5 Steps Philly Residents Can Take to Improve Mental Health

Steps Philly Residents Can Take to Improve Mental Health

Quality of life is highly dependent on the state of a person’s mental health. When you do not feel happy, content, or at peace, it can be difficult to enjoy all that life has to offer. While physical health is just as important, mental health often gets pushed to the side because people feel like it is just the way they are and cannot be changed. 

But this is not the case. Your mental health is something that CAN be improved in many cases. This does not mean that you are guaranteed to overcome all mental health barriers, but you can significantly improve your mood and quality of life with the right practices.

Philadelphia residents can take big steps to focus on their mental health if they want to make changes to their overall wellness. Here are five steps that can positively impact your mental health.

A New Living Situation

It could be that the source of your frustrations or negative feelings is the place in which you live. Living situations have a strong effect on our psyches. If you are comfortable and happy in space, then your mental health is supported by the living situation. However, if you are tired of where you live or feel hemmed in, then it can be difficult to enjoy many other aspects of life. Though it is a big step, it might be time for a change. Perhaps you should consider buying a condo in the Old City neighborhood for a change of environment. Maybe it is time for a new home in another area of Philadelphia. If you have the resources for this type of move, it could do wonders for your mental health. 

Career Change

Another common source of discontentment is an individual’s career. Though many pursue jobs after their education that they feel passionate about, this enthusiasm does not always last. Maybe the career you chose wasn’t what you thought it would be, or your interests have changed. Being stuck in a job you dislike can be devastating for your mental health. A career change could be exactly what you need for a revitalization of your mind. Take some personality tests and research what fields might suit who you are intrinsically. Think about what hobbies or activities you love and see if they can be turned into a career. Being happy in your professional life, which takes up so much of your time, will shift your mood quickly.

Tackle DIY Projects

If you already own a home in Philadelphia, then one thing that can significantly boost mental health is completing big projects. The feeling that results from a job well done is tough to match in most environments. First, come up with an idea for a home improvement that is needed. Then, make sure you have the right tools for DIY projects. Research how to do the project correctly. Then get started and see what you can accomplish. Building something with your own two hands can be immensely satisfying, especially if it is something that makes your home more comfortable to live in. As a bonus, home improvements can increase resale value so you can earn a greater profit if you sell in the future. 

Get Outside and Get Moving

The physical health benefits of exercise and time spent outside are numerous. The fresh air is great for your lungs, the activity can improve your cardiovascular functions, and the sunlight helps with vitamin D production in your skin. Fortunately, all these things can improve mental health as well. Exercise is great for releasing positive endorphins into your system that make you feel better. Sunlight and fresh air are proven to be mood boosters too. Spending more time outside moving around rather than sitting inside looking at screens all day will be beneficial for your body and mind. 

Get Away Once in a While

Feeling stuck in regular life rhythms is often a culprit in declining mental health. Another word for this feeling is burnout. You may feel exhausted or frustrated due to the repetitive nature of your daily lifecycle. Taking a break from this pattern by getting away is necessary if you want to preserve your mental health and turn things around so that you can get back to enjoying life. Maybe it is time for a much-needed weeklong vacation in another country or state. Even taking time to explore a new area of Philadelphia that is outside your normal geography can be rewarding. Step away from your rhythms when you can to refresh your mind and refill your energy bar. 

Philadelphia Is A Great Place To Live, But Only If Your Mental Health Is Supported

Poor mental health can make life incredibly challenging. The things you normally love become harder to enjoy. This is why it is so important to make decisions that support better mental health. These changes can help you enjoy life to its fullest, whether you live in the Philadelphia area or not. Consider the steps above and prioritize your mental wellness going forward. 


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