe. Most travel agencies consider this particular city one of the romantic honeymoon destinations that will suit almost everyone.


Consequently, it is impossible to say exactly what is the best place to spend your honeymoon, but we can say one thing – each of the presented cities is considered the best in its price category and has its own advantages and disadvantages in a romantic vacation. Discuss the place of your upcoming trip together with your spouse, where you will be more comfortable.


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