The History Of The Philly Cheesesteak

The History Of The Philly Cheesesteak

There are not so many sandwiches that are as loved as cheesesteaks are. The Cheesesteak was created and made into the dream work it is now in Philadelphia. 

It is a regional favorite food in PA, but it has a history a good century long or so, and it has seen so many changes as it has become more and more popular over the continental United States, and then around the world. 

People love it, and are always asking what sides to serve with the Philly cheesesteak. However, it is more than a beloved dish that needs careful side pairings. It is a delicious dish which has a history so long it is worth considering. 

So… Let’s do just that.

Who Invented The Original Cheesesteak 

Everything has to be invented by someone right? Nothing comes out of thin air. The first cheesesteak was invented by Harry and Pat Oliveieri, they were brothers who together ran a hot dog stand near the Italian Market in South Philadelphia.

It is believed that back in the 1930s, these two brothers wanted to offer a new sandwich to the people, and they came up with a sandwich which consisted of grilled beef inside a toasted roll. 

It did not even have cheese in it back then, but when it had gained some fame, a manager at the Oliveieri’s Ridge Avenue ended up adding to it in the 40s, and the rest is history. The cheesesteak was born anew. 

The Early History Of The Cheesesteak

After the original invention of the cheesesteak, it caught on like the heat of a wildfire. In the 60s, Geno’s opened across from Pat’s. These two businesses have always had a friendly competition since then. 

In the time since this, Philly has seen new restaurants offer their own takes on the cheesesteak. 

You have ‘John’s Roast Pork’, which has chicken cutlets, roast pork sandwiches, and cheesesteaks, and more like this. Even ‘Max’s Steaks’ offers a cheesesteak as long as your arm! 

There are many twists on the original idea of the cheesesteak, but the original was wonderful, and an idea that spurred on all of these epic creations since!


Making a cheesesteak is simple, the original recipe has many fans, simply steak, cheese, and onions. But, many cheesesteaks have grown, and now technically you could make it however you want. Make it your own. 

A chicken cheesesteak has become a popular option, but no one is really sure when chicken was invited into the ingredients list. 

However, the spice is an important part of this, you need to make sure you spice it right, because while there are so many different styles of cheesesteak, it is safe to say that spice, and peppers have become a very popular topping on cheesesteaks. 

Green peppers are a staple item in many cheesesteaks, as well as chicken cheesesteak recipes and in normal steak recipes too, much like mushrooms and onions have been for some time. 

Peppers add something special to meat and with modern tummies loving that heat, you might find that hot cherry peppers, long peppers and banana peppers make for the perfect garnish, or even cooked into the steak for additional spice and mouth watering flavor. 



Now, the cheesesteak started out as a sandwich, whereas together, let’s be honest, it takes after a burger in some ways, in the form of a roll. Sure meat and cheese are important, but the roll is also1 

So many restaurants use Amoroso’s hearth-baked rolls for cheesesteaks, but this was not always the case, many brands have come and gone before Amoroso had a look in. 

These rolls are now known for their firm exterior, with a crunch and soft bread on the inside, which is perfect for keeping a cheesesteak in one piece as you munch away. 

You don’t want it falling apart after all!  

Hoagie Style

We all know that the cheesesteak has changed since its inception, but new toppings have been the biggest aspect of it all. Lettuce and tomato have made their way in, of course. What do they not make their way into? 

But Cheesesteak hoagies will contain everything you could think of. Meat, cooked veggies, and cheese on your toasted roll. It is literally a whole steak dinner put into a roll! Of course, hoagies were also invented in Philly in the early 20th century as well. 

O, hoagies and cheesesteaks evolved together, which made for the perfect hoagie cheesesteak. 


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