750+ Tabaxi Names: Be Inspired!

Tabaxi Names

Tabaxi names are more than mere character labels. They represent their individuality, a sense of ancestry, and a connection to their roots. 

Tabaxi names are derived from their clan and astrology. Since their names define their personality, you should be careful about what tabaxi name you settle for. An ideal tabaxi name should be curated by the clan, reflecting star signs, prophecies, or any significant events to your character.

Whether you are new to the game or a pro looking to up your naming game, this article has got what you need. With this guide, you can come up with unique Tabaxi names with stories waiting to be told.

Female Tabaxi Names

  1. Sable Whisper – A name that evokes the image of a mysterious and stealthy Tabaxi who moves like a whisper in the night.
  2. Radiant Pounce – This Tabaxi’s name suggests a graceful and agile hunter known for her radiant energy and powerful pounces.
  3. Velvet Dream – A name that conjures the image of a Tabaxi with a smooth and dreamy disposition.
  4. Twilight Serenade – This Tabaxi may have an enchanting voice that sings like a serene serenade at twilight.
  5. Whispering Willow – The name reflects a Tabaxi with a gentle and soothing presence, akin to a whispering willow tree.
  6. Mystique Mirage – This Tabaxi is shrouded in mystery, like an ever-changing mirage in the desert.
  7. Seraphina Rain – A name that suggests a celestial beauty with an affinity for rain and water.
  8. Luna Whisperfoot – A Tabaxi with silent and delicate footsteps, like the gentlest of whispers.
  9. Ember Starshadow – A name that combines the warmth of embers with the enigmatic allure of starlight.
  10. Marigold Skydancer – This Tabaxi may be known for her vibrant and joyous personality, dancing in the open sky.
  11. Tawny Shimmerfur – The name implies a Tabaxi with shimmering fur in a beautiful tawny shade.
  12. Celestial Songbird – A Tabaxi with a mesmerizing voice, capable of singing songs that seem to come from the heavens.
  13. Zephyr Flamepaw – This Tabaxi may be associated with the power and speed of a gentle breeze and the intensity of fire.
  14. Silvermist Dawn – A name suggesting a Tabaxi who emerges gracefully with the dawn’s silvery mist.
  15. Jasmine Moonclaw – This Tabaxi may have moonlit patterns in her fur and a grace reminiscent of jasmine flowers.
  16. Dusktide Mirage – A Tabaxi with an elusive and ever-changing presence, akin to a mirage at dusk.
  17. Whispering Breeze – This Tabaxi’s name embodies the tranquility and gentle nature of a soft breeze.
  18. Topaz Whiskertail – A Tabaxi with topaz-like eyes and a unique whisker formation.
  19. Aurora Silentstep – A name that suggests a Tabaxi who moves with silent grace and is as stunning as the northern lights.
  20. Willow Nightwhisper – A Tabaxi known for her nightly whispers and a demeanor as graceful as a willow tree.
  21. Sapphire Rainshadow
  22. Cinnamon Starshine
  23. Nebula Swiftstrike
  24. Pearl Duskstalker
  25. Sapphire Dreamweaver
  26. Thistle Swiftfoot
  27. Opal Sunseeker
  28. Stormy Rainewind
  29. Velvet Emberpelt
  30. Amber Moonshadow
  31. Feathered Skydancer
  32. Gossamer Silversong
  33. Twilight Frostclaw
  34. Ivory Dreamweaver
  35. Ember Whisperwind
  36. Seraphina Starwhisper
  37. Marigold Shadowpaw
  38. Clever Quillspire
  39. Rosalind Moonfire
  40. Ashen Nightshroud
  41. Celestia Swiftwhisker
  42. Moonlit Serenadewind
  43. Ebonypelt Dreamweaver
  44. Velvet Echosong
  45. Seraphina Featherfoot
  46. Tawny Mistycloud
  47. Amber Skywhisper
  48. Dusktide Swiftshadow
  49. Whispering Silverleaf
  50. Jasmine Sunshower
  51. Starry Embermist
  52. Ember Snowwhisker
  53. Sable Starglaze
  54. Luna Rainekiss
  55. Topaz Angelicbottle
  56. Seraphina Silentwings
  57. Marigold Firestrider
  58. Twilight Moonmist
  59. Thistle Frostwhisker
  60. Zephyr Sparkleclaw
  61. Opal Serenademist
  62. Nebula Dreamgaze
  63. Whispering Silverfur
  64. Silvermist Nightbreeze
  65. Celestial Rainewhisker
  66. Willow Moonfeather
  67. Tawny Shadowstalker
  68. Jasmine Dreamblossom
  69. Sable Gleamingpelt
  70. Luna Firecloud
  71. Ember Starlight
  72. Aurora Dreamweave
  73. Clever Quillwhisper
  74. Marigold Swiftshimmer
  75. Seraphina Silentmoon
  76. Tawny Moonpetal
  77. Amber Serenadesong
  78. Twilight Shadowstrike
  79. Willow Velvetwhisker
  80. Opal Dreamcatcher
  81. Celestial Moonshiver
  82. Nebula Emberflight
  83. Whispering Marigold
  84. Sable Moonfire
  85. Luna Emberdusk
  86. Seraphina Moonshroud
  87. Topaz Starwhisper
  88. Jasmine Rainesong
  89. Twilight Whisperdancer
  90. Marigold Angelicbreeze
  91. Ember Silvershadow
  92. Celestial Velvetgaze
  93. Silvermist Serenadeclaw
  94. Zephyr Dreamspinner
  95. Aurora Nightlily
  96. Thistle Sunwhisker
  97. Whispering Featherglide
  98. Moonlit Silvermist
  99. Luna Starshimmer
  100. Clever Quiltsong

Male Tabaxi Names

  1. Zephyr Nightshade – A name that conveys a sense of shadowy mystery with the swiftness of a night breeze.
  2. Onyx Firepaw – This Tabaxi may be associated with the strength of onyx and the fiery spirit of a feline.
  3. Whispering Starstrider – A Tabaxi who seems to walk among the stars, moving with grace and elegance.
  4. Ember Frostclaw – A paradoxical name that combines the heat of embers with the icy touch of frost.
  5. Shadow Whiskertail – A Tabaxi with a notable and distinctive set of whiskers and an affinity for shadows.
  6. Celestial Dreamstalker – This Tabaxi may have a dreamy and otherworldly presence, akin to a celestial being.
  7. Silverthorn Silentpounce – A Tabaxi with the stealth of silver thorns and the power of a silent pounce.
  8. Thorne Moonwhisper – This Tabaxi may have an affinity for moonlit nights and the ability to whisper in the quietest of tones.
  9. Tawny Swiftshadow – The name suggests a swift and agile Tabaxi with tawny-colored fur.
  10. Dusktide Emberstripe – A Tabaxi known for his fiery nature during dusktide and distinct striped patterns.
  11. Obsidian Moonhowl – A name that combines the dark elegance of obsidian with the haunting call of the moon.
  12. Luna Thunderwhisker – A Tabaxi with thunder-like speed and whiskers that seem to crackle with energy.
  13. Stormy Serenadewind – This Tabaxi may be associated with storms and have a voice like a serene wind.
  14. Marigold Velvetstep – A Tabaxi with a golden touch and a step as soft as velvet.
  15. Stormshadow Firebreeze – The name conveys a sense of power, a storm’s shadow, and the heat of a firebreeze.
  16. Ashen Moonfury – This Tabaxi may have an ashen coat and a fierce, moon-inspired personality.
  17. Shadowfoot Silentstrike – A name that reflects Tabaxi’s stealthy and quiet approach in every strike.
  18. Zephyr Nightgaze – A Tabaxi who gazes into the night with the swiftness and lightness of a breeze.
  19. Ebonypelt Flamestride – A name that combines the darkness of ebony with the boldness of flamestride.
  20. Whispering Sableclaw – A Tabaxi with a sable-colored coat and razor-sharp claws, known for moving in silence.
21. Twilight Silentecho 22. Topaz Thunderclaw 23. Aurora Sunspark 24. Dusktide Embermoon
25. Celestial Shadowpounce 26. Silverthorn Moonwhisper 27. Onyx Frostclaw 28. Ember Stormstrike
29. Marigold Firewhisker 30. Luna Shadowgaze 31. Stormy Dreampelt 32. Obsidian Nightshroud
33. Whispering Velvetshadow 34. Thorne Moonwhisper 35. Tawny Emberglide 36. Luna Firestrider
37. Shadow Starlight 38. Silverthorn Emberclaw 39. Stormshadow Sunshower 40. Ashen Froststrike
41. Zephyr Nightshiver 42. Dusktide Silentmoon 43. Celestial Thunderwhisper 44. Twilight Moonblaze
45. Marigold Firecloud 46. Ebonypelt Silentshadow 47. Onyx Dreamstalker 48. Obsidian Silentflame
49. Whispering Sunspark 50. Ember Moonwhisker 51. Topaz Firestripe 52. Luna Frostclaw
53. Stormy Velvetmoon 54. Thorne Nightwhisper 55. Dusktide Shadowstrike 56. Tawny Thunderwhisker
57. Celestial Firebreeze 58. Silverthorn Silentecho 59. Zephyr Moonshadow 60. Ashen Moonfury
61. Shadow Nightshade 62. Marigold Emberstripe 63. Obsidian Dreamshroud 64. Whispering Stormclaw
65. Onyx Sunspark 66. Ember Silentpounce 67. Twilight Thunderwhisker 68. Stormshadow Firebreeze
69. Luna Frostclaw 70. Tawny Velvetstep 71. Zephyr Moonwhisper 72. Celestial Dreamstalker
73. Silverthorn Thunderclaw 74. Dusktide Nightgaze 75. Thorne Shadowpounce 76. Whispering Firestrike
77. Obsidian Firewhisker 78. Marigold Embermoon 79. Shadow Moonshadow 80. Onyx Nightshiver
81. Ember Silentgaze 82. Stormy Moonblaze 83. Luna Firestrider 84. Tawny Velvetshadow
85. Celestial Froststrike 86. Zephyr Silentmoon 87. Silverthorn Thunderwhisper 88. Twilight Nightshroud
89. Dusktide Embercloud 90. Whispering Sunspark 91. Obsidian Nightshade 92. Thorne Firestripe
93. Marigold Dreamclaw 94. Onyx Stormshadow 95. Ember Moonfury 96. Luna Thunderwhisker
97. Shadow Silentstrike 98. Tawny Velvetstep 99. Zephyr Firebreeze 100. Celestial Moonstrider

Common Tabaxi Names

  1. Subtle Shore – A name that embodies Tabaxi’s subtlety and connection to water.
  2. Fragile Dust – The name may suggest a Tabaxi with a fragile and delicate presence.
  3. Swift Paws – A name that speaks to Tabaxi’s agility and speed.
  4. Whisker Whirlwind – This Tabaxi may have a remarkable set of whiskers and a whirlwind-like energy.
  5. Mysterious Moon – The name implies an air of mystery and a connection to the moon.
  6. Cautious Claw – A Tabaxi who relies on his cautious approach and sharp claws.
  7. Quickstrike – This name reflects Tabaxi’s swiftness and ability to strike with precision.
  8. Shadow Stalker – A name that conveys a Tabaxi’s ability to stalk in the shadows with skill.
  9. Silent Whisper – A Tabaxi who moves with the quietness of a gentle whisper.
  10. Graceful Gaze – The name suggests a Tabaxi with a graceful and captivating gaze.
  11. Ember Eyes – This Tabaxi may have eyes that resemble glowing embers.
  12. Velvet Fur – The name reflects a Tabaxi’s soft and velvety fur.
  13. Moonshadow – A name that suggests a Tabaxi with an affinity for moonlit nights.
  14. Radiant Rain – A Tabaxi associated with rain and the radiant energy of sunlight.
  15. Agile Antler – This name may imply a Tabaxi with antler-like grace and agility.
  16. Zephyr Zest – A Tabaxi with the energetic and light quality of a zephyr breeze.
  17. Golden Gleam – The name reflects Tabaxi’s golden or radiant aura.
  18. Daring Dusk – A Tabaxi associated with daring adventures during dusk.
  19. Tempest Tail – The name implies a Tabaxi with a tail that resembles a tempestuous storm.
  20. Twinkletoes – A Tabaxi with quick and twinkling feet, known for nimble dancing.
  21. Whispering Willow
  22. Dazzling Dew
  23. Flame Flicker
  24. Nightshade
  25. Serene Sky
  26. Starry Stripe
  27. Dancing Dewclaw
  28. Velvet Vortex
  29. Autumn Aura
  30. Silver Storm
  31. Thunderstrike
  32. Mirage Mew
  33. Sparkling Sand
  34. Enigmatic Echo
  35. Glimmering Gaze
  36. Silent Serval
  37. Radiant Roar
  38. Lunar Luster
  39. Windwalker
  40. Shadow Shimmer
  41. Ember Ember
  42. Twilight Tiger
  43. Whispering Whiskers
  44. Onyx Owl
  45. Aurora Archer
  46. Graceful Gaze
  47. Velvet Vixen
  48. Starry Song
  49. Cinnamon Swirl
  50. Quick Quiver
  51. Mellow Meadow
  52. Frosty Feline
  53. Ruby Rain
  54. Sable Swirl
  55. Silver Stripe
  56. Serene Spirit
  57. Zephyr Zest
  58. Daring Dasher
  59. Moonlit Mirage
  60. Twinkletoes
  61. Shadow Shifter
  62. Whispering Willow
  63. Thunder Tiger
  64. Sparkling Sands
  65. Radiant Riddle
  66. Ember Ember
  67. Cautious Claws
  68. Sapphire Skies
  69. Velvet Vortex
  70. Dancing Dawn
  71. Luna Lynx
  72. Silent Serval
  73. Glimmering Gale
  74. Nightshade
  75. Autumn Archer
  76. Frosty Furry
  77. Mirage Mew
  78. Whisker Whirlwind
  79. Golden Glint
  80. Dazzling Dew
  81. Tempest Tail
  82. Amber Abyss
  83. Ember Eyes
  84. Swift Pounce
  85. Moonlit Meadow
  86. Mysterious Moon
  87. Zephyr Zephyr
  88. Mystic Mirage
  89. Ruby Rain
  90. Radiant Rain
  91. Whispering Whisk
  92. Sable Storm
  93. Thunderstrike
  94. Shadow Shifter
  95. Aurora Archer
  96. Cinnamon Swirl
  97. Mellow Meadow
  98. Flame Flicker
  99. Silent Spirit
  100. Daring Dusk

Funny Tabaxi Names

  1. Fluffy McScratch – A playful and comical name for a Tabaxi known for scratching and fluffiness.
  2. Sir Purr-a-lot – A humorous take on “Sir Lancelot,” implying a knightly Tabaxi with a penchant for purring.
  3. Catticus Finch – A feline twist on the famous literary character “Atticus Finch.”
  4. Meowcolm X – A whimsical name that combines “Meow” with the iconic civil rights activist’s name, Malcolm X.
  5. Furrball McGraw – A comical name for a Tabaxi known for being a furry ball of energy.
  6. Whisker Doodle – A playful name that emphasizes Tabaxi’s whimsical and doodle-like behavior.
  7. Pounce de León – A humorous nod to the explorer Ponce de León, suggesting an adventurous Tabaxi.
  8. Catrick Swayze – A clever play on the actor Patrick Swayze’s name, highlighting Tabaxi’s dancing abilities.
  9. Clawsie Chapman – A comical name for a Tabaxi known for his clumsy yet endearing behavior.
  10. Tabbytha Spaw – A fun and pun-filled name for a Tabaxi with a vibrant personality.
  11. Kitty Purry – A humorous reference to the pop star Katy Perry, emphasizing the Tabaxi’s feline nature.
  12. Meowzart – A playful combination of “Meow” and the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s name.
  13. Captain Whiskerbeard – A comical title that suggests a Tabaxi with a luxurious “whiskerbeard.”
  14. Sir Scratch-a-Lot – A humorous nod to knighthood and Tabaxi’s penchant for scratching.
  15. Catticus Claw – A clever mix of “Catticus” and “Claw,” emphasizing Tabaxi’s claws.
  16. Furguson Fuzzypaws – A humorous name for a Tabaxi known for his fuzzy paws and fur.
  17. Meowington – A play on the name “Wellington” with a feline twist, emphasizing the Tabaxi’s regal air.
  18. Clawdia Catclaw – A fun and pun-filled name that highlights the Tabaxi’s claws.
  19. Whiskerella – A playful twist on “Cinderella” that highlights the Tabaxi’s whiskers.
  20. Purrlock Holmes – A comical take on the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, emphasizing Tabaxi’s investigative skills and purring tendencies.
  21. Feline Dion
22. Litterbox Lenny 23. Sir Purrington 24. Catniss Everclean 25. Pawsitively Purrfect
26. Meowracle Whip 27. Whiskers McGee 28. Furrball Einstein 29. Meowmont von Catterstein
30. Clawdia Meowrnington 31. Whiskerface McGraw 32. Sir Pounce-a-Lot 33. Catrick Stewart
34. Catticus Paws 35. Furrball MacFluff 36. Meowmeowmers 37. Captain Whiskerpaws
38. Sir Fuzzington 39. Kitty Smalls 40. Meowzart Beethoven 41. Purrlock Jones
42. Catniss Evergroomed 43. Clawdette von Purrington 44. Whiskerina Ballerina 45. Catniss Clawberdeen
46. Meowington Hissington 47. Furrball McGiggles 48. Sir Purrlock of Holmes 49. Catticus Cuddleclaws
50. Purrlock Whiskerfield 51. Meowdonna 52. Captain Fluffbeard 53. Whiskerly Doo
54. Furrball von Scratches 55. Meowstache 56. Clawrence von Paws 57. Sir Purrfect
58. Catrick Swayzecat 59. Purrlock Furlmes 60. Furrball McPurrpants 61. Meowzart Chopin
62. Kitty Houdini 63. Whiskerfella 64. Catticus Whiskerclaw 65. Purrsephone
66. Meowster Splinter 67. Captain Whiskerwhisker 68. Sir Purr-a-Million 69. Catticus Purrington
70. Furrball McWhisker 71. Meowzart Mozart 72. Clawtherine Zeta-Jones 73. Whiskertwig McSprinkle
74. Catrick Swayzeclaw 75. Purrlock Whiskermore 76. Meowty Python 77. Clawtastic Catterson
78. Sir Purr-sistence 79. Kitty McFluffykins 80. Meowzart Tchaikovsky 81. Captain Whiskersparrow
82. Furrball von Fuzzypaws 83. Meowsterpiece 84. Clawdia von Purrington 85. Whiskersnatch Catterbatch
86. Purrlock Pawsington 87. Sir Purr-larious 88. Catrick Swayzepaws 89. Whiskertail McGiggle
90. Meowzart Beethovington 91. Captain Whiskerwhiskerfield 92. Furrball McSprinklepaws 93. Sir Purr-fection
94. Meowzart Vivaldi 95. Clawzila 96. Kitty McScratcherson 97. Meowdini
98. Furrball von McFluff 99. Captain Whiskertastic 100. Whiskerly Catnip

Badass Tabaxi Names

  1. Shadowblade – A name that strikes fear into the hearts of adversaries, suggesting a Tabaxi with deadly precision.
  2. Clawstrike – This Tabaxi is known for the power and impact of their claw strikes.
  3. Nightshade – The name conveys an enigmatic and shadowy Tabaxi skilled in the art of stealth.
  4. Thunderpaw – A name that implies a Tabaxi with powerful, thunderous strikes.
  5. Obsidian Fang – A name that combines the elegance of obsidian with the sharpness of a fang.
  6. Whisperwind – This Tabaxi moves like a gentle breeze but strikes like a fierce wind.
  7. Stormclaw – The name suggests a Tabaxi who possesses the power and ferocity of a storm.
  8. Bloodmoon – A name that hints at a Tabaxi with a ruthless and fierce nature, akin to a blood-red moon.
  9. Steelclaw – This Tabaxi is known for the hardness and strength of their claws, like steel.
  10. Onyx Razor – A name that combines the smoothness of onyx with the sharpness of a razor.
  11. Midnight Fury – This Tabaxi is associated with the relentless fury of midnight, unyielding and relentless.
  12. Viperstrike – A name that invokes the imagery of a Tabaxi with deadly, snake-like strikes.
  13. Fangfire – The name implies a Tabaxi with the intensity and heat of a fang set on fire.
  14. Thunderstorm – This Tabaxi is like a raging thunderstorm, filled with power and energy.
  15. Obsidian Thorn – A name that combines the elegance of obsidian with the piercing nature of a thorn.
  16. Silent Shadow – This Tabaxi moves in silence and strikes from the shadows like a silent and deadly shadow.
  17. Steelwhisper – A name that combines the strength of steel with the subtlety of a whisper.
  18. Darkmoon – This Tabaxi may be associated with the mystique and power of a dark moon.
  19. Venomclaw – A name that suggests a Tabaxi with venomous claws capable of delivering a deadly bite.
  20. Eclipse – The name reflects a Tabaxi who brings darkness and obscurity like a total eclipse.
  21. Ghostfang
  22. Stormshadow
  23. Bloodthorn
  24. Shadowstalker
  25. Crimson Fang
  26. Obsidian Fury
  27. Nightstrike
  28. Steelheart
  29. Lightningclaw
  30. Moonshadow
  31. Frostbite
  32. Flameclaw
  33. Obsidian Hunter
  34. Razorwind
  35. Ashenclaw
  36. Emberstorm
  37. Moonblade
  38. Thunderstrike
  39. Stormclaw
  40. Nightcrawler
  41. Bloodclaw
  42. Steelshadow
  43. Onyx Wrath
  44. Thunderstrike
  45. Venomfang
  46. Obsidian Scourge
  47. Darkclaw
  48. Viperwhisper
  49. Silent Thunder
  50. Steelstorm
  51. Shadowthorn
  52. Nightshade
  53. Crimson Fury
  54. Obsidian Storm
  55. Whisperblade
  56. Flamestrike
  57. Frostshadow
  58. Emberfang
  59. Thunderclaw
  60. Moonwhisper
  61. Ashenstrike
  62. Obsidian Blade
  63. Ghostclaw
  64. Stormshade
  65. Bloodfire
  66. Lightningstrike
  67. Venomshadow
  68. Nightthorn
  69. Steelclaw
  70. Shadowfury
  71. Onyxflame
  72. Stormwhisper
  73. Crimsonthorn
  74. Thunderheart
  75. Obsidianclaw
  76. Emberstalker
  77. Moonshadow
  78. Froststrike
  79. Flameclaw
  80. Steelshadow
  81. Shadowrage
  82. Nightscourge
  83. Thunderblade
  84. Obsidian Fury
  85. Whisperstorm
  86. Bloodclaw
  87. Viperstrike
  88. Ashenfang
  89. Venomshadow
  90. Eclipse
  91. Moonclaw
  92. Stormstrike
  93. Silent Thunder
  94. Steelthorn
  95. Shadowfire
  96. Obsidianwrath
  97. Nightwhisper
  98. Emberclaw
  99. Frostshadow
  100. Thunderfang

Good Tabaxi Names

  1. Seraphina – A name that suggests a Tabaxi with an angelic and graceful presence.
  2. Zephyr Song – This Tabaxi may be known for her melodious and breezy nature.
  3. Orion Swift – The name implies a Tabaxi with the speed and precision of the constellation Orion.
  4. Velvet Whisper – A name that conveys a soft-spoken and comforting Tabaxi.
  5. Nightshade Moon – This Tabaxi may have an enigmatic and mysterious connection to the moon.
  6. Luna Dancer – A name that reflects a Tabaxi who dances gracefully under the moonlight.
  7. Stormy Pelt – The name implies a Tabaxi who embodies the power and energy of a storm.
  8. Solstice Dream – This Tabaxi may be associated with dreams and the changing of seasons.
  9. Whispering Willow – A name that suggests a Tabaxi with the gentleness and grace of a willow tree.
  10. Twilight Roamer – The name reflects a Tabaxi who roams during the twilight hours, blending mystery with beauty.
  11. Ember Star – This Tabaxi may be associated with the warmth and radiance of a star.
  12. Solara Grace – A name that implies a Tabaxi with grace and beauty akin to the sun.
  13. Aurora Skye – The name suggests a Tabaxi with a connection to the mesmerizing aurora in the night sky.
  14. River Shadow – This Tabaxi may be associated with the serenity and depth of a river’s shadow.
  15. Sapphire Rain – A name that conveys the calm and refreshing nature of sapphire-colored rain.
  16. Dawn Mist – This Tabaxi embodies the quiet and mystical presence of morning mist.
  17. Willow Whisper – A name that reflects a Tabaxi who whispers with the softness and grace of a willow tree.
  18. Thorne Swiftfoot – The name implies a Tabaxi with swift and agile feet, able to navigate thorny paths.
  19. Starry Gale – This Tabaxi may be associated with the beauty and strength of a gale under a starry sky.
  20. Flameheart – The name conveys a Tabaxi with a passionate and fiery heart.
  21. Frosty Eyes
  22. Echo Wind
  23. Midnight Dancer
  24. Cinnamon Swirl
  25. Luna Serenade
  26. Gale Hunter
  27. Sable Flame
  28. Ember Sky
  29. Silverleaf
  30. Solstice Star
  31. Orion Moonshadow
  32. Whispering Zephyr
  33. Aurora Emberheart
  34. Luna Whisper
  35. Sapphire Song
  36. Willow Breeze
  37. Nightshade Seraphina
  38. Solara Stormrider
  39. River Twilight
  40. Velvet Skye
  41. Frost Windrider
  42. Twilight Shadowclaw
  43. Starry Frostpelt
  44. Thorne Swiftstrike
  45. Echo Emberclaw
  46. Stormy Dancer
  47. Dawn Galewhisper
  48. Whispering Thistle
  49. Midnight Fireheart
  50. Cinnamon Zephyr
  51. Luna Starshine
  52. Aurora Riverdance
  53. Ember Frostwhisper
  54. Gale Willowbreeze
  55. Sapphire Skystrike
  56. Solstice Silverclaw
  57. Orion Nightshade
  58. River Emberdancer
  59. Frost Whisperwind
  60. Nightshade Solara
  61. Silverstorm
  62. Zephyr Serenade
  63. Velvetmoon
  64. Stormy Breezepelt
  65. Luna Galewhisper
  66. Whispering Windrider
  67. Ember Seraphina
  68. Sapphire Frostclaw
  69. Aurora Swiftfoot
  70. Thorne Starrygale
  71. Echo Solstice
  72. Dawn Shadowmoon
  73. Willow Emberheart
  74. Twilight Moonshadow
  75. Nightshade Silverleaf
  76. Stormy Zephyr
  77. Cinnamon Aurora
  78. Luna Willowswift
  79. Ember Frostbreeze
  80. Whispering Orion
  81. Silver Skydancer
  82. Frostfire
  83. Seraphina Solara
  84. Stormy Starshine
  85. Velvet Galeclaw
  86. Zephyr Embermoon
  87. Luna Frostwhisper
  88. Thorne Whisperwind
  89. Midnight Riverstorm
  90. Sapphire Nightshade
  91. Aurora Frostleaf
  92. Willow Emberstar
  93. Echo Silverstrike
  94. Solstice Dawnshadow
  95. Cinnamon Stormpelt
  96. River Serenade
  97. Nightshade Orion
  98. Whispering Velvetgale
  99. Ember Frostyeyes
  100. Gale Willowmoon

Tabaxi Names: Clan 

  1. Faint Quilt – A name that suggests a Tabaxi clan with a subtle and interconnected nature.
  2. Bizarre Edge – The clan may be known for their unique and unconventional approach to life.
  3. Golden Canvas – A name that conveys a clan associated with elegance and artistry.
  4. Cacane Summerdream – This clan may be known for its vibrant and dreamlike approach to summer.
  5. Silent Chain – A name that implies a Tabaxi clan with strong bonds and a silent unity.
  6. Faint Edge – The clan may be known for their subtle but distinct edge in various aspects.
  7. Kind Child (Kind) – A clan characterized by their benevolence and nurturing nature.
  8. Prime Stitch – This clan may be associated with the essence of perfection and precision.
  9. Ember Shadow – A name that implies a clan with both fiery and shadowy qualities.
  10. Whispering Willow – This clan may be known for its gentle and soothing presence.
  11. Silent Clock – A name that suggests a clan that moves with the silent precision of a clock.
  12. Zarnole Shadowtale – This clan may be shrouded in enigmatic and shadowy tales.
  13. Zyanya – The clan may be known for its unique and exotic qualities.
  14. Dawnstorm – A name that conveys a clan associated with the energy and power of a dawn storm.
  15. Velvet Ink – This clan may be known for its soft and elegant approach to life.
  16. Smoky Quartz – A name that suggests a clan with qualities reminiscent of smoky quartz.
  17. Lost Star – This clan may be associated with the mystique and allure of a lost star.
  18. Aura of Passion (Aura) – A clan characterized by their passionate and spirited nature.
  19. Jolly Straw (Straw) – This clan may be known for their lighthearted and joyful qualities.
  20. Quick Quill – A name that implies a clan with swift and sharp minds, akin to a quick quill.
  21. Prime Wing (Wing)
  22. Goxerele Strongseeker
  23. Spring Blossom (Spring)
  24. Edge of World (Edge)
  25. Athanis Glowdreamer
  26. Lone Pine
  27. Quill in the Grass (Quill)
  28. Four-Leaf Path
  29. Fierce Storm
  30. Sands of Time
  31. Half Wave (Wave)
  32. Fire in the Distance (Fire)
  33. Mysterious Moon
  34. Ember Star
  35. Silent Noon
  36. Golden Grass (Grass)
  37. Cinnamon Swirl
  38. Cosmic Glow
  39. Stormy Breezepelt
  40. Melting of Snow (Snow)
  41. Bold Child
  42. Subtle Brush
  43. Sapphire Thing (Sapphire)
  44. Obsidian Thorn
  45. Aptes Spiritkith
  46. River Emberdancer
  47. Furry Whisper
  48. Gale Willowmoon
  49. Kaxin Lonedreamer
  50. Nightshade Seraphina
  51. Smokin’ Joe
  52. Whispering Zephyr
  53. Silverclaw
  54. Grand Thrill
  55. Quirky Lace
  56. Lost Lock (Lock)
  57. Timber Cloud
  58. Stormclaw
  59. Dancing Dewclaw
  60. Drop in a Cart (Cart)
  61. Shadowblade
  62. Velvet Whisper
  63. Gentle Cloud
  64. Furrball von McFluff
  65. Little Game
  66. River Shadow
  67. Whispering Willow
  68. Prime Star
  69. Aurora Skye
  70. Darkmoon
  71. Jolly Spark
  72. Flameclaw
  73. Catticus Pawsington
  74. Silverstorm
  75. Luna Serenade
  76. Flameheart
  77. Crescent Moon (Moon)
  78. Kind Child (Kind)
  79. Droxion Greatguide
  80. Lightningstrike
  81. Ammit
  82. Mystic Mirage
  83. Thorne Swiftstrike
  84. Lost Love
  85. Cacane Summerdream
  86. Tricky
  87. Tress Garden
  88. Dust of Chalk (Dust)
  89. Embershadow
  90. Ilma Greattail
  91. Itotia
  92. Golden Grass (Grass)
  93. Agez Keendream
  94. Bright Cliffs
  95. Smoke and Mirrors
  96. Vulcan Blaze
  97. Greos Roughtooth
  98. Nightshade
  99. Whispering Zephyr
  100. Gaptaker Gloomshield


Tabaxi names are a reflection of their characters and heritage. The tabaxi naming tradition is rooted in clan affiliation and astrology, allowing each character to have their uniqueness. 

Naming your characters well will enrich your overall gaming experience. As you name your next character, remember that a good Tabaxi name should provide depth and storytelling opportunities. 

So embrace the stars and the heritage and let your tabaxi names envision a narrative awaiting to be unveiled. 


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