San Diego Wave Vs Chicago Red Stars: Head To Head Comparison

San Diego Wave Vs Chicago Red Stars

San Diego Wave Vs Chicago Red Stars is a must-watch game. The statistics of previous games featuring both teams favor the San Diego FC. 

In the five times both teams have met in previous matches, the Red Stars have had a victory, while the San Diego Wave has won four times.

In the five times both teams have met, none of the matches have ended in a draw. And as the stats show, San Diego has more wins. Thus, they’ll likely go into the upcoming game against their rival (Red Stars) with more confidence. 

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) is highly unpredictable. So, anything can happen in that game. Our focus is to provide enough information to help those predicting the game make informed decisions. Read on!

The San Diego Wave Vs Chicago Red Stars: The Likely Winner

If we go by the records of the previous five matches played from May 22, 2022, to July 02, 2023, the Red Stars will either draw or lose to San Diego. 

Unfortunately, none of the previous five matches have ended in a draw. San Diego has emerged as the winner in four of the five previous encounters. 

The possible winner in the upcoming game between both teams is San Diego. They have had a great run. But then, let’s not rule out Red Stars FC. Who knows, they may spring up a surprise. 

Chicago Red Stars Vs San Diego Wave Head-to-Head Record

As explained before, both team’s head-to-head shows San Diego Wave are in the driver’s seat. They have had an impressive run and would come into any future game with the Red Stars FC with more confidence. But then, they have to be careful and not be overconfident. Red Stars have what it takes to hurt them. 

Here is the scoreline between both teams for the last five games. 

DateHomeScore line Home Team Score line Away TeamAway Team
2022/05/15San Diego Wave (w)

Chicago Red Stars (w)
2022/07/31Chicago Red Stars (w)

San Diego Wave (w)
2022/10/17San Diego Wave (w)

Chicago Red Stars (w)
2023/03/26San Diego Wave (w)

Chicago Red Stars (w)
2023/07/02Chicago Red Stars (w)

San Diego Wave (w)

San Diego scored the most goals in all the five matches both teams have played. While San Diego has scored eight goals so far, the Red Stars have only scored 5. 

Here are other head-to-head records of both teams. 

Total San Diego (w) (W)Chicago Red Stars (w) (W)Draw 
Total Matches5410
Total Score


Home Stadium 



Toyota Park 









The Next Game Between San Diego Wave (w) Vs Chicago Red Stars (w)

Both teams are scheduled to meet on June 29, 2024, at 3:00 am. The match will be played at the Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, United States of America. 

The matches between both teams have always been entertaining, as they boast super-vibrant supporters. But while the Red Stars fans would have confidence in their team’s chances of winning, San Diego’s will feel more confident going into the game. 

The Red Stars demolished San Diego Wave on July 2, 2023, less than a year ago as of the time of writing. They’ll be hoping they can build on their impressive performance and recent record against their arch-rival, the San Diego Wave. 

 The San Diego Wave Women’s Team

 San Diego Wave is one of the top teams in the prestigious National Women’s Soccer League, based in the United States of America. It is also known as “the Wave” or “Wave FC” by fans, opponents, and NWSL critics. 

The Wave FC has only been around for a few years. The club was established on June 8, 2021. So, they are only two years old. But the club’s performance on the pitch has been impressive. They also have a vibrant fanbase that is always cheering them up. 

Ronald Burkle owns the club, and their main stadium is the Snapdragon Stadium in San Francisco, the United States of America. The stadium has a 32,000 capacity, which was filled to the brim in one of the matches between The Wave FC and Red Stars. 

In the game, The Wave FC came out victorious. They beat the Red Stars by 3 goals to 2. 

San Diego Wave Squad Members

The San Diego Wave has a decent squad with players from different countries. They have players from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Australia, and the Ivory Coast. 

Here are some of the current players in the squad. 

  • K. Sheridan
  • H. Beall
  • A. Dahlkemper 
  • N. Girma
  • C. Westphal 
  • H. Lundkvist
  • K. Wesley
  • K. McNabb
  • D. Colaprico
  • S. Enge
  • K. Torpey
  • S. Jakobsson 
  • K. Carusa 
  • A. Morgan
  • M. Jones
  • J. Shaw 
  • A. Ali 

The captain of the team is C. Stoney, who is from England. 

Interesting Facts About The San Diego Wave Football Club

The Wave FC has some interesting facts that have formed the club’s history. The club’s progress in the division has been impressive, from record-breaking score lines to attendance. 

Here are some interesting facts about The Wave FC you need to know. 

  • The San Diego Wave recorded the biggest attendance in their first home opener in the division. They had a record-breaking attendance of 30,854. Orlando Pride previously held the record with 23,403 attendees. It was also the club’s inaugural match.    
  •  San Diego Wave has clinched victory in two out of two season openers and two out of two home openers. 
  • The Sirens Support Group supports the club as they create positive and family-like home game experiences. The group waves flags and chants and releases smoke bombs to support the team. 
  •  The San Diego Wave’s first season began in 2022. The club was founded in 2021.
  • San Diego Wave is the first expansion team to play in the play-off and the first expansion team to win the play-off.
  • The San Diego Wave’s jerseys have their numbers designed to mimic the ocean wave. In terms of color, the white jersey boasts navy and teal, while the navy color boasts pink and white. 

Is San Diego Wave Good?

The San Diego Wave has been one of the top performing teams in the National Women’s Soccer League. They have broken different records in the league. 

The Wave FC has had record-breaking attendance in their season openers, regular seasons, and even play-offs. They have a solid fanbase that believes and supports them massively. 

The Wave FC has also been the only expansion team in the NWSL to make it to the play-off and emerge victorious. Their players, coaches, and staff have also received several awards and accolades. 

The Wave FC’s players have received awards like Coach of the Year, Golden Boot, and Player of the Year. 

A Handy Tip: The Wave FC forward Alex Morgan clinched the 2022 NWSL Golden Boot. She scored 15 goals in 17 games to clinch the award. 

The intriguing thing about the 2022 NWSL Golden Boot winner is that she was 34 years old. Her experience and intelligence on the pitch were second to none. She has contributed to the San Diego Wave’s rise in the league. 

How Much Is San Diego Vs Chicago Red Stars Worth?

Well, the San Diego Wave is trumping the Chicago Red Stars on the field and in finances. They are the second most valuable club in the NWSL. 

San Diego Wave’s valuation is $90 million. Unfortunately, Red Stars is the lowest or least valuable NWSL club. They are valued at $40 million, placing them at the bottom.

In contrast, the average NWSL franchise is now worth $66 million. Angel City, the most valuable NWSL club, is valued at $180 million. 

The Chicago Red Stars’ Women’s Team 

In contrast to the Wave FC, the Red Stars was established 18 years ago. The club was founded in 2006, but they started playing in the National Women’s Soccer League in 2013. 

The Red Stars is based in Bridgeview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Furthermore, their stadium, the SeatGeek Stadium, has a capacity of only 20,000. 

Despite being established earlier, the Red Stars haven’t been as successful as the San Diego Wave. They have reached the Championships several times but have never won it. 

The San Diego Wave had their first trophy in 2023. But remember that they were founded in 2021, a few years ago. They won the National Women’s Soccer League’s Shield in the 2023 season. 

 The Red Stars have never won any trophy, but they can still spring a surprise this season. They can, as they have what it takes. 

A Handy Tip: The Red Stars is owned by Laura Ricketts. She and a group of business and civic leaders bought the club in a $60 million deal. 

Chicago Red Stars Squad Members

The Chicago Red Stars signed Lorne Donaldson as their new coach, which marks a new beginning for the club. With the new coach, the team will have fresh ideas and a hunger for success. 

The Red Stars have a decent team with players from different countries. Here are some of the names of the squad members:

  • Mallory Swanson
  • Alyssa Naeher 
  • Samantha Fisher
  • Amanda Kowalski 
  • Tatumn Milazzo 
  • Jill Aguilera 
  • Sophie Jones
  • Cari Roccaro
  • Julia Bianchi 
  • Penelope Hocking
  • Ava Cook
  • Shea Groom 
  • Natalia Kuikka 
  • Jenna Bike
  • Taylor Malham
  • Vanessa DiBernardo 

 The list goes on and on. The Red Stars squad looks balanced and packed with good players. However, the club may add new faces as the season kicks off. 

Vanessa DiBernardo is the Red Stars’ captain. She’s also a midfielder. 

Exciting Facts About Chicago Red Stars

We look at several facts about the Red Stars that are worth discussing. The club has been around for almost two decades. And even though their trophy cabinet isn’t the most attractive, there is hope for the future. 

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the facts about the Red Stars you need to know. 

  • The Chicago Red Stars have a passionate and united fanbase. They call themselves “The Red Stars Nation.”
  • The team features players from countries such as Canada, Australia, Italy, the United States of America, and others. 
  • North Carolina Courage is the Red Stars’ fierce rival. Matches featuring both teams are always intense and highly anticipated.
  • The Red Stars Academy program is one of the best in the country, developing talents using proper training techniques and support. 
  • The Red Stars stadium boasts a section called “Red Stars Family Zone.” Here, kids and families can watch games in a family-friendly environment. 

Are the Chicago Red Stars Good?

The Chicago Red Stars finished fourth in 2021, earning a play-off. It was their sixth play-off since featuring in the NWSL. Sarah Gorden won the club’s “Iron Woman” award that season. She earned the award for featuring in all the matches. 

Now, back to the question: are the Chicago Red Stars good? The club doesn’t have an impressive trophy cabinet but has progressed over the years. However, the 2023 season was a setback for the team, as they finished 12th.

Before the 2023 season, the Red Stars had clinched their seventh play-off. Fans can only hope for the best. However, the people running the club would consider adding some new faces. 


The San Diego Wave Vs Chicago Red Stars head-to-head record shows San Diego Wave has the upper hand. They have won four in the last five meetings, while the Chicago Red Stars have won just once. 

The Wave FC was established in 2021, while the Red Stars have been around since 2016. But in terms of value, Wave FC is worth more. The club is worth $90 million, while Red Stars is $40 million. 

In the head-to-head clash between both clubs, Wave FC has also scored more goals. Both teams have scored a total of 13 goals. The Wave FC scored 8, while the Red Stars scored 5.  


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