9 SafeOpt Email Hacks That May Surprise You

9 SafeOpt Email Hacks That May Surprise You

The ability to send messages quickly and easily has changed the way companies do business. And while basic email etiquette is vital, there are a few simple hacks most people may not realize. Moreover, when used in conjunction with tools like SafeOpt, you can 10x your email marketing campaigns and increase your brand visibility. By the end of this article, you will learn some valuable SafeOpt hacks that should turn you from a lowly sender of emails into an email marketing maven!

Revive An Abandoned Cart

Reviving an abandoned cart is a great way to increase sales for any business and a fantastic way to utilize SafeOpt to its full potential. After all, it’s much easier to get a customer to complete an order they’ve already started than to secure a new sale from someone who has never visited your site before. Moreover, reviving an abandoned cart is arguably one of the most important aspects of any productive eCommerce marketing campaign, as it can boost sales with minimal effort. When customers choose something they want but don’t make their final purchase, it can be effortless and inexpensive to ensure that the customer gets what they need (especially with the right tools). One way to revive an abandoned cart is by sending emails with reminders about items that have been left in the checkout queue. By displaying friendly and helpful images of products, such as close-ups of materials or unique features, you can help jog their memory of why they were interested in the product in the first place and give them call-to-actions that lead them directly back into their abandoned carts.

Upsell Other Related Products Or Services

One useful email hack that can help you make more money with your emails is to upsell other related products or services. This strategy works by providing a discount code or special offer for associated products or services to incentivize customers to purchase them. For example, when you send out a promotional email about a new product, include a coupon code for another product in the same line. Or, in the case of a service-based industry, if someone signs up for an email list, offer them an upgrade to a higher level of membership with additional features and benefits at a discounted rate.

Engage In Promotional Campaigns Using Promotions And Discounts

Engaging in promotional campaigns involving discounts and promotions can be surprisingly effective when marketing your product or service. The use of discount codes, such as ‘10%OFF’ or even a giveaway, are excellent ways to captivate potential customers and generate more sales. Promotional campaigns don’t have to be limited to one sale either; running multiple promotional campaigns throughout the year means you’re constantly engaging with potential customers and enticing them with something new. The most intriguing thing about using services like SafeOpt is that because they are permission-based, almost all of their users will be receptive to your offers.

Organize A Post-Purchase Campaign To Capitalize On Engaged Customers

Organizing a post-purchase campaign is a great way to capitalize on engaged customers and ensure they return for more. Start by creating an automated email series triggered when someone purchases from your site or store. You can use these emails to send helpful information about the product, offer discounts, suggest additional items they might like, and get feedback on their experience with your brand. In addition, you can also use this post-purchase email campaign to increase customer loyalty and encourage them to purchase again. Offer incentives such as exclusive discounts and freebies if they come back in the future. 

Use Retargeting To Reach Those Who Just Need A Little Nudge In The Right Direction

Retargeting is one of the most powerful hacks you can use to reach out to customers who were close to making a purchase but ultimately didn’t for whatever reason. With the help of retargeting, you can use emails and digital ads that appear in front of those customers with persuasive messages and special offers tailored just for them. It can be an incredibly effective way to encourage them to take the plunge and purchase what they almost bought before. However, retargeting works best if you craft personalized messages targeting their behavior and letting them know everything they need to make a decision. This could be linking your initial ad, which got attention to another offer. By this point, it appears more valuable as it’s tailored just for them or being creative with discounts they wouldn’t have expected without your help.

Segment Your List To Enhance The Power Of Your Marketing Initiatives

By segmenting your email list, you can tailor your messaging to send the right message to the right person at the right time. For instance, a segmented email list would allow you to send an automated email campaign to customers who have purchased products in a particular category or promotional emails to those who haven’t opened their most recent newsletter. This way, you are making sure that your audience receives messages that are relevant and appropriate for them. Segmentation also allows you to effortlessly track whether or not people are engaging with your content so that you can measure its impact on different segments of your recipients. Knowing what content does and does not work for each group can give you insight into why something isn’t resonating with readers so that you can make meaningful changes in real time and get better results from future campaigns.

Use SafeOpt To Keep Your Valued Customers Up To Date With Your Business

Long gone are the days of emails being just for communication. Now, emails can be a powerful tool for keeping current customers updated with new products and services your business is offering. The key to success? High-quality newsletters. The messages in your newsletter don’t need to be solely focused on advertising. Instead, try keeping them interesting with sneak peeks behind the scenes of your business or feature stories on popular pieces or services that could even turn into featured blog content down the line.

Solicit Reviews On Products To Boost Credibility Further

If you want to boost your digital presence and credibility further, you can solicit reviews from people who have purchased your product. Reviews are critical because they provide feedback on the quality of your product. Beauce of the data you will have on hand when using SafeOpt, you can quickly sort through your lists and craft a non-intrusive message requesting a review, possibly in exchange for a discount, combining a few of the hacks mentioned throughout this post.

Increase Your Return On Investment By Using The Correct Level

Although this point isn’t technically an “email hack,” it is worth mentioning because it really showcases how SafeOpt is designed to help a wide range of users. SafeOpt allows its clients to choose from a sliding-scale pricing arrangement. This will enable marketers to save money and only use what they need.

Email can be a powerful tool for communication and organization, so it pays to be knowledgeable about all of its features. With the right hacks (and tools), you can use email to its full potential, making the most out of your time and work. 


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